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Kane remaining a threat to Vince McMahon in a big way. Interesting choice to have Albert in that position but I think you can make it work!

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Pacific Northwest Wrestling

House Show Report

Week of 9/6/00


Sunday, 9/6/00, Episode 4, Rose Garden, Portland, OR (9,996)

Dark Matches:

Rikishi and Haku pinned Eric Ramp and Jay Atkinson at 3:46

Dave Taylor forced Bruce Wilkins to submit at 2:12

Glacier and Shawn Stasiak pinned Ernest Miller and Norman Smiley at 8:12

Crash Division Match: Balls Mahoney pinned Crowbar at 7:40

Triple Threat Match: Billy Kidman beat Chris Jericho and Lash Leroux at 14:21 when he pinned Leroux

Televised Matches:

Crash Division Match: Al Snow pinned Horace at 7:12

Bradshaw pinned Mosh at 5:49

Dan Severn beat Van Hammer by knockout at 2:02

The Varsity Club (Steiner and Rotunda) pinned Greg Rink and Jason Hill at 3:38

Kronik pinned Kyle Staples and Brett Titan at 3:14

Jeff Jarrett pinned Bob Goss at 1:58

Diamond Dallas Page pinned Bull Buchanan at 6:16

Handi-cap match: Kane pinned The Harris Brothers at 6:22



Monday, 9/7/00, House Show, Viking Pavilion at Portland State University, Portland, OR (2,175)

Shawn Stasiak and Glacier pinned Ernest Miller and Norman Smiley at 10:53

Crash Division Match: Doink the Clown pinned Crowbar at 6:17

Bull Buchanan pinned Van Hammer at 5:18

Dan Severn forced Horace to submit at 2:07

The Varsity Club pinned The Headbangers at 11:20

Haku pinned Brian Adams at 8:22

Booker T. and Jeff Jarrett wrestle to a double countout at 11:01

Kane pinned Tiger Ali Singh at 3:18

Chris Jericho forced Billy Kidman to submit at 15:19


Wed, 9/9/00, House Show, Bank of the Cascades Center, Redmond, OR (1,424)

Ron Simmons pinned Mosh at 6:59

Dan Severn forced Norman Smiley to submit at 2:01

Kronik pinned Shawn Stasiak and Glacier at 5:56

Crash Division Match: Brian Knobbs pinned Al Snow at 10:45

Booker T. and Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kimberly) pinned Jeff Jarrett and Don Harris at 9:12

Handi-cap match: Albert pinned Van Hammer and Horace Hogan at 4:11

Crash Division Match: Balls Mahoney pinned Crowbar at 7:19

Dave Taylor forced Lash Leroux to submit at 5:53

Chris Jericho forced Billy Kidman to submit at 21:23


Friday, 9/11/00, House Show, Cone Fieldhouse at Willamette University, Salem, OR (1,686)

Brian Adams pinned Rikishi at 8:48

Rick Steiner pinned Al Snow at 7:41

Headbangers pinned Shawn Stasiak and Glacier at 11:13

Crash Division Match: Balls Mahoney pinned Norman Smiley at 4:47

Billy Kidman pinned Lash Leroux at 12:27

Handi-cap Match: Albert pinned Jason Hill and Jay Atkinson at 2:38

Crash Division Match: Doink the Clown pinned Van Hammer at 6:07

Jeff Jarrett pinned Brett Titan at 3:06

Bull Buchanan pinned Kyle Staples at 2:33

Handi-cap Match: Kane pinned The Harris Brothers at 6:43

Chris Jericho pinned Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kimberly) at 11:57

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Pacific Northwest Wrestling

Episode 5

9-13-00, Morse Event Center, Eugene, OR (1,203 Sellout)



The opening strains of “No Chance” are the backdrop for Tony Schiavone to welcome us to Pacific Northwest Wrestling as well as to welcome the majority (storyline) owner of the company, Vince McMahon. Schiavone offers a refresher on the Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart feud over their portion of ownership in the company, as well as Vince McMahon's continuing vendetta against Kane and Paul Bearer in which he has Albert as his hired gun. McMahon struts to the ring waving his arms as only he can, entering the ring with the smuggest of smug grins.

