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[2001-11-09-CMLL] Negro Casas & El Hijo del Santo & Atlantis & Rey Mysterio Jr vs Fuerza Guerrera & Black Tiger & Juventud Guerrera & Nicho el Millonario

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Hot diggity! This was a dream match that was worked like a regular match but ended up being a dream match anyway, if you catch my drift. Santo was insane in this and is now the forerunner for Lucha WOTY. Atlantis was also great. It's amazing how he still doesn't get his dues as a worker. He may be the greatest trios match worker ever (at least on the tecnico side.) The WCW guys were again a step or two behind the mainstays. Their timing was off at times, and Mysterio didn't shine like you'd expect him to in a match like this. It was still a great match because of his partners, but don't get too excited about Rey being in it. Nicho el Millonario made a stronger impression than the week before. He did a lot of his old Psicosis tricks. At first, I thought it looked weird watching him do his theatrics without the get-up, but he stuck at it and took some crazy bumps. They let him cut a promo afterward, which made him seem like more of a legit presence in the company. CMLL is on a roll at the moment. 

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