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    WWE Hall of Fame 2020

    nWo Sting for the Hall of Fame!
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    All Elite Wrestling

    I'm going to sound like an asshole here, but I don't care about any of that. I get where you're coming from, and I'm not trying to be dismissive of your concerns. It's just that one of my favorite things about pro wrestling is that it's a haven for people like Janela. What's he going to be doing if he's not a pro wrestler? I mean, he seems like the kind of dude who couldn't hold down a job at a gas station. Pro wrestling has given him an outlet where he can not only make a living, but become mildly famous. Good for him. If he has to put his body on the line, so be it. That's not my concern. I do NOT want anything bad to happen to him. Not at all. But no one is going to pay to see Joey go hold-for-hold with anyone. There's a history of this kind of person in wrestling and I love them. Necro Butcher, Mad Man Pondo, hell even as far back as Gypsy Joe. I say raise a glass to these wonderful weirdos and let's leave it to them to make decisions about what's best for their bodies!
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    All Elite Wrestling

    I don't think Janela sucks, but I think he needs to figure out what he wants to be. To me, he works best as the unhinged crazy dude who's not a good wrestler, but is wild and tough enough that he can stay in any fight. He needs to drop the complicated exchanges and all that, and just be wild. His out-of-nowhere dive onto Moxley that put him through the timekeeper's table was the best thing he did in that match, IMO. Do more of that. Awkwardly fly off things and through things, that kind of stuff.
  4. No. I was responding to peachchaos' post (which I quoted) where they said Bryan's shaving would have been a great cap to his heel run instead of an angle for Wyatt.
  5. I'd bet Bryan could pull off an awesome heel loses hair match/throws temper tantrum/runs away to avoid head shaving/gets caught by faces and forced to have head shaved sequence.
  6. I don't have a date, but I seem to remember a pretty cool match with Terry Funk from Shotgun Saturday Night.
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    All Elite Wrestling

    NWA/WCW also did rankings. I especially remember them being mentioned a lot around 88-90 (or thereabouts). Like AEW, they were also sorta random and didn't really play into the storylines too much. Just something for the announcers to mention during matches that might not mean a lot. "______ could really use a win here to move up in the Top 10!", etc.
  8. They say the best wrestling characters are just their real personalities “turned up to 11”.
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    WWE Survivor Series 2019 - Board Breaking Subtitles

    I just wish they'd go back to the original idea of Survivor Series and have a bunch of random-ass teams of face captain vs the heel captain they're feuding with. That, and a big 'ol bowl of cocaine next to the backstage interview area for pre-match promos.
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    WWE NXT War Games 2019 - MENGO

    I do not like Mauro. But when I read Graves' tweet, I still think, "Fuck this guy." That shows you what a gigantic douche Corey is. It's really a shame because both guys should be inspirational stories. Too bad they both insist on bickering on twitter and shouting over their colleagues on commentary.
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    Your Current Fav Five

    Is that 30 second match all that's out there of '88 heel Garvin? It didn't hit me until I saw that match, but I vividly remember him rubbing money all over himself after turning on Dusty. It never occurred to me that I hadn't seen any of the heel stuff that followed.
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    WWE NXT War Games 2019 - MENGO

    I haven’t heard Bartlett, really, soon won’t comment on him. But, Donovan >>> Mauro. Mauro annoys me. Does not entertain me one bit. Donovan at least amused me. I mean, what do those guys weigh?!??
  13. I just watched this, too. The dealings between the toy companies and wrestling promotions was soooo pro wrestling. Love it. I just learned of the "Black Card" series from this episode. I would've killed for Warrior, Rude, Bam Bam and Andre in the black singlet (I had the original Andre and tried to use electrical tape to make his singlet). Also, why was there never a Demolition Smash? I had Ax and always figured I just didn't get Smash. Looks like they never made him.
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    WWE TV 11/18 - 11/24 South American Coupamania

    Other than the Kahn tweet, those were all done when he wasn’t working for WWE. When he works for them, he toes the line. Always has. Like I said, he may be employed by Fox, technically, but he works for WWE. Punk’s a smart dude. He knows when to do that stuff and when not to. They may draw a big rating on that first show, but will it keep interest? Who knows?
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    The Self Destruction of Jim Cornette

    I doubt it. He seems to fucking hate Trump.