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[2001-03-24-NWA UK Hammerlock] Johnny Moss vs Jon Ryan


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Judging by the onscreen graphic Jim Neidhart was on a UK tour and this match took place on one of the shows, the venue being some local leisure centre that you will find in most towns in the UK.  There’s a big time World of Sport feel to the opening of this with the pace they’re working and how they’re working a hold, then all of a sudden Ryan will try a flying armbar out of nowhere or Moss will look for a cross armbar submission, so adding a modern take to things.  Lots of crowd interaction and getting them involved too.  Maybe they got them too involved as when they end up on the outside after things have heated up security have to intervene to stop one fan hitting Ryan with his inflatable hammer!  On returning to the ring the pace does pick up slightly.  Ryan reverses the Irish whip, holding onto the arm and hammerlocking it behind Moss’ back resulting in an inverted Judo throw.  He starts choking Moss which leads to the ref having to physically pull him off by the hair.  The kids loved that spot!  Moss gets whipped to the corner but leaps to the middle turnbuckle and backflips over Ryan.  Head & Arm suplex followed by this great looking German that folds him up.  Ryan avoids the diving headbutt, which was the full length of the ring, and hits a Michinoku Driver.  He spends too long posing and admiring his work as when he goes for it a second time Moss floats over and rolls him up for the three.  The crowd may not be big in number but they respond big to Moss getting the win.

I’ve been watching a fair bit of CZW and JAPW in the project recently so something like this is such a welcome change.  I thought Moss was really good and could easily have followed say a Doug Williams to the U.S. if he had so desired.

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