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[2001-04-05-WWE-Smackdown] Chris Benoit vs William Regal & Kurt Angle (Handicap)


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We get a recap of Regal & Angle’s previous handicap match against Chris Jericho, where things were going the way they wanted until Chris Benoit decided to involve himself.  Tazz repeats how they’re uncertain as to whether he did what he did to help Jericho or whether he just wanted to get his hands on Kurt Angle again.

Unlike on Raw, where Regal & Angle would have to tag in and out, tonight they’re in the ring at the same time.  ‘The Crippler’ low blows his way out of the German and goes for the crossface on Regal only it’s a bit too early.  He lands six straight German suplexes, three for each, alternating between the Regal and Angle.  The crowd loved that.  After throwing Kurt through the turnbuckles into the ring post and out to the floor, he hits a release Dragon suplex on Regal.  Another crossface on Regal, Angle is back for the save, however Benoit sees him coming, let’s go of Regal and hooks Kurt with it instead.  That was an awesomely executed spot.  He’s seconds away from tapping, his hand hovering, when Regal stomps on ‘the Crippler’ to break it up.  Regal uppercuts Benoit into an Angle release German.  They give him a taste of his own medicine, following that up with a Regal butterfly suplex and an Angle belly to back.  Benoit ducks the double clothesline but is caught an Angle overhead belly to belly.  Combination Regal stretch/ankle lock and ‘the Crippler’ taps.  Kurt refuses to let go of the hold, even ignoring Regal’s half-hearted request for him to do so.  It’s only when Chris Jericho runs out that he does let go, Y2J paying back that favour from Monday.

I have no idea how long this went, and it wasn’t long at all, but this was a great short match.

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This is a follow-up to the Jericho Handicap match where Benoit helped Jericho from a post-match attack. His punishment was this. Benoit was much more successful than Jericho, actually capable of going against the two with his suplexes. The finish was great. Regal and Angle locked on their summissions at the same time causing enoit to tap. Jericho makes the save, returning the favour. **3/4

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