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    WWF sends Honky Tonk Man, Mr. Fuji, and #1 Paul Jones to the AWA for Jimmy Hart, Ken Patera, and Outback Jack
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    World Wrestling Federation

    1) The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton/Tommy Rogers) vs The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Bobby Jaggers) - Tournament Match The Highwaymen controlled this one early, utilizing double teams and some underhand tactics to keep Bobby Fulton in their corner. Once he was able to tag in Tommy Rogers, it was all Fantastics until they were able to put away Duncum with The Rocket Launcher. Winners: The Fantastics 2) The Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff w/"Classy" Freddie Blassie vs The Scufflin' Hillbillies (Hillbilly Jim/Cousin Luke) - Tournament Match Before the match began, Nikolai Volkoff attempted to sing the Russian National Anthem much to the disdain of the audience. When the Hillbillies broke it up, the cheer was enormous. The Hillbillies confounded both Nikolai and the Sheik in the early going, but a well placed shot with Fred Blassie's cane to the back of Cousin Luke followed by the Camel Clutch ended the night for the Scufflin' Hillbillies. Winners: The Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff 3) The Islanders (King Tonga/Tonga Kid) vs The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) - Tournament Match The Glamour Boys made a huge mistake just as the bell rang, and slapped both of The Islanders in the face. What followed was a six minute decimation as King Tonga and The Tonga Kid made both Doll and Simpson regret quite possibly ever being born. The end mercifully came after King Tonga took Doll's head off with a Reverse Thrust Kick and pinned him. Winners: The Islanders 4) The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith/Dynamite Kid) vs The Gunslingers (Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell) - Tournament Match This match had barely gotten started and Dynamite Kid and Johnny Mantell were in the ring, when Billy Two Eagles and Jules Strongbow, The Tribe came running down to the ring. Both men slid into the ring, and immediately blasted The Dynamite Kid with a double clothesline. Both Davey Boy Smith and Scott Casey jumped into the ring, but before anyone could lay a finger on them, Two Eagles and Strongbow slid to the floor and were pointing and laughing at The Gunslingers. They looked confused until the decision was announced. Winners, by Disqualification: The British Bulldogs 5) Sgt. Slaughter vs Steve Lombardi A showcase match for the new babyface in town. Slaughter took it to Lombardi from bell to bell. A huge Slaughter Cannon clothesline could have been it, but Sarge slapped on the Cobra Clutch and put Lombardi away. Winner: Sgt. Slaughter 6) The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton/Tommy Rogers) vs The Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff w/"Classy" Freddie Blassie - Tournament Match This was a pretty good back and forth match for the first several minutes, and then from almost out of nowhere, Bobby Fulton caught The Iron Sheik in a small package and got the three count! Sheik and Volkoff were irate, and as The Fantastics were celebrating, they attacked them from behind with the flag poles holding the flags of Russia and Iran. Both men were using the poles to choke the life out of Fulton and Rogers until a host of referees and officials came to the ring and broke things up. Winners: The Fantastics 7) The Islanders (King Tonga/Tonga Kid) vs The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith/Dynamite Kid) - Tournament Match A fantastic match that went 22 minutes bell to bell (and would be a favorite of tape traders for years to come.) Just a back and forth encounter that saw both teams come very close to defeating the other numerous times. The end finally came when Tonga Kid missed his Top Rope Splash on Davey Boy Smith who then rolled to his corner and tagged in Dynamite Kid. Dynamite headed up top and dropped his Diving Headbutt square into the chest of Kid and covered him for the fall. Winners: The British Bulldogs 8) 15 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal -Order of Elimination- 1) Pete Doherty by Andre the Giant 2) Brady Boone by "Magnificent" Kevin Kelly 3) Jim Powers by Black Bart 4) Barry Horowitz by "The Candy Man" Ray Candy 5) S.D. Jones by Jules Strongbow and Billy Two Eagles 6) Jules Strongbow by Andre the Giant 7) Billy Two Eagles by Andre the Giant 8) "Iron" Mike Sharpe by Billy Robinson 9) David Sammartino by Billy Robinson/Black Bart 10) Jerry Allen by "Magnificent" Kevin Kelly 11) Black Bart by Andre the Giant 12) "The Candy Man" Ray Candy by "Magnificent" Kevin Kelly/Billy Robinson 13) Billy Robinson by Andre the Giant 14) "Magnificent" Kevin Kelly by Andre the Giant Winner: Andre the Giant Before the finals of the tournament for the WWF World Tag Team Titles began, famed wrestling manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan strolled casually down the aisle of Madison Square Garden and took an empty chair at the time keepers table. When a camera got stuck in his face he said only "Pay attention to the ring Dummy, that's what they're paying you for!" 9) The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton/Tommy Rogers) vs The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith/Dynamite Kid) - Tournament Final for the WWF World Tag Team Titles Both teams looked a little worse for wear in this one, The Fantastics after the beating they took, and The Bulldogs after the war they went through. They started off slow and both held the advantage in the opening minutes of the contest. As the ten minute mark was passed both teams appeared to have something of a second wind going for them. Just shy of eighteen minutes into the match, Bobby Fulton and Davey Boy Smith were in the ring together. Smith attempted to whip Fulton into the ropes, but Bobby was able to reverse it. On the rebound Fulton leapfrogged over Smith and then charged into the opposite set of ropes, it was then that Bobby Heenan made his presence known reaching into the ring and tripping Bobby Fulton. Fulton stumbled forward and was nearly decapitated by a Davey Boy Smith clothesline. Smith quickly hoisted him up and planted him with the Running Powerslam. Dynamite Kid raced across the ring and delivered a vicious elbow that sent Tommy Rogers off the apron as Smith covered Fulton for the One, Two, Three. Winners, and NEW WWF World Tag Team Champions: Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid, The British Bulldogs! Bobby Heenan grabbed the belts from a ringside attendant and presented them to The Bulldogs while a chorus of boo's filled the Garden. Heenan raised the hands of Davey Boy and Dynamite and then the three exited together. 10) Ivan Putski vs Bob Backlund - WWF World Heavyweight Championship Putski attempted to put the champion away early with an onslaught of power maneuvers, but Backlund withstood the assault and used his wrestling skills to ground the challenger and wear his more muscular opponent down. Backlund easily controlled the middle portion of the bout, until Putski muscled out of a hold by shoving Backlund into the ropes and caught him with a back body drop. Putski looked like he was mounting a come back, but the look in the eyes of Bob Backlund changed the more he got hit and he began to club and elbow the shoulder of Putski with a fury not normally shown by the champion until Putski stopped fighting back. Finally Backlund locked in the Cross Face Chicken Wing and Putski had no choice but to submit. Winner, and still WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Bob Backlund
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    American Wrestling Association

