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[2001-12-21-CMLL] Apolo Dantes & Shocker & Brazo de Plata & Black Warrior vs Black Tiger & Emilio Charles Jr & Scorpio Jr & Tarzan Boy

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I can't find the hair matches anywhere, but we do get this fun return match. It's the holidays season, so the match is interspersed with clips from the year's best vignettes. It's been a fun year. We get Stone Cold Porky and Stone Cold Emilio Charles, Jr. in this bout. Emilio tries to wrestle with a beanie on, which is cute. Black Tiger remembers he has issues with Black Warrior, which pleases me. It's the holidays and the regular crowd don't seem to be there, so this is a bit of fun before everyone goes back home to their families. And that's how the year wraps up for CMLL, arguably the best company in the world in 2001. 

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