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    TNT Wrestling

    Brad Armstrong retains in a high action opener to get the crowd pumped up. Great choice for the opener. Cuban Assassins pick up a nice win over Tio/Tapu. Your tag division is stacked, but with the Ratymus/Cocoa stuff seemingly over, the Cubans may be primed to make a run. Brito/Charland goes to the time limit in a fund sound match, and I expect we'll see these two again. Real Deal picks up a huge win over The Bombers, and again in your stacked tag division, every win matters. Vaughn/McGee put themselves one step closer to a potential tag title shot. Animal Steele arrives in true Steele fasion, and then we get some Ratymus oddness. Interested to see where this is going! What a brawl between the Jayhawks and the Cowboys! Cowboys pick up the cheap win, but this is far from over! LOL. Perfect way to get the title off of Tully without damaging Tully, and Idol will have something to brag about forever. Fabulous Ones retain after the first ever double mask switch-a-roo that I can ever recall! Denny Brown is gonna be public enemy #1 for all of the Mr. Wrestling family! Good shit!! Good lord, Ayala and Atlas have a brutal war. Ayala wins, and this is either done, or far from done. The much anticipated war between Decimation and The Road Warriors doesn't disappoint, but what happens after is the big news. Stasiak steps over the line, and gets...decimated. I don't know if Shaw and Colley will end up babyfaces, but man the tag division just got more interesting! Funk beat Santana by DQ after Tully interferes....then Terry snaps and takes out Tito....could a Funk and a Blanchard work together? Nah.... Terry and Tully....T'N'T.... Nah..... You make me ask questions Spaldoni..... Dibiase and Jumbo put on a classic! The Champ retains, but would things have been different if Jumbo had his manager? The fallout with Decimation is going to be something here. Wow, chaos reigns in the big cage match, and Lawler, Dundee, and Dream Machine pick up the win. I've had it in my head for weeks that Dundee was going to turn! What a show! From top to bottom, every match had been built, every match mean something. Great work man. Awesome stuff!!
  2. Blehschmidt

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    Olympia/Herc would be my kind of 15 minute slugfest! That 8 man tag would have been a wild one. Koko and Brickhouse are getting over nicely. Street/Madril may be my favorite feud happening anywhere at the moment. Landell gets a week off, I see! Speaking of wild ones, that main event was probably a wild brawl every night of the week. Good to see the Gang picking up the win.
  3. Blehschmidt