McMahon: (To the mixed response) Yes, yes, thank you, thank you, I appreciate the warm welcome. To MY show being put on by MY company. The world has been waiting with baited breath as we have watched Bret Hart and Hollywood Hulk Hogan spewing fantasies about one of them besting the other to achieve an equal partnership with me in this company. But the fact is that I am the controlling owner of this company, and therefore, I am able to dictate and have final say over the terms of their match if it is to be sanctioned by Pacific Northwest Wrestling, unless they both disagree with my ruling, and then we have a stalemate. But imagine that, those two getting on the same page right now. (Laughs his smarmy laugh). So yes, as principal owner of this company, I am now officially announcing that Pacific Northwest Wrestling will sanction that match, and I will determine the site and venue and event in which it will take place. I will also be adding a further stipulation to be announced next week. Now then, on to other news. A number of people have addressed me as far as championships go. Believe me when I tell you there will be champions in PNW. But instead of rushing to put a belt on someone in order to create rivalries, we are allowing our roster to shake itself out. Rivalries are being created on an organic basis, and we do not want to crown our champions lightly, or give someone credit for being a champion after having wrestled one match in our company, or even 5 matches. Our titles will be earned through blood, sweat, and tears, and will be given to wrestlers who have fought long and hard for the right to receive such a distinction as being our champion. So in early spring of next year, we will have the biggest show in the history of professional wrestling. By the end of winter, we will have seen our talent sufficiently to make a valid determination of who among them are the ones that deserve a chance to become champion. And make no mistake, whoever emerges holding the title belts will have earned it the hard way. And that is MY final decision for MY company. And one final thing. Kane and Paul Bearer have survived the challenges I have set forth for them. So next week, Kane will be running the gauntlet. And if he does not survive to the end, if he loses in any way, including count out or disqualification, then Kane and Paul Bearer are FIRED from Pacific Northwest Wrestling! Now, hit MY music.

No Chance fires back up as an arrogant McMahon marches back up the aisle and Schiavone recaps the announcements here tonight, focusing on the championship situation and pitching it hard as this is why PNW is the best wrestling federation right now, with the titles meaning something, and the rivalries being real and not invented. McMahon stands at the entryway as Albert's music hits and McMahon gives him a pep talk as he heads to the ring for our first match of the night.


Handi-cap Match: Albert vs. Van Hammer and Horace

Despite being fodder for the monster heel, Horace and Hammer (Double H?) get a tiny bit of shine after regrouping from an initial onslaught from Albert. But it does not last long as the man known in the past as ol' 8 3/8 recovers and decapitates them both with a double clothesline. A handful of power moves and Albert bodyslams Hammer on top of a prone Horace and pins them both, much to McMahon's delight up at the top of the entrance ramp.

Winner by pinfall at 4:02 … Albert!!

We cut to the back where we see The Maestro and Symphony leading Shawn Stasiak and Glacier through a corridor. Maestro is talking them up, coaching them that this is their chance to put the off pitch notes of their former selves away and create beautiful harmony as a duet. Stasiak and Glacier seem to be buying in, a contrast to the dubious looks they had when Maestro first recruited them.




We return directly to our next match.

The Varsity Club (Rick Steiner and Mike Rotunda) vs. Shawn Stasiak and Glacier (w/The Maestro and Symphony)

On commentary, Schiavone presents this as a great opportunity for Stasiak and Glacier, making their television debut as a team, to make a statement in the tag team division, while also reviewing The Varsity Club's issues with Al Snow and Head. Schiavone also says Snow was supposed to be in this match with a partner against VC but when he was unable to attend the event, Maestro signed up his charges for the chance. In the ring, Stasiak and Glacier start off slow as VC begin a systematic dissection, but then they begin to work together, showing some decently timed double team moves and cohesion. Maestro is making a pest of himself at ringside as well, and VC ignore Symphony's attempts to distract them. After a couple hope spots, Steiner gets the hot tag and wipes out Stasiak and Glacier, ultimately leading to Rotunda returning and getting Glacier to tap to a Boston Crab.

Winners by submission at 7:41 … The Varsity Club!!


We cut to footage from last week's show when Booker T. was leaving the locker room where he had been conversing with DDP and Kimberly for his match and was ambushed by Jeff Jarrett with a guitar shot. The clip highlights the long pause before DDP and Kimberly come out to check on him, allowing JJ to get away and go wrestle the match for Booker. We return to DDP taping up for his match later tonight in the locker room with Kimberly, and Booker walks in.