    Johnny V is quietly putting together a nice little stable. Interested to see who his next guy is gonna be. Verne better give The Lariat what he wants, or Hansen might be inclined to hurt little Greg... that would be a terrible shame. Awesome segment with Landel/Flair. You haven't missed a beat writing Landel, and I can't wait to see what kind of chicanery goes down next week! Who was that in the ring with Patera? Oh Shit, Percy and The Long Riders! I like it!! Great pairing. Buzz daring Rich to come get his title is just going to lead to more blood. Looking forward to it. The less said about Dino Bravo the better. Well, God Damn...that's how you close a TV show. Nikita sends Dusty and Rheingans packing, murders Jimmy Hart and Ken Patera, and then...WE'RE OUTTA TIME!! It would appear that the Russian Nightmare is about to make life in the AWA unhappy for a lot of people.
  4. Blehschmidt

    National Wrestling Alliance

    That Ventura promo was awesome! Like, seriously top notch stuff! Great job making Kamala look like an absolute threat. Akbar's revenge is a great role for him to play. Bad News not giving a damn about Heenan is good stuff. All he cares about is the fact that he beat Hogan and he wants the belt. I like it. Gotta say, I hope Jimmy beats Ronnie! Nice win for KVE, but Iceman and his new friend might lead to a problem for Kevin. Should be fun to watch. Did I mention how great that Jesse promo was? Harley was good too, but man you nailed "The Body" Magnum is a wanted man, but he seems ready for the fight. Nice show closing brawl. I always loved those!! Good Stuff Dude!!
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    World Wrestling Federation

