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[2001-03-17-CZW-Enter the Zone] Mark Briscoe vs Nick Berk


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I believe this is the first time we’ll have seen one of the Briscoe brothers in singles action in the project.  Eric Gargiulo says that Jay isn’t in attendance tonight so a big test for Mark here.  Berk starts out fast, wanting revenge for what happened in Smyrna.  He holds onto the ropes and as Mark charges, backdrops him over the top rope out onto the Dew.  Running flip dive off a chair onto both.  Jay is here!  He was hid under the ring and pulls a switcheroo with his brother.  Despite the overwhelming and blatant evidence that that just happened, John House saw nothing and doesn’t know what his broadcast partner is talking about.  Berk lands on his feet from the monkey flip and runs through Jay with a couple of clothesline.  He slides to the floor and, as the Dew causes a distraction, the Briscoes swap places again.  Mark with a rolling Northern Lights suplex into a brainbuster, which Gargiulo calls a Modest Driver, but they’re too close to the ropes.  Berk avoids what I can best describe as a moonsault senton and we get another switcheroo.  The Dew hooks Berk’s ankle and pulls him to the outside where he holds him in position for a Jay corkscrew tope suicida.  Back in the ring Berk ducks a clothesline, snatches an arm and hits a release Dragon suplex.  As the brothers look to change places again, despite Berk’s best efforts to let blind Brian Logan know what’s going on, he’s not seeing a thing.  Berk Driver.  The Dew is on the apron and as Berk goes over to get him Mark pulls Jay from the ring and switches places with him, lying on the mat as if he’s the one who’s just been on the receiving end of it.  Mark rolls out the way of the frog splash and then lands a moonsault for the win.  As the Briscoe’s leave they’re jumped by Ruckus, Dewey Donovan fleeing from the scene before they’re able to get their hands on him.

After the opening bit of hesitancy between Mark and Berk this turned into a pretty good match and I liked the story they told.

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