DDP: Hey Book, what's up, you all right after last week?

Booker: (Overtly suspicious) Yeah, I'm a'ight. How you feeling, you feel like you might have a slow reaction time out there tonight?

DDP: And what is that supposed to mean?

Booker: What it means is I thought you had my back. Seems like Jeff Jarrett got my back with his guitar and I don't know where my “friend” was until he was long gone.

DDP: Hey man, cool it, it wasn't like that at all. We heard something and weren't sure what it was, but we got out there, bro, quick as we could. Jarrett is fast, he struck and dipped. Don't let him play you like this.

Booker: (Still suspicious, but decides to trust his friend and offers a fist bump, which DDP reciprocates and then pats him on the shoulder.) All right, then. We good. Good luck tonight.

DDP nods and as Booker leaves, DDP and Kimberly exchange a glance that says something, but not what.




We return to Tony Schiavone reviewing how The Headbangers have tried and tried to get in the APA's good graces and have bungled it up every time. That brings us to our next match as this rivalry slowly percolates and is the comedy foil feud for now in PNW.

Ron Simmons vs. Thrasher

This one is pretty much the expected formula, Simmons is dominant at first, and Thrasher battles back but can't quite get a decently length segment going. Oh, there was also the Headbangers asking for a handshake at the beginning and the APA refusing it. Schiavone emphasizes how the Headbangers did get their shot in a couple weeks ago, but that largely, the APA has put them down with extreme prejudice in every segment. Thrasher has opportunities to cheat for an advantage, but he and Mosh are over doing playing by the rules. Mosh goes over to talk to Bradshaw on the outside, and Bradshaw is annoyed, but Mosh is pushy. Bradshaw finally cold cocks him, and Simmons is distracted watching the outside shenanigans. It allows Thrasher to take advantage and attack him from behind, finally getting a little heat segment, but ultimately is just pisses Simmons off and Thrasher is caught with a sudden spinebuster to end the match.

Winner by pinfall at 6:02 … Ron Simmons!!

After the match, the APA put a little stomping on the Headbangers and then pour a couple beers over them. Insult to injury. But the camera focuses on the beaten Headbangers lying in the ring, and they have really pissed off looks on their faces, staring at the APA as they head through the curtain.


We cut to Vince McMahon sitting at his desk in his office. He is on the phone with someone, discussing how he is finally going to rid himself of Kane next week, and how he has a foolproof plan. Suddenly, the lights go out and McMahon angrily yells for his assistant. We hear the door open and close and McMahon starts to light into her about the power being out. But suddenly the room fills with red light, and reveals Kane is standing directly behind McMahon, who is oblivious as all he sees is Paul Bearer standing in front of his desk, nodding and grinning and “Ohhhhhhh Yesssss”ing. McMahon starts to seethe and berates Bearer for parlor tricks and that he won't stand for it, and he is about to send Kane a message. Vince stands up menacingly, as Paul Bearer acts terrified, but as Vince pushes his chair back, it runs into something awfully solid. Vince adopts his classic “Oh shit” expression, complete with the adam's apple bobbing swallow. He slowly turns around, and puts his hands up as he sees Kane right on top of him. Vince begins to beg, but Kane shoots his hand out, and goozles McMahon, who looks like he is crapping himself. But then the red lights go out, and a moment later, the lights come back on normally revealing McMahon in his office by himself. His assistant then walks in and asks what he wanted. McMahon turns to her and angrily yells at her to get out. He is seething as we fade out to commercial.




We return directly to the ring for our next match.

Crash Division Match: Doink the Clown vs. Ron Harris

Tony Schiavone pushes on commentary how the Crash Division has really taken off, and how Brian Knobbs and Balls Mahoney are the frontrunners in the division as both remain undefeated. He points out that Doink is a relative newcomer and reminds viewers of his haunted promos and says he has made himself known to the others and is really wrestling with a nasty chip on his shoulder. The match itself is elementary as Doink and Harris use the usual chairs and trash cans, but in addition, Doink adds “some kind of acid water” (as Schiavone calls it) from the flower on his lapel and a loaded boot, which when he takes it off, reveals another boot underneath, and there is a funny moment when he is using both the loaded boot in his hand to hit Harris up high and the loaded boot on his foot to kick him down low. Harris gets some offense in, but this is a Doink feature, and he wins after knocking Harris upside the head with a 2x4 and then putting on the stump puller.