    Airing in Syndication all across the United States of America from the Allentown Agricultural Hall in Allentown, Pennsylvania the World Wrestling Federation presents: A funky bass rhythm mixed with a synthesizer beat begins as clips of all the World Wrestling Federation stars such as Andre the Giant, The Fantastics, Hillbilly Jim, Jimmy Snuka, and Tito Santana in action plays. It ends with Bob Backlund holding aloft the WWF World Heavyweight title and then cuts to the logo..... Vince McMahon: Hello Everyone, and welcome to the World Wrestling Federation's Superstars of Wrestling! I'm Vince McMahon and joining me at ringside is wrestling's Living Legend, Bruno Sammartino and His Lordship, Lord Alfred Hayes. In action this week you are going to see Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid, The British Bulldogs! Then from there, it will be "The Candy Man" Ray Candy!! We will also here from a man making his return to the World Wrestling Federation, Sgt. Slaughter!! Bruno Sammartino: Also a new team, The Islanders will be competing. Lord Alfred Hayes: Also in action will be the wild man from Texas, Black Bart. Then in our featured contest Bobby Duncum and Bobby Jaggers, The Highwaymen will compete against the team of Tito Santana and David Sammartino as part of the tournament for the WWF Tag Team Championship. Bruno Sammartino: David is very excited for this match. Vince McMahon: Let's head down to ringside for our opening contest!! _______________________________________________________________ -Match 1- The Islanders (King Tonga/Tonga Kid) beat Bob Bradley/"Iron" Mike Sharpe in 3:39 when Tonga Kid pinned Bradley after a Top Rope Splash _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: The Islanders waste no time this week! Let's look at that replay Bruno. Bruno Sammartino: King Tonga hits Bradley with a big chop and then puts him down with that kick. He tags in The Tonga Kid who heads up top and crashed down with a huge splash for the pinfall. Lord Alfred Hayes: These Islanders are a well oiled machine inside that squared circle and with moves such as those will be very hard to defeat in this tournament. Vince McMahon: Ladies and Gentleman, we will be right back with The Candy Man!! -Commercial Break- _______________________________________________________________ As we return from commercial, we are greeted by the debut of "The Candy Man" Ray Candy. The 6'5", 350 pound Candy comes dancing to the ring wearing red and white striped tights, sparkling red boots, and a sparkling red vest with the words "Candy Man" on the back of it in white lettering. He is slapping hands with all of the people at ringside, making especially sure to get all the children, and he even stops to dance with a few who are dancing along with his music. -Match 2- "The Candy Man" Ray Candy over Duane Gill in 2:56 with the Chocolate Drop (a running elbow drop) After the match ends, several children are allowed into the ring to dance with "The Candy Man." _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: ALL RIGHT!! The Candy Man shaking and moving!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! He's getting his groove on Alfred!! Lord Alfred Hayes: Those children are having a delightful time after an impressive win for Ray Candy, "The Candy Man." Vince McMahon: GET DOWN!! Ha Ha Ha!! Promotional Consideration Paid for by the Following: In 3 weeks, blood and steel meet in an epic clash, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brigitte Nielsen......Red Sonja _______________________________________________________________ With the latest from the World Wrestling Federation, this is Update with: "Mean" Gene: Ladies and Gentleman, the World Wrestling Federation is drawing ever closer to crowning new World Tag Team Champions. Six teams have already advanced to Madison Square Garden, and two more will do so today here on Superstars. This Sunday we will see new champions crowned and these men, The Gunslingers, think they have what it takes... We are taken to Scott Casey and Johnny Mantell standing in front of a WWF backdrop. Johnny Mantell: The Gunslingers are coming to Madison Square Garden and it doesn't matter who is standing across that ring from us. Scott Casey: You line 'em up, we'll shoot 'em down and bring home that gold! "Mean" Gene: Not only will we see the tournament to crown the new WWF World Tag Team Champions, but just added is a Fifteen Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal. Let's hear now from a man who is no stranger to battle royals! We cut to Andre the Giant standing in front of the WWF backdrop with a big smile on his face. He is rubbing his hands together as he begins. Andre the Giant: I have won many battle royals over the years. This Sunday at Madison Square Garden I will win this battle royal for all of my fans. Five Men, Ten Men, Fifteen Men, it doesn't matter! I will win, I am The Giant! "Mean" Gene: Hard to argue with that logic Ladies and Gentleman! We will also see Mr. Bob Backlund defend the World Wrestling Federation Championship against "Polish Power" Ivan Putski at the Garden. Lastly, there are rumblings that a very famous or infamous manager in the world of wrestling is going to be in attendance this Sunday night. For what reason remains to be seen, but his mere presence could certainly lead to something weaselly happening. For Update, I'm Gene Okerlund. _______________________________________________________________ -Commercial Break- Vince McMahon: Welcome back to Superstars of Wrestling! Let's head down to the ring for more action in the tournament for the WWF Tag Team Championship! _______________________________________________________________ -Match 3- The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith/Dynamite Kid) beat The Bounty Hunters (Bounty Hunter 1/Bounty Hunter 2) in 5:13 when Kid pinned 2 after a Diving Headbutt _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: Oh My!! It's all over!! Walk us through the replay Bruno. Bruno Sammartino: Davey Boy puts the Bounty Hunter on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and