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    Best Makeovers

    ECW had quite a few good makeovers. Sandman and Raven already mentioned, but Tommy Dreamer was a great one, too. Went from pseudo-male stripper in sparkly suspenders to "Hardcore" Icon. Leon "Baby Bull" White into Vader is a huge one, although I kinda love the nickname "Baby Bull".
  2. I love ya, Johnny, but you're wrong here. This is a giant corporation using the imagery of a man who made it his life mission to advocate against LGBTQ+ causes for a Pride Month promotion. I saw the other images and that was nice, but it doesn't undo this. Definitely not a non-story. This is gross and WWE needs to be held accountable for it. The Ultimate Warrior was my favorite wrestler when I was a kid. I painted my face and tied shoelaces around my arm to look like him. Wrestlemania VI was on my 12th birthday, and I watched it with my friends and lost my mind when he won. None of that changes the fact that he was a disgusting human being. He was a bigot in every sense of the term. WWE should not be using his image and name for anything, let alone a "courage" award. The man was a coward who wanted force his narrow little worldview on others. He should not be celebrated.
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    All Elite Wrestling

    The most entertaining part was her horrible disguise.
  4. I watched it this morning, and I believe it was a botched finish (that I really liked!). After the match, you can see Gable call for the mic, but the ref tells him no. Doesn't seem like it was planned. Oh, but great match! They worked so well together. Hope we do get more of them!
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    The Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    The narrator/host is Damian Abraham from the band Fucked Up.
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    Jon Moxley on Talk is Jericho

    God, Moxley's situation has so many parallels to my own decision to leave tv news. I can totally sympathize with the guy. The stuff about how they have to have their "hands in everything" hit home. And I would also get physically sick going into work some days like he did. I would dread going in and hearing what wild-goose-chase, bullshit story I'd get assigned just like he would with the bad writing. It was also the same deal with anyone speaking up is labeled a troublemaker or a whiner. Oh man.
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    All Elite Wrestling

    Have they announced when it’ll air yet? And a start date?
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    WWE Hidden Gems

    Or maybe he posted it on both?
  9. Log

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Kassius Ohno has a screenshot of the Bret/Tom Magee match in his Instagram stories. Is it out there now?
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    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Eventually, every wrestler will be in the WWE HoF.
  11. Saw the womens’ main event announcement reported on ESPN.com. It’s weird seeing ESPN become a shill for WWE. I mean, it’s not shocking that ESPN would be shady. Just weird seeing them be shady in service to McMahon.
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    NXT talk

    With free agency being such a big talker for pro sports, managers vying for clients and clients trying to work managers for the most money seems like ready-made storylines for current wrestling.
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    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    The worst part will be the video package trying to make Torrie into some pioneer of women’s wrestling.
  14. Log

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    HTM is totally deserving. Way more than a ton of the people already in there.
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    NXT talk

    More like Johnny Tanning Bed.