Winner by submission at 5:12 … Doink the Clown!!


We cut to the back where we see Billy Kidman and Lash Leroux are in conversation with Bret Hart. Bret is giving them both encouragement as up and comers, and is telling Kidman how he could be the future of this business if he keeps working at it and stays the course. Chris Jericho happens to be walking by and hears this as Bret shakes Leroux and Kidman's hands and leaves the scene, and Leroux leaves as well.

Jericho: Excuse me, did I just hear someone say that you are the future of this business? Listen up, Junior, you are wrestling in Pacific Northwest Jericho now, which means you can ride my coattails to get as close to the top as you can, but ultimately, you will be right behind me. I am the present and the future of this business. Get used to it.

Kidman: All due respect, Chris, but I've taken you to the limit a few times since we've been here. It's only a matter of time as I am improving day by day, and your spot is the one I want. It's what I crave, it's the reason I wake up every …

Jericho: (Cutting him off with a “talk to the hand” gesture): Calm down, Willie Kidman. I have heard it a million times, perseverance, dedication, fight to the last, blah, blah, blahbity blah. I lived and breathed that in the old WCW and look where it got me. It got me Ralphus. So Mr. Nice Guy is gone. I have the spot I have here because I am the greatest pure in ring talent that EEEEEEEEver set foot in Pacific Northwest Jericho. You are second fiddle. Fodder to my greatness. So don't ever let me hear you talk about being the best ever agayn!

As Jericho puffs himself up and walks off, Kidman mutters “It's called Pacific Northwest Wrestling” and offscreen Jericho yells “I heard that!” Kidman shakes his head and walks off.




We return to the ring for our next match, and it features the debut of David Flair to PNW. Schiavone refers to him as a “legacy” wrestler while carefully not mentioning The Nature Boy by name or any other identifiers. We also feature the television debut of Dave Taylor, whom Schiavone pimps as a true tough guy, a no nonsense English brawler with skills.

Dave Taylor vs. David Flair

The match is pretty much a joke. Flair struggles to mount any kind of offense as Dave Taylor just toys with him. Flair lands a couple punches and a forearm but otherwise this is all Taylor. After softening him up, Taylor lands a brutal European uppercut and that is all she wrote.

Winner by pinfall at 2:44 … Dave Taylor!!

After the match, Taylor stops by the announce desk where Schiavone is starting to talk about the main event, but Taylor interrupts him and tells him that he has come to the Northwest to tame The Beast and no one, not even Tony, better get in his way. Schiavone is a little shaken up but soldiers on.

Our main event is a huge one as we have our first ever televised 6-man tag match in PNW. Schiavone sells the big time brewing rivalry between monster teams Kronik and Rikishi and Haku, reiterates DDP/Booker/Jarrett stuff and touches on how Big Boss Man has been mentoring Bull Buchanan.


6-man Tag Team Match: Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kimberly) and Rikishi and Haku vs. Kronik and Bull Buchanan (w/ Big Boss Man)

With so many heavy hitters in there, this match is almost pure power, although Rikishi and Haku are both very underrated workers and they get some good heat segments with DDP playing face in peril as only he can, complete with his penchant for perseverance and intestinal fortitude, which Schiavone plays up, calling him a survivor. Everyone gets some time in, but the Kronik and Rikishi/Haku time together is limited to brawling and throwing soup bones mostly. Buchanan holds his own, but is over matched by the end, with Boss Man railing at him to perform better from ringside. The match breaks down and ends in complete chaos as Kronik and Rikishi and Haku are in a full pier 6 brawl outside the ring. Boss Man gets taken out in the crossfire, and as Bull, who had a big advantage over DDP, goes to help him, Boss Man screams at him to get back in the ring. Bull does, and walks directly into a Diamond Cutter and gets pinned.

Winners by pinfall at 10:52 … Diamond Dallas Page, Rikishi, and Haku!!

