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[2001-03-14-WCW-Thunder] Jeff Jarrett & Rick Steiner vs Diamond Dallas Page & Dustin Rhodes


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DDP has recovered from Monday night and has the World champion, ‘Big Poppa Pump’, in his sites.  Steiner hops out to the floor to try and slow the initial Page onslaught but is caught by a pescado.  Senior Official Nick Patrick getting a special shout out, making his in ring return here after working behind the scenes for a bit.  Page off the top with a flying clothesline.  Rhodes drops a fist to the face of Jarrett which he follows with the Flip, Flop and Fly.  Another top rope clothesline by Page.  Steiner clubs him in the back as he hits the ropes, that has minimal effect but is enough of a distraction to allow ‘Double J’ to get the upper hand on him.  There are lots of empty seats visible right in front of camera.  They go about getting the heat on Page, Tony Schiavone saying how Rick Steiner knows how to torture opponents.  Viewers too!  DDP fights his way out of the opposition’ corner with an infatuated sounding Schiavone calling him “amazing!”  Steiner catches a kick and spins Page around who then connects with a Discus lariat.  Tag to Dustin and unlike minutes earlier, it’s seen by the referee.  He’s about to give Jarrett the Dust Buster (the new, terrible, name for Shattered Dreams) when ‘the DFG’ runs at him with a Steinerline.  That’s ducked and Steiner accidentally takes out Patrick.  Belly to belly on Dustin.  Ric Flair rushes down to the ring to count the pin however DDP breaks it up before he can reach three.  Page slugs Flair.  Swinging neckbreaker on Steiner.  He goes for the Diamond Cutter but ‘the DFG’ shoots him off into the ropes, Flair pulling down the top one as he goes sailing out over it to the outside.  Jarrett breaks a guitar over Dustin’s back and then gives him the Stroke, Patrick turning over to count the fall.  Totally Buff, Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire, Team Canada and finally Konnan & Hugh Morrus all show up post-match to heighten the PPV, the faces running the Magnificent Seven and friends out of there.

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