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[2001-04-04-CZW-Payback] Zandig vs Tommy Dreamer (Barbed Wire)


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I hope this is better than the last time these two met in the Combat Zone.  Zandig wants to see some real blood and wonders if the people want to see the most hardcore match in the history of wrestling?  That’s some brag John!  He says that this isn’t no gimmicked barbed wire like his (Dreamer’s) boy the Sandman used in Atlanta, this is for real, he’s for real and tonight Tommy Dreamer is going to find out how real CZW is!  John House hasn’t seen Dreamer anywhere and doubts he’s even here.  Of course he is and he’s not waiting for the ring crew to finish wrapping the barbed wire around the ropes.  Hangman’s neckbreaker.  Zandig gets backdropped over the top rope and over the bar that is next to the ring, already bleeding when he comes up.  Dreamer takes him on a walk around the building but it’s another of those typical ECW walk ’n’ brawls we’ve seen plenty of, although he does get snap suplexed on the floor at one point.  They continue out through the Emergency Exit and into the car park where Zandig crotches Dreamer across the hand railing. “C-Z-fucking-W!”  The action returns inside, Dreamer taking a chair to Zandig’s arm which he had trapped in a second chair and bent around the ring post.  Z-Barr grabs Dreamer’s leg allowing Zandig to take over.  Testicular claw!  As the two trade punches Gargiulo compares what we’re witnessing to Ali vs Frazier!  Those nasty chair shots to the arm have played no subsequent part in the match by the way, being forgotten about immediately.  After a low blow Zandig ends up tied in the Tree of Woe, a steel chair placed in front of him.  Despite Z-Barr’s pleads for mercy the chair gets dropkicked into his face.  DDT onto the chair.  “E-C-fucking-W!”  Jun Kasai shows up, who we’re informed is part of CZW Japan.  His sledges have no effect on Dreamer but he does end up catching him with a DDT.  Delayed Falcon Arrow by Zandig, who even keeps Dreamer held up with just the one arm while he flips off some fans.  They set up a table, which doesn’t break when Kasai comes off the top with a splash, so resort to bridging it upright in the corner and whipping Dreamer through it instead.  Justice Pain and the Wifebeater are out, Zandig getting Choke-N-Steined onto some light tubes.  Jeez, Justice with a release German suplex on Kasai into even more light tubes.  The mat is just covered with broken glass.  Dreamer takes care of Z-Barr while in the ring Beater wraps Zandig in barbed wire and he and Pain then take it in turns to wallop Kasai with chairs.  When Beater starts raking the barbed wire across Zandig’s forehead even Eric Gargiulo has seen enough, wanting some help out there.  Justice lets everyone know that the H8 Club is back and tells Zandig that he runs this fucking company now.  Dreamer says he’s seen a lot of sick shit but this blows ECW out of the door and that Zandig is more fucking extreme than he could ever be.  Ever the worker, Tommy knowing which side his bread is buttered for the time being.  Loud “C-Z-Dub” chant for those comments.  Doug Gentry gets a close up of Kasai’s back as he exits the ring, absolutely shredded from that German into the light tubes.  Zandig closes by challenging the three of them to a match on this Saturday’s show, guaranteeing the outcome will be different next time.  It looks like the match just ended, so another non-finish in CZW.

The final few minutes from when Wifebeater and Justice came out was crazy, up until that point though it was another half-hearted Tommy Dreamer effort.  The match loses even more points for another non-finish in a main event.

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