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[2001-03-24-YPW] Chris Hamrick vs Christian York


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No audio at the start of this, the onscreen graphic saying the ring music has been removed due to copyright.  Hamrick is accompanied by a rather busty valet.  This looks a pretty decent set up for a local federation, there’s even a second ring next to the one they’re wrestling in for some reason.  The referee gets between them to break the initial lock up, as he does so Hamrick claps his hands together and falls to the mat, acting as if York cheapshotted him.  When he gets to his feet he’s wanting the official to raise his hand and award him the match by DQ.  The same happens a second time, Hamrick saying “that’s twice” now.  York with a couple of atomic drops so Hamrick can comically sell those, he then ends up accidentally posting himself when trying to slide out the ring backwards.  Things don’t get any better for him, being ridden like a horse following a drop toe hold and also taking his trademark bump through the ropes to the outside.  He’s had enough for the night, setting off to the dressing room after first giving everyone in the building the finger.  Of course he has a change of heart, York slingshotting him back inside from the apron.  Hamrick gets backdropped over the top rope into the second ring and York with a super sunset flip before they run through some Guerrero/Malenko stuff.  York ties Hamrick in the Tree of Woe and stands on his groin.  The busty valet hooks York’s ankle allowing Hamrick to catch him with a suplex dropped into a stunner.  They return to ring number one where he teases a springboard leg drop, only to land on his feet and just cover York instead.  He telegraphs the backdrop and York with a DDT, however only moments later he telegraphs one of his own and gets spiked with a piledriver.  Springboard legdrop a good two thirds of the way across the ring for a near fall.  And into ring two again.  York counters the top rope rana with an inverted atomic drop, he makes the cover but the valet is distracting the referee.  The distraction also allows her man to get back into this.  Face first suplex dropping York across his own knee.  As he comes off the top though York nails him in the bread basket and then hits what is like an inverted Ki Krusher for the win.  The valet gets her comeuppance post-match, being put over York’s knee and spanked after she had slapped him.

Christian York didn’t bring much to the table here but a highly entertaining performance from Chris Hamrick.  The opening was all shtick and he was great at it and if it wasn’t for flicking everyone the bird I would’ve been certain they were working it for the kids in attendance.  I thought they made good use of the second ring too, although York really could’ve been anybody in there. 

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