gives him the big powerslam. Then he tags in Dynamite Kid who goes up top and comes down with the headbutt and that's it for the masked men. Lord Alfred Hayes: The British Bulldogs move on in the tournament for the WWF Tag Team Championship and with teamwork like that, they certainly have to be one of the top contenders to come away with the titles. Vince McMahon: It's now time for a special interview with "Mean" Gene Okerlund. The camera cuts to an elevated platform away from the ring where we see "Mean" Gene Okerlund standing with a microphone in his hands. "Mean" Gene: Ladies and Gentleman, please join me in welcoming back to the World Wrestling Federation....Sgt. Slaughter!! The Marine Corps Hymn begins to play in the arena as Sgt. Slaughter makes his way out to the podium. Several fans are standing to salute him and he stops to nod at them behind his trademark hat and sunglasses. He reaches the stage and shakes "Mean" Gene's hand. He then leans into the microphone before Gene can begin.... Sgt. Slaughter: At Ease Soldiers! The saluting fans break into a round of applause as Slaughter nods his approval. "Mean" Gene: Sgt. Slaughter, it has been some time since you've been here in the World Wrestling Federation. So my first question is where have you been, and what brings you back now? Sgt. Slaughter: Well Gene, when you represent the United States of America and you've pledged to fight the forces of evil anywhere it may rear it's ugly head you have to travel all across this land, and this world to go into battle. So while I have been away from the WWF, it certainly doesn't mean that I haven't been fighting the good fight. As for what brings me back now. Well I see maggots like The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff are back here spewing that communist crap! I see pukes like Billy Robinson claiming that England is superior to the Good Old U.S.A. I also see Bob Backlund acting like a deranged lunatic, when he used to be a respectable American that could be looked up too. "Mean" Gene: So you are here to challenge Bob Backlund for the World Wrestling Federation Championship? Sgt. Slaughter: Gene, I am here to take on anyone who wants to go into battle against Sgt. Slaughter and I am here to take on anyone who disrespects the United States of America. Would I like to compete against Bob Backlund for the WWF Championship, of course I would. But right now, I am looking to step into that ring with anyone who is ready to go to war. I am looking to show all of the great WWF fans that Sgt. Slaughter is back. So Jack Tunney, I will be in Madison Square Garden this weekend, you find me an opponent...That's an Order! "Mean" Gene: There you have it! Ladies and Gentleman...Sgt. Slaughter!! -Commercial Break- _______________________________________________________________ -Match 4- Black Bart defeated Tom Stone in 3:59 with the Texas Two Step _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: WHAT A MANEUVER!! Lord Alfred Hayes: For a man that size to launch himself off the second rope and come crashing down with a leg drop...My Word! I don't see how anyone could possibly get up from that. Vince McMahon: Black Bart has certainly returned to the World Wrestling Federation with a new intensity. Ladies and Gentleman, don't go anywhere, we will be right back with our featured contest! -Commercial Break- Vince McMahon: Our featured contest is the last of our tag team tournament matches here on Superstars of Wrestling. It is going to see The Highwaymen of Bobby Duncum and Bobby Jaggers taking on the team of David Sammartino and Tito Santana! Bruno Sammartino: David has been training very hard for this match. He is very excited to be teaming with Tito Santana. Lord Alfred Hayes: The Highwaymen are both veterans and are not afraid to bend the rules. They will certainly do everything in their power to make sure they move on for a shot at the championships. This should be quite a contest. _______________________________________________________________ -Match 5- The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Bobby Jaggers) over David Sammartino/Tito Santana in 9:24 when Jaggers pinned Sammartino after Duncum hit David with a foreign object while the referee was distracted. _______________________________________________________________ Bruno Sammartino: WHAT WAS THAT! Lord Alfred Hayes: It appears that Bobby Duncum had something in his hand when he hit David. Bruno Sammartino: They Cheated! Something has to be done! Vince McMahon: Unfortunately Bruno, the referee didn't see it and his decision is final. The Highwaymen will move on in the tournament. Bruno Sammartino: Ridiculous Lord Alfred Hayes: More like highway robbery by the looks of it. Vince McMahon: That's all for this week on Superstars of Wrestling! Join us next week where we will find out who won the tournament to become WWF World Tag Team Champions! Also in action will be D.J. Peterson! "Magnificent" Kevin Kelly! and then from there we will see the World Wrestling Federation debut of the nearly Five Hundred Pound King Kong Bundy!! You don't want to miss it. See You Next Week!!
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    Another awesome show from USWA. I think what amazes me the most is how much you seem to get out of wrestlers that don't appeal to, or work for anyone else. I think the Batten Twins have been on half the rosters in the game, and in one show you made them more interesting than any of the rest of us did. I don't mean that as a slight on anyone else, just that you have a great mind for getting people in the absolute right position. Looking forward to seeing who comes out of the battle royal to go after Bockwinkel. It won't be Tully this time, but man the thought of Blanchard/Bockwinkel in who can be more underhanded, and out think the other would be amazing. Adonis/Lawler is a great feud. Those would be some fantastic brawls. Rooting for The Movement to get those straps!!
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    WWF drops George "The Animal" Steele and picks up Jim Powers
  8. Blehschmidt

