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[2001-03-15-APW-Farewell to the Natural Ones] Donovan Morgan vs Dalip Singh


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So let’s see if Dalip Singh/Great Khali has managed to develop at all since I watched him last year.  He’s in there with one of the better, if drabbest, APW workers at least.  The opening moments sees Singh pretty much no-sell whatever Morgan tries.  The Giant does like to show off his physique that’s for sure.  Huge, and I mean huge, press slam.  Singh drops the leg but Morgan manages to kick out of the cover.  Morgan escapes the chokeslam by stomping on his foot, the clotheslines having no effect before a running bodypress takes him off his feet for the first time.  As well as showing off his muscles, Singh also like to “raise the roof”, either that or he’s signalling for another press slam.  Crazily Morgan tries a crucifix, transitioning it into a sunset flip for a two count.  Bubba bomb by Singh, this time though they’re too close to the ropes.  Morgan escapes the tilt-a-whirl and goes for an O’Connor Roll; which like most things tonight doesn’t work either.  Belatedly he dropkicks him in the knee, finally thinking that his best port of call here will be to try and take one of the Giant’s wheels out.  A dropkick sends Singh falling into the ropes where he entangles himself, the old Andre the Giant spot that he would do in most matches.  He clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor and then connects on a plancha from the top turnbuckle.  Two guys are shown at the entrance way watching on, the blonde haired chap looks very much like the wrestler in the APW section of Beyond the Mat who had to be held back from attacking a fan after they had spat at him.  Back inside the ref ends up getting bumped when Morgan is thrown into him.  Blondie is on the apron but Morgan nails him and picks up the chair he was holding, placing it in the middle of the ring.  Singh counters the monkey flip (I know.  Why?) with a chokebomb.  After Blondie involves himself again, the official comes around to see Singh holding the chair and he disqualifies the Giant.

I can give a few positives, despite being ponderous at time Singh does have some sort of athleticism, he also has a freakishly good physique.  Still, he was controlling the vast majority of this match, which maybe he had to, but it was longer than it honestly needed to be.  Super cheap lame ending too.  Not recommended (which you probably expected anyway!).

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