    Current Lucha Talk

    PWG just announced Barbaro Cavernario for BOLA
  4. Blehschmidt

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    -Broadcasting live to our local affiliates in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri, as well as in Syndication across these great United States, the American Wrestling Association proudly presents World Class Wrestling, coming to you this week from the North Side Coliseum in Fort Worth!- Jim Ross: Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman, and welcome to AWA World Class Wrestling! I'm Jim Ross, joined by "Cowboy" Bill Watts and we have quite a slate of wrestling action for you tonight. Why don't you tell the folks about it Bill. Bill Watts: In our main event we will see Kevin Von Erich go one on one with the very dangerous man from Japan, Mr. Saito. The Grappler is going to be in action tonight. We are going to see Samu and The Tonga Kid, The Islanders take on members of The Movement, and we will see the World Class Television Championship defended in our opening match. Jim Ross: However, we will not be seeing DJ Peterson defend that title. As you all saw last week, Peterson won the title on July 4th at Star Wars. However this past Monday evening at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas, World Class Wrestling held a very special event for the service men and women, and they saw Big John Studd defeat DJ Peterson to become the new Television Champion. Bill Watts: Peterson put up one heck of a fight, but the size and strength of Studd was just too much in the end. I know DJ is looking for a rematch, and if I have any say in the matter, he'll certainly get one. Jim Ross: Tonight, young Sam Houston is getting his opportunity, and while this is quite the size mismatch, Houston has shown himself to be quite capable in the ring, and you can't count anyone out. 1 Fall, 15 Minute Time Limit -Big John Studd w/Nick Bockwinkel vs Sam Houston - AWA World Class Television Title Houston made the best of his opportunity and charged right at Studd. He hammered the giant with lefts and rights and then fired off a dropkick, and another dropkick that had the big man staggering. Houston ran across the ring and bounced off the ropes and launched himself into a cross body block, and then Studd caught him. A smirk crossed Big John's face as he swung Sam up into the air and planted him into the mat with a huge bodyslam. Studd reached down and jerked Houston to his feet by the hair and locked him into position for a butterfly suplex. Studd then launched Houston 3/4th's of the way across the ring with the move. Studd got to his feet, walked across the ring and yanked Houston to his feet again. This time Studd locked on his Reverse Bearhug and Houston immediately gave up. Winner, and still Television Champion: Big John Studd Marc Lowrance is waiting at ringside with Nick Bockwinkel as Studd exits the ring. Bockwinkel who has the World Class Heavyweight Title over his right shoulder, hands Studd the Television Title which he had on his left. Marc Lowrance: Big John Studd, a very impressive defense of your newly won Television Title here tonight. Nick Bockwinkel: John, may I? Studd nods at Bockwinkel, as he puts the belt on his shoulder, and wipes the sweat from his forehead. Nick Bockwinkel: Mr. Lowrance, when you stand nearly seven feet tall, virtually everything you do is impressive. Taking nothing away from Mr. Houston here tonight, or Mr. Peterson this past Monday, but John Studd is a superior athlete. He is bigger, he is stronger, and both of those men were quite simply overmatched and stood only the proverbial snowballs chance in Hades. Marc Lowrance: So you are saying that he wants better competition? Nick Bockwinkel: Of course that's what I am saying Marc Lowrance, weren't you listening! But myself and Mr. Studd are not ones to wait for the supposed brain trust to provide us with opportunities, we make our own. So, on behalf of Mr. Studd, I am laying out a challenge to you Barry Windham. Now, I know you've just come off the grueling tournament for the Central States Championship, and we don't want you at fifty percent, we want you at your best. So, the rumor mill is churning, that come the end of August, there will be another Star Wars type supershow. So, rest up Mr. Windham, and if come that time you are still Central States Champion, Big John Studd challenges you to meet him in a Title versus Title match. Marc Lowrance: This is the first I've heard of any supershow. Nick Bockwinkel: Of course it is Mr. Lowrance. Perhaps one day they'll allow you to sit at the big kids table during the business meetings. Until then just continue the holding microphone while John and I talk. But we're finished now, and your chair is over there in case you've forgotten. Bockwinkel rolls his eyes, then he and Studd walk away laughing as Marc Lowrance looks offended. -Commercial Break- Jim Ross: Welcome back everyone. Before the break we saw Big John Studd successfully defend the Television Championship against Sam Houston, and then in between ridiculing Marc Lowrance, Nick Bockwinkel laid out a challenge for Studd to challenge Barry Windham in a title versus title match for the Central States Title. Bill Watts: First of all, the super show that Mr. Bockwinkel was speaking of will be announced soon. Second of all, Nick had better be concerned with his own championship and not with what Big John Studd is doing. However, if Studd and Windham are both still champion at the time of said event, and both men are interested in the match, perhaps World Class officials will explore the possibility. Jim Ross: There you have it folks. Let's head up to the ring where we will see The Grappler in action. 1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit -The Grappler vs Brody Chase- The Grappler wastes no time this evening, going right after Chase and laying into him with a series of clubbing forearms across the back. A hammerlock take down drives him to the canvas, then a hard elbow drop to the back follows it up. Grappler backs off and when Chase gets to his feet, just smokes him with a lariat. The three count follows, and Grappler heads right out to Marc Lowrance. Winner: The Grappler Marc Lowrance: Grappler, you wasted no time in there this evening. The Grappler: Because I have something to say. Barry Windham, you may have scored the luckiest victory of your career on Independence Day when you defeated me, but I guarantee lightning won't strike twice and next time we step in this ring, that Central States title is coming home with me. I'm calling you out Windham, and I'm daring you to step in the ring with me again. They got a name for you when you're the world's greatest wrestler. They don't call you a great wrestler, they call you The Grappler. Beat Me, if you can. Marc Lowrance: Back to you Jim and Bill. Jim Ross: If The Grappler continues to dominate opponents like that, there will be no choice but to grant him a title shot. Bill Watts: You don't have to like his attitude, but you can't deny his talent. Jim Ross: Alright folks, up next we have one heck of a tag team match. Bill Watts: I am excited for this one Jim, four hard hitting individuals are about to go at it. Jim Ross: The two biggest members of The Movement, Elijah Akeem and Kareem Muhammad are in the ring awaiting, The Islanders! 