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[2001-03-17-CZW-Enter the Zone] Nick Gage & Nate Hatred vs Ric Blade & Ruckus


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Ruckus is nailed from behind by a chair swinging Mark Briscoe as he makes his entrance.  That appears to have been a plan orchestrated by The Dew so that Blade will be all alone against the future H8 Club.  I don’t think he bargained on someone coming to Ruckus’ aid, we get literally a fleeting shot as action is going on in the ring at the same time, but I’m pretty sure it was Nick Berk who does so.  Blade takes out Hatred with a spin kick and another for Gage, those missing by a country mile.  As they regroup on the floor, a recovered Ruckus hits an Orihara moonsault onto them.  If you’ve never seen him, Ruckus is a short, chubby little guy who can do some amazing acrobatics that defy his physique.  Blade goes for a flip dive although the H8 Club pretty much block it, cushioning the blow.  They then press him overhead and launch him into the chairs as if he was a dart.  That looked nasty.  After the opening excitement things settle down with Hatred, who still gets continual abuse from the CZW fans, working over Ruckus.  The Razzle Dazzle!  Gage is in but he gets taken out by a Blade corkscrew bodyblock.  Stereo standing moonsaults.  Gage snatches Ruckus around the throat and chokeslams him onto his knee.  Double shoulder charge.  Ruckus with a tip up over the incoming Gage, he then runs to the opposite corner and comes off the top with some twisting move that allows him to hot tag Blade.  A handspring kick to the face and a kick for Hatred on the apron, the two ending up on the concrete.  Ruckus grabs and holds them in position for what was supposed to be a Blade springboard Shooting Star but it ended up more like a springboard senton.  That was awful, even for him!  I think he cracked his head too on someone as it looks like he’s hurt himself...for a change!  Blade throws Hatred back inside and proceeds to botch a huracanrana and then slips on the quebrada.  Gargiulo covers for him saying with the way he’s holding his head he may have given himself a concussion on the Shooting Star.  Not one to give up he hits a springboard 450 splash that started with him in the ring and switching position on the top rope.  He elaborately sets up a bunch of chairs on the outside and while things don’t quite go as planned, Hatred ends up being slammed from the top turnbuckle into the construction.  Gage is lay in wait and when Blade returns to the ring he flattens him with a roaring elbow.  Blade blocks the powerbomb off the top but then Gage slips and crotches himself.  You work with Blade you catch his botchiness!  They reset the spot up, under firmer footing, and Blade barely counters the powerbomb with a huracanrana (the Kid Kash/E.Z. Money spot).  Blade superkicks Gage into a Ruckus German suplex, the idiot then flies over hooking the legs but in doing so ends up in the ropes and the ref has to stop the count.  Hatred stuffs a Blade springboard with a clothesline.  He sets up some chairs and Blade takes an outrageous flip bump off a killer clothesline into them.  The H8 Club slide a table into the ring although that’s got a broken leg.  It’s like a metaphor for this match.  Ruckus saves Blade from being suicideplexed through the table but ends up being put through it himself after a Gage frog splash, that one ending this not a moment too soon.

How new to CZW is Ruckus because the crowd seemed in awe of his acrobatics.  This wasn’t bad at first and I liked the H8 Club’s working over of Ruckus, but it turned into a disaster from the moment Blade blew that springboard Shooting Star.  By the time he slipped on the quebrada I was just laughing to myself and then it just went on and on from there.

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