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New Marvelous Mitch Ryder RIP Thread


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Didn't realize quotation marks were a no-no in thread titles.  

I want to  start a new one on Mitch, because I think he deserves discussing.  Here's what I wrote in that first topic:

I met Mitch a few times. He started up a promotion in southern Indiana promoting it as old school wrestling. I was working in news and talked my station into letting me do a story on it. He was so friendly and accommodating to me. 

Years later, we decide to have our living room painted. Someone at my wife’s job recommends a painter. He shows up for the estimate, and it’s Mitch! He seemed to be doing well with his painting business. I got to talk wrestling with him while he worked. 

The best part of him being at my house was how sweet he was to my daughter. She was really into NXT at that time and she thought Samoa Joe was the worst villain ever. She asked Mitch if he’d ever wrestled Joe. He broke right into his promo voice and said, “No darlin’, but If I ever do, I’ll whoop him real good for you!” She loved it. 

RIP Mitch. 

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