1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit -The Islanders (Samu/The Tonga Kid) vs The Movement (Elijah Akeem/Kareem Muhammad) w/Tiger Conway Jr, Mustafa Morrow, Taalib Jones- This was a wild brawl from the opening bell. The Movement attempted to sneak attack The Islanders, but they saw them coming and nailed both of them with savate kicks. Then the punches started flying, then the headbutts started being exchanged, then the action spilled to the floor, and the other members of The Movement backed off because The Islanders looked ready to start killing people . What followed was an eight minute let's see who can hit the hardest exchange, that finally came to an end when all four were again brawling in the ring. The Islanders nailed Akeem with a double headbutt that staggered him, then connected with a double savate kick that put Muhammad down. They then bounced off opposite ropes and hit a double leaping headbutt to each side of Akeem's head, that crashed him to the mat. Tonga then ascended the top rope, and Samu assisted him in a huge Top Rope Splash onto the prone form of Muhammad for the One, Two, Three. Winners: The Islanders Jim Ross: Good Lord, what a brawl!! Bill Watts: I told you I was excited for it, and it didn't disappoint Jim. Four men who like to fight doing just that. Jim Ross: What is this now? Morrow and Jones are in the ring checking on Muhammad and Akeem who are still on the mat. Tiger Conway who had remained on the floor has now entered the ring holding two steel folding chairs. He walks over and hands one to Jones, then gives the other to Morrow. He says something to the two men who look at him with a puzzled expression. Conway's look goes from one of dispassion to one of anger. He then yells out "They Failed. Show them the price for failure!" Morrow and Jones briefly look at one another, before repeatedly striking Muhammad and Akeem across the backs with the steel chairs. Conway meanwhile stands in the center of the ring with his fist held in the air. After a solid eight to ten strikes with a chair for each man, Conway drops his fist, and motions for the men to follow him out of the ring. He stops next to Marc Lowrance, and grabs his arm, pulling the microphone to his lips. Tiger Conway Jr: Ray Candy and Leroy Brown are stripped of their names, and banished from The Movement. Conway walks away with a look of pride on his face as Morrow and Jones follow him with looks resembling fear. A host of referees and medical personnel flood the ring to check on the fallen men, as the crowd boo's the men leaving ringside. -Commercial Break- Jim Ross: We're back here at World Class Wrestling, and before the break we witnessed, well quite frankly I don't know what we witnessed. Bill Watts: Tiger Conway Jr has certainly changed in the last months Jim, and I'm not sure what else to say myself. Jim Ross: Well Bill, with The Grappler making short work of his opponent earlier tonight, we have a little extra time before our main event, so we are going to see the debut of a new tag team here in World Class. Long time wrestling fans are likely familiar with both men, but they've come together, and they are looking for tag team gold. Let's head to the ring and see the debut of The Highwaymen. 1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit -The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) vs Mike Bond/Ken Johnson- Hickerson and Duncum came out in matching full length dusters and cowboy hats, before heading into the ring where they have simple black trunks and boots. This is a simple four minute showcase for the new team, with both men getting time to show off a bit of their arsenal. The end comes when Duncum nails a big boot on Johnson, then tags in Hickerson who puts him down with a DDT that scores the pinfall. Winners: The Highwaymen Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, your winners, Phil Hickerson and Bobby Duncum, The Highwaymen. Phil Hickerson: Marc Lowrance, me and Bobby have made our way here to World Class Wrestling for two reasons. Number one is to do what we do best, and that's beat people up. Number two is too bring home some gold. Whether that's the World Class Tag belts, or the AWA World Tag belts, we don't care. Bobby Duncum: You line 'em up, we'll knock 'em down. You unnastan? The Highwaymen head toward the locker room as we cut back to the announce position. Jim Ross: An impressive debut for sure. Folks, we'll be right back with our main event. -Commercial Break- Jim Ross: Welcome back fans, up next we have our main event of the evening which will see Kevin Von Erich taking on Mr. Saito. Bill Watts: Saito has been making quite a name for himself by dropping people on their heads. Jim Ross: That is true, but Kevin is almost as at home here in Fort Worth as he is in Dallas, so he will have this crowd behind him here tonight. 1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit -Kevin Von Erich vs Mr. Saito- Things looked bleak for Kevin almost immediately as Saito shot underneath his collar and elbow attempt and caught him in a waistlock. Kevin struggled, but Saito hoisted him in the air and dropped him to the mat with the Saito Suplex for the One, Two, Thr...foot on the rope. Saito yanked Kevin to his feet and blitzed him with a series of chops and then plowed him with a clothesline. Saito covered, but only got two. Saito dropped an elbow on Kevin and then cranked on a headlock. For the next several minutes he kept Kevin on the mat and laid on him, twisting at his neck and head. Finally Kevin fought his way to his feet and looked to be rallying, but Saito grabbed him around the waist and turned him over with a belly to belly suplex. Saito covered and got two and nine tenths. Saito laid some stomps onto the prone Von Erich, and then pulled him to his feet. He whipped Kevin into the ropes and caught him with a huge powerslam, but only managed a two count again. Saito pulled Kevin up and whipped him into the turnbuckle, and then followed in with a clothesline. Saito walked back out to mid-ring and charged in with another clothesline. Holding his arm in the air to signal a third clothesline, Saito walked back to the center of the ring, and charged again. Only this time he crashed into the foot of Kevin Von Erich. Kevin turned around and climbed quickly to the top rope, then leapt backwards into his Turning Crossbody Block that caught a stunned Saito by surprise, and managed to score a long two count. Both men were slow getting to their feet, and when they did, Von Erich surprised Saito again by firing off a huge dropkick that sent Saito staggering backwards into the ropes. Kevin marched forward and began to lay into Saito with lefts and rights, another big dropkick sent him to the canvas. Kevin bounced off the ropes and attempted a big splash, but Saito brought up the knees. Again, both men were slow getting up. This time Saito got to Kevin first and blistered him with a chop, but Kevin fired back with a big punch. Saito went for a clothesline, but Kevin ducked under it and clamped on The Iron Claw!! Saito struggled for a few seconds, then instead of trying to pull away, leaned into the move, hooked Kevin and drilled him with another Saito Suplex!! Both men laid on the mat not moving, as referee Ron West began to count both of them down. Finally Mr. Saito got onto all fours and began to crawl toward Von Erich. He was over top him, seemingly about to make a cover, when Kevin's hand shot up and re-hooked the Iron Claw! Saito grabbed Von Erich's wrist, as Kevin sat up and began to really apply the pressure. The two struggled for a moment, before Kevin managed to get leverage and drive Saito onto his back. It wasn't long and Mr. Saito submitted. Winner: Kevin Von Erich Bill Watts: What a match! Kevin Von Erich picks up a huge win and forces Mr. Saito to submit! Jim Ross: We are almost out of time, but Marc Lowrance is standing by with Kevin Von Erich. Marc Lowrance: Kevin Von Erich, you just picked up a huge win against Mr. Saito. Is there anything you'd like to say? Kevin Von Erich: Thanks Marc, and yes there is. Earlier tonight I heard Nick Bockwinkel out here insulting you, and I'd like to tell Nick Bockwinkel that maybe he should pick on somebody his own size. We all saw him screw The Junkyard Dog out of the Heavyweight Title, and now he's running around here hiding behind Big John Studd. But if he has any guts at all, I am challenging him to get in this ring and fight me for that belt! It's about time a Von Erich holds that World Class title anyway! Marc Lowrance: The challenge has been laid down Ladies and Gentleman! We'll see you next week!
  5. Blehschmidt