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Is that Urkel.....
  9. Blehschmidt

    AEW Dynamite 25th March 2020

    I was actually pleasantly surprised by Omega on commentary. I am not a big fan of the guy, and I expected his commentary to be the equivalent of all the wild gesturing he does in the ring, but he pretty much called it straight if not slightly biased for his friend. I have to say it is really amazing that AEW who has been doing TV for what, 6 months? is blowing WWE and their years of television experience away when it comes to these empty arena shows.
  10. Blehschmidt

    PWO Appreciation Thread

    I know that I certainly wouldn't spend nearly as much time as I do comparing everything to Volk Han if it weren't for this board. Seriously though, this place is awesome, and I've learned a ton just browsing old topics on this forum. Had a ton of fun fantasy booking in the Arm Chair booking forum, and enjoyed the occasional back and forth in the WWE and AEW forums. This is pretty much the only place I interact with wrestling fans on the internet, because...well...you know!
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    American Wrestling Association

    Tie Me Kangaroo Down!! Outback Jack just snuffed The Flame!! Hansen sends out a warning to anyone with a belt, and those guys had best be real nervous. P.Y.T. do the J.O.B. to the S.S.T. on the ESPN!!! Tommy Rich picks up the win and two belts against Buzz Sawyer, then takes a beating from Sawyer. The feud will continue, and that means Hansen is looking for him. Worst title win ever for Tommy. Love the Super D's, but the Rock and Roll's unifying the belts is definitely the right call here. Ricky and Robert are THE team in 1985, and I am sure you have big plans for them. Sherri picks up the win and the title! I see a dominant run coming for Miss Martel if she can get past Wendi Richter. Wow, what a cluster we have here!! Dusty gets the win and unmasks Rheingans to the surprise of literally no one. Then he gets gang raped by The Russians, Ken Patera, and Jimmy Hart as the MMM who was obviously never Jimmy Hart (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more) disappears into the night. That is quite a stable that Jimmy has put together, and spells big