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  1. Chachins

    Millenium Project Roster Database

    PNW signs Lash Leroux and Van Hammer
  2. Chachins

    RAGE Wrestling 2000

    Pretty exciting opening show! I am curious what the Ultimate Survival is going to be (not to mention who will be participating) and Triple H vs. Undertaker is pretty huge. I'm not a huge fan of letting the fans pick the contenders, but they got this one right. I like the subtle reference to Triple H possibly being behind Steve Austin's injury, be curious to see if he addresses that at all and what it would do to HHH's confidence in the title match. The main event was fun, but damn, Big Vis is getting a big push it seems. He is certainly a monster. Glad to see Scott Steiner is every bit as annoying in Rage as he was in WCW. I hope Mark Henry wipes the mat with him, but we'll see! Great start to Rage, Bischoff, Ross, and The Dream are the perfect guys to lead this type of fed into it's future!
  3. Chachins

    Pacific Northwest Wrestling

    The following is from yesterday's press conference in Seattle, Washington, featuring Vince McMahon. Vince enters with a big grin on his face and struts to the podium like he owns the place. Or more like he owns the entire world. Vince: Hello everyone, welcome, glad to see you all came out. Before we get to the questions, I am here to confirm the rumors are true. In the wake of the sports entertainment industry imploding upon itself, I am going to be starting a new company based here in Seattle called Pacific Northwest Wrestling. Our mission statement is to do what I do best, bring the best of the worlds of entertainment and athletics to an untapped but rabid fan base here in the Pacific Northwest. I have acquired a license and was able to salvage most of my equipment and personnel to be able to put on professional wrestling extravaganzas like this area has never seen. You all know that I know how to put asses in seats, to coin a phrase. I put 93,000 asses in seats in Detroit at Wrestlemania III when Hulk Hogan bodyslammed Andre the Giant. I not only am the man that put sports entertainment into the mainstream, but I created or had a hand in creating nearly every memorable character that you all love to cheer or jeer. I may no longer have the World Wrestling Federation, but I did not lose any of my gumption. In fact, I am more determined than ever to re-establish my brand and to once again give rise to the greatest industry in the world. Now then, I'll be happy to take a few questions. Reporter 1: Mr. McMahon, there are rumors going around that several other wrestling organizations are sprouting up. Many of them are featuring stars from the WWF. Do you have any comment on them, and how many of your stars are you bringing here? Vince: I have no comments on what other organizations are up to. I am not involved with any of them. I don't need to flex my muscle, I think you all know what was happening between the WWF and WCW. I will give that other organization credit, they gave me a run. But I took what they were doing and improved upon it to the point that I was, once again, dominating the industry. As for the talents I have signed, anyone I wanted is here. The future of the wrestling industry now resides in the Pacific Northwest. Competition is good for business, so I welcome the other organizations to put on their shows and do their thing. Reporter 2: Vince, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock were your top stars when the WWF collapsed. Will they be joining you here? Vince: No comment, I will not be revealing the names of any of the talent, so please refrain from wasting our time with those types of questions. Suffice it to say, only the top talent will be here in the Pacific Northwest. Reporter 3: When can we expect our first show, and what can we expect from it? Vince: Expect the unexpected. As I stated before, I have most of my personnel from the WWF imported here with me, as far as production people go. While our product will not be quite up to the level that the WWF reached, we will be putting out a quality program, with production values that are cutting edge and far above industry standard. This is no bingo hall operation. This seems like a good time to end this press conference with a major announcement. Our first show will be emanating from Keyarena on Sunday, August 16th. Now, you may all be thinking it seems arrogant to book a first show for a new company in such a large arena. Here is the thing. You want to go to the show? You won't be buying tickets online. They won't be available through Ticketmaster or any other venue. Because this is going to be a free show for anyone and everyone who wishes to attend. You heard that right, we will not be charging a penny. First come, first served, we will fill this arena until it's standing room only and the fire marshall threatens to shut us down. See you on the 16th!
  4. Chachins

    Millenium Project Roster Database

    PNW signs Brian Knobbs and Mike Chioda
  5. Chachins

    Beach Club Pro

    Great stuff, Rodman is the perfect guy to set the tone you are looking for.
  6. Chachins

    Pro Wrestling International

    I love it. I am still amazed you corraled Kurt Angle, The Rock, and Sting for the top of your card. Not to mention Foley later on (you snagged him right around the time I was thinking about it!) Awesome intro from down under, you have the guys to come storming out of the gate.
  7. Chachins


    First off, I love your format. Idk why, but match times are important to me and I like that you included them in your summary at the end. This was a great show, and way to kick off the first show of the Millenium Project! I am still unfamiliar with a number of your competitors but I can get an idea of who they are from the match descriptions. Finally, the Suzuki Army made a pretty big statement here. They seem like a take no prisoners type of outfit. I can't wait to see how they shake up the foundation of U-Cosmos! Great first show!
  8. Chachins

    Beach Club Pro

    Wow, very well done, my friend. I don't have the technical knowledge to do what you did here, but I love it!
  9. Chachins

    Millenium Project Roster Database

    PNW signs Don Harris
  10. Chachins

    Millennium Project discussion

    My first show is going to be a broadcast special, tune in to Vince McMahon's press conference tomorrow for more info!
  11. Chachins

    Millenium Project Roster Database

    PNW signs Ron Harris
  12. Chachins


    Pacific Northwest Wrestling is rumored to be structured similar to the old WWF. Vince McMahon is the first and last voice in everything. It is reported he intends to work with his talent closely and welcomes their input, but retains the ultimate say in how things are going to play out. It is also rumored that he will resume with the evil Mr. McMahon character on screen. There will be a press conference in the next few days coming out of Seattle, the presumed home base of PNW, and the inaugural show will be announced, and word is that Vince may or may not be in character for that. Thus, there is some speculation that what is presented at the press conference may be dubious information geared to get the fans thinking in a certain way. It is additionally rumored that he will have a major accouncement regarding that inaugural show which will completely shock everyone and could lead to a record turnout. There was a lot of snickering from so-called industry experts at McMahon holding his very first show, which will be featured as a television special throughout networks in the Pacific Northwest and western Canada (and may be available elsewhere) in Keyarena, but supposedly, McMahon is guaranteeing a sellout crowd. This could also be more brand positioning and perception creating on his part.
  13. Chachins

    Millennium Project discussion

    And honestly, with our open policy on roster size, it seems to me that once the first week or two are gone, those who are comfortable with their rosters will stand pat and those who wish to keep adding will have free reign to do so and not much competition for whoever they have their eyes on after that time.
  14. Chachins

    Millenium Project Roster Database

    SirEdger beat me to it lol. I actually have both members of Kronik!
  15. Chachins

    Millennium Project discussion

    Welcome aboard!