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[2020-07-14-BASARA] Fuminori Abe vs Isami Kodaka


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A 30 minute draw is a hard match to get into, specially when you already know the result, much of the enjoyment depends on how compelling the action is and how both wrestlers are able to keep any sort of drama near the end. Well, I wouldn't say this was very dramatic - not in a "who will win?" way at least - but holy fuck was it compelling to watch. The first 10 minutes is basically these two working like mad men just trying to lock and get out of head scissors, then Abe tries to get slick with some striking but it quickly goes back to good ol' mat wrestling. There's some bursts of energy exchanges but everytime one of them did it, he ended up A LOT more tired than before they went it, really liked that kind of selling. By the 20-22 minute mark both guys are exhausted and you can feel it. Some of the counters are dope as fuck and Abe continues to show how amazing he is at such a young age, him going for a desperation dragon screw was beautiful. Isami still rules everytime I see him work a regular match (and 2020 has been a great for him in that regard).

If you liked stuff like Bryan vs Gulak and want to see different performers excel at that style for a extended period time (no doubt this is better suited for 15-20 minutes tops though), for sure check this out.

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