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[2001-04-09-WWF-Raw] Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho


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Jonathan Coachman has been summoned to Commissioner Regal’s office.  He tells him that he’s quite concerned about this new found mutual respect that Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho have for each other so thinks it’s about time that we see the next classic encounter in their rivalry and wants ‘the Coach’ to go and inform them that they will be facing each other later on this evening.

Benoit and Jericho are in the ring when it’s noticed that there is no referee.  Ah, here he comes, the Commissioner himself.  Regal says that having made this match for his friends, the fans, he thinks he’s the only person who has the honour and dignity to officiate such an epic battle!  There’s a clean break on the collar & elbow tie up, Regal not liking that one bit, telling them to “fight” and to get the bloody hell on with it!  Benoit runs into a big boot, however as Jericho then charges him, ‘the Crippler’ with a drop toe hold.  He looks for the crossface but Y2J is able to scramble free.  They’re wrestling this clean, showing the other plenty of respect while Regal again instructs them to get on with it.  Double underhook backbreaker by Jericho and the Commissioner with a very deliberate, slow count on the pin attempt.  Benoit with a release German and now he’s waving to the fans rather than doing his job and officiating the match.  ‘The Crippler’ pulls him in the way of a Jericho missile dropkick which results in Regal forearming them both; Jericho for dropkicking him, Benoit for pulling him in the way.  That was the last straw as they both then team up against him, ripping open his shirt and taking it in turns to chop his chest raw.  Belly to back suplex, Lionsault, diving headbutt and finally a combination Walls and crossface, the Commissioner tapping frantically.  It’s only when a bunch more referees rush out to does the torture stop.

Not much of a match but a very fun segment.  Main event of the shows aside, there has definitely been a noticeable shift into shorter length matches these past few weeks.

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