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[2001-03-24-Michinoku Pro] Great Sasuke & Dick Togo & Kazuya Yuasa vs Gran Hamada & Tiger Mask IV & Hideki Nishida


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This is clipped and we see around seven minutes of highlights from a fifteen minute match.  I’m getting an amateur wrestling vibe from Yuasa, especially with the tape over his ears, like Rugby players do to try and reduce the cauliflowering.  Hamada has a stiff looking clothesline that he drops Yuasa with, Yuasa also kicking out of a Mask tombstone piledriver.  Sasuke with an Asai moonsault to the floor on Hamada.  A quality round the world headscissors by Nishida that sends Togo to the outside.  Shotgun dropkick off the top by Yuasa.  He catches a Mask kick and takes him down with a great looking Dragon screw, transitioning to a Figure Four.  Hamada is forced to make the save, bypassing Sasuke who was keeping guard and trying to prevent anyone from doing so.  We get a brief bit of Togo and Hamada working together which is good.  Togo gets caught when he goes upstairs for the senton and Hamada lands a top rope Frankensteiner.  Sasuke with a Swanton to the apron on Nishida.  Mask nails Yuasa with a missile dropkick, sits him up top for a butterfly suplex and then locks in a seated crossface chicken wing for the submission.

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