After the match, with the two heavyweight teams battling up the aisle and Boss Man berating Buchanan for losing his focus as they walk past the brawling behemoths (which provides a kind of funny contrast), Jeff Jarrett flies in from the audience, wielding his guitar. Kimberly sees him and warns Page, and Booker comes down the ramp at the same time. Booker slides in the ring just in time for Page to heed Kimberly's warning and duck, and Booker takes the guitar shot. Jarrett smiles and nods at Kimberly, who looks appalled, and DDP gives chase but Jarrett is back through the crowd. Kimberly and DDP come to Booker's aid and a pissed off Booker shoves DDP away. Kimberly is trying to make peace as the two men argue and we fade out.

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I certainly like the incoming feud coming between DDP and Booker T and it makes you wonder if Jeff Jarrett will bring one of these two to the dark side. Not necessarily joining him but eventually getting enough under their skin to make it happen. Also liked that you made a big deal of the fact this was the first ever 6-Men Tag in Pacific Northwest; just added more to the main event vibe!

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Pacific Northwest Wrestling

House Show Report

Week of 9/13/00


Sunday, 9-13-00, Episode 5, Morse Event Center, Eugene, OR (1,203 Sellout)

Dark Matches:

Bradshaw pinned Mosh at 6:36

Dan Severn forced Tiger Ali Singh to submit at 1:05

Crash Division Match: Brian Knobbs pinned Crowbar at 7:01

Billy Kidman pinned Ernest Miller at 8:18

Jeff Jarrett and Booker T wrestled to a double countout at 10:43

Chris Jericho pinned Lash Leroux at 8:41

Televised Matches:

Handi-cap match: Albert pinned Van Hammer and Horace at 4:02

The Varsity Club (Steiner and Rotunda) forced Shawn Stasiak and Glacier to submit at 7:41

Ron Simmons pinned Thrasher at 6:02

Crash Division match: Doink the Clown pinned Ron Harris at 5:12

Dave Taylor pinned David Flair at 2:44

6-man Tag Team Match: Rikishi and Haku and Diamond Dallas Page pinned Kronik and Bull Buchanan at 10:52


Monday, 9-14-00, House Show, Gill Coliseum at Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR (6,784)

Headbangers pinned The Harris Brothers at 7:33

Dan Severn pinned Norman Smiley at 1:44

David Flair pinned Jay Atkinson at 3:19

Booker T. pinned Lash Leroux at 6:55

Rikishi and Haku pinned The Varsity Club at 14:31

Crash Division Triple Threat Match: Balls Mahoney pinned Van Hammer at 9:44, Brian Knobbs was also in the match

Handi-cap Match: Albert pinned Horace and Tiger Ali Singh at 3:46

Chris Jericho forced The Maestro to submit at 11:00

Kane pinned Bull Buchanan at 6:12

Diamond Dallas Page pinned Jeff Jarrett at 13:26


Wednesday, 9-16-00, House Show, O'Connell Sports Center at Clark College, Vancouver, WA (750 Sellout)

Shawn Stasiak pinned Lash Leroux at 8:32

The Harris Brothers pinned Ernest Miller and Norman Smiley at 7:18

Tiger Ali Singh pinned Crowbar at 5:21

Crash Division Match: Doink the Clown pinned Horace at 6:39

Bull Buchanan pinned Glacier at 7:14

Kronik pinned The Headbangers at 4:42

Crash Division Match: Brian Knobbs pinned Balls Mahoney at 13:55

Dave Taylor pinned Van Hammer at 3:34

Billy Kidman pinned Al Snow at 16:12


Friday, 9-18-00, House Show, Toyota Center, Kennewick, WA (3418)

APA pinned The Harris Brothers at 5:44

Al Snow pinned Lash Leroux at 9:39

Bull Buchanan pinned Van Hammer at 4:11

Rikishi and Haku pinned Jason Hill and Eric Ramp at 3:02

Crash Division Match: Doink the Clown pinned Horace at 6:19

Jeff Jarrett pinned Diamond Dallas Page at 15:20

Tiger Ali Singh pinned Greg Rink at 2:54

Brian Adams pinned Brett Titan at 2:12

Crash Division Match: Brian Knobbs pinned Crowbar at 5:56

Chris Jericho and Albert pinned Billy Kidman and Booker T. at 16:11

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