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[2013-05-11-NOAH-Final Burning] Kenta Kobashi & Jun Akiyama & Keiji Mutoh & Kensuke Sasaki vs KENTA & Go Shiozaki & Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Maybach Taniguchi

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 Kenta Kobashi, Jun Akiyama, Keiji Mutoh & Kensuke Sasaki vs KENTA, Go Shiozaki, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Maybach Taniguchi - NOAH 5/11/13

What an emotionally moving match and tour de force! I have been putting off watching this for years. I never wanted it to end, but that's how life is. There are few things that bring me as much joy than stumbling across a picture of Kobashi with a huge smile on his face on Twitter. So glad he is still on this Earth, happy and making others happy. I was crying on the entrance. So happy at the turnout and the response for The GOAT. 

In the freelance world of the 21st Century, I am not too surprised at the relationships formed but I never knew Kobashi was close to Mutoh & Chono (who was on commentary). Akiyama and Sasaki make total sense give their past history. Mutoh was actually the second most over person when he came in to his trademark elbow drop that got a huge chop. The first 15 minutes is all shine and feel good stuff. They start off with the marquee match up of KENTA and Kobashi. KENTA show NO MERCY slapping the Living Legend. Kobashi wins an excellent chop battle. I liked how Kobashi and Sasaki re-created their chop battle but instead they just used Taniguchi's body.

The highspot of the first 15 minutes was Kobashi/Shiozaki chop battle turning into an abdominal stretch which gets me excited for yes cmon he has to do it...he just has to...ROLLING CRADLE! He goes all out with one of the longest Rolling Cradles! That was awesome. Sasaki and Shiozaki go to Chop City and Sasaki TRUCKS him with a lariat and tags out to Akiyama. 

Now we get the ten minute Kobashi face in peril, which is nice to see that he was in good enough shape to go 10 minutes no breaks. Shiozaki and Kobashi recreate for real the Kobashi/Sasaki chop battle. Kobashi’s chest looks like raw meat. Shiozaki hits some spinning back chops and GERMAN SUPLEX! WOW! Kanemaru hits the best highspot of the match. Springboard on railing and then Legdrops Kobashi head on railing. General pummeling on Kobashi. Kobashi Chops Taniguchi down  but the other three young guns knock off Kobashi’s partner. Taniguchi’s weird U-Shaped Trident thing comes into play. He jabs it at Kobashi and I think Kobashi is going to hulk but instead Taniguchi chokes Kobashi with it and hits a Nodowa! I think they should have done the Hulk Up. KENTA comes in and this is raucous. HALF NELSON SUPLEX! Big Pop! Tag out!

KENTA got to run through his big moves on Akiyama before Mutoh came in and did a truncated version of his schtick, dropkick to knee, Dragon leg Screw and Figure-4. They do a fun spot where they all have the youngsters in submissions. Sasaki runs through his stuff against Shiozaki. Bulldozing him in the corner. Sledging him with forearms and then his special overhead armdrag into his submission of choice. I have missed Sasaki, I always had a soft spot for him. Lets take this home boys!

Shiozaki vs Sasaki turns into another wicked chop battle. Who did Shiozaki piss off that he had to take on Kobashi and Sasaki chopping his chest in the same match. Sasaki mounts his comeback and here comes Kobashi. They tease Kobashi losing but no one buys it. He eats a missile dropkick, top rope double stomp and a flying bodypress. Shiozaki SMOKING Kobashi with a lariat gets the most heat. Kobashi hits a SUPERPLEX! Mutoh Shining Wizard! Mutoh is the best cheerleader. He was so into this match. BURNING LARIAT~! The youngsters break it up. Mutoh Backbreaker->Moonsault! Here it is and all of sudden it is very dusty in here. One more time! Bodyslam->FIST PUMP->MOONSAULT! A perfect ending.

Mutoh was tremendous in this on the apron and directing traffic at the end. He really helped put the spotlight on everything. I missed Sasaki so much, he was great clobbering. Kanemaru was the most energetic of the youngsters. They had to protect KENTA because he was NOAH’s Champion but he looked good. Shiozaki took the brunt of the shit and there was a lot of chopping in this match and he was on the receiving end of it. Kobashi for one night delivered the goods. He got his ass kicked for ten minutes, took some top rope splashes, but we were here for the offense. He gave us the vicious chopping, the sweet Rolling Cradle, one last Fist Pump and Moonsault. Match defies rating really. Kobashi is The GOAT and he went out a Living Legend.


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