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Huge win for Kruschev in that Gauntlet match! Nice run for the "Soulman" here in ACCW and yeah, Gino vs Macho would be something to see!
  6. Blehschmidt

    AWA Worldwide Wrestling

    Glad to see you back! Big handicap win for Killer Khan! Whoever comes out of the Backlund/Snuka war with the title had best be on the look out for Khan. Roop picks up a good one over Patterson, and we have yet another potential contender for either the Heavyweight or Television titles I am pulling for Two Eagles to win that Junior Title!! Magnum picks up a huge win over "The Body" and again, another contender! Backlund gets it by Count Out, and we are still a long way from being done here. This is a great feud. A good old fashioned wild brawl to end the show is always a fine way to end things!! Looking forward to the tag and junior finals, and the return of Bob Backlund interviews!!!
  7. Blehschmidt


    Salvatore Bellomo is missing from my roster
  8. Blehschmidt


    Oh My! Ernie Ladd shows up and does two things. Gives Rocky Mountain a #1 singles heel, and immediately pisses off everyone! Great Promo! Nice squash to get the Mountain Men over. Sugar and Ciclon will be a nice little fight when they meet one on one. Mike Von Erich picks up a nice singles win, and then calls out Bass and Embry. I am excited to see who he has picked as a partner! Big Cat picks apart the Italian...I mean Indian in the main event, but here comes Wahoo!! Wahoo and Ladd is gonna be a nasty fight!! Great show, I am loving this promotion!
  9. Blehschmidt

    ECW on the Network

    They are listed under the ECW PPV section when I access the Network on my phone.
  10. Blehschmidt

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    Let's skip right to the meat of this one... That elimination match sounds awesome! Very much loving the renewed push for Adrian Street, Al Madril is still my favorite thing going in Continental, Hercules makes a fantastic addition to all of it, and adding the Rat Patrol/Nightmares feud into the middle of it had to make for one explosive match!! Brad shocks Super Black Ninja with a backslide, but I can't think that will be the end of those two. and man, oh man that ending. Bob almost has the title won, and BAM..... Dr. D! First Schultz gets Armstrong to agree to a Loser Leaves Town match, which if he wins seems like a pretty cut an dry way to get his 25 grand. Then, he takes out Landell in spectacular fashion! Good Shit.
  11. Blehschmidt

    AWA Georgia Championship Wrestling

    Well, the first two matches went about as expected. Patera and Blackwell losing is a shocker, but getting DQ'ed for post match excessive violence is a great way to do it. Poor Pez! When the Anderson's are right, they are right! Kokina and Muraco each pick up another nice win. Haystacks mows down a couple jabrones and looks impressive. Thornton and Bassarab move on to the finals with a nice victory over Sword and Vines. The Andersons play it smart and dispatch Austin in a few minutes and move on. Sammartino wins the title, Shit. Haystacks just pissed off a guy not quite his own size, but one certainly big enough to fight him. This should be interesting. and all is right in the world as The Anderson's bring home the gold!
  12. Blehschmidt

    TNT Wrestling

    I know Dibiase/Jumbo will be a far better match, but I hope we somehow see Hogan/Jumbo down the line! Really liking The Real Deal, but I'm a sucker for pretty boy 80's teams. (Did I really just type that for the world to see!) Your depiction of paranoid Terry Funk continues to amaze. So psyched for Funk/Santana. Also psyched for Decimation to get their shot. You have built them up perfectly, and they seem 100% capable to putting the Warriors down. Awesome write up on Cocoa/Ratymus. Not gonna lie, I don't know shit about either guy, but this has been a fantastic feud!! Idol/Tully is going to be amazing! I have it in my head that it is going to be the 1984 equivalent of the Anderson/Regal match where Regal starts out heeling Arn, and Arn goes Okay, let me show you how this is done. Good God, that card for Summer Blast is batshit crazy. People are going to be bootlegging that VHS for years!!
  13. Blehschmidt

    AWA Georgia Championship Wrestling

    Gary Hart as a babyface is just nuts to me, but you are pulling it off. I fully expect the swerve to come, but I almost hope you swerve the swerve and have Dibiase double cross Gary. There is definitely potential in Muraco as a face. I always liked him as the tye dye'd bad ass, but with Hogan and friends around didn't think he got a fair shake. Excited to see what you do with him! Loved "The Lariat" embarrassing Sammartino! Now that I have Brody, if you need to borrow him for a fight with Hansen, just let me know! Barnett announces a tournament for new Tag Titles, and Reed/Parsons appear to be back on the same page and want in. Interesting..... 1984 Yokozuna is finally dead!! Thank God!! Long Live The Great Kokina!! Thank You Dragon!! Sammartino is an idiot!! Ahh, The Andersons stirring up shit, I love it. Lothario pulls out a win over "The Gorgeous One." That one surprised me! Blackwell and Patera drop their name, and a few hints! Pez and Norvell may have just bitten off more than they can chew. Iceman and Butch take on some formidable Japanese talent in the main event and pick up a nice win. Still wouldn't want a first round match with Arn and Ole! Great Show!
  14. Blehschmidt


    World Class trades Pat Rose to Continental for John Tatum (Thanks Gene, you're the best)
  15. Blehschmidt

    AWA Great Lakes Championship Wrestling

    Chaos reigns supreme in the Great Lakes!! When it brings cranky old Verne out of the woodwork, you know it's bad!! Amidst the chaos, you have Harley casually standing around watching it all burn around him, not giving a shit, cause he's the champ. Perfect Harley! Would have loved to seen that match with Brunzell. Scott Hall shows up and picks up a win. In time, he could be a player here. Krupp heating up with the big win over the Baron. and the war between the Sawyers is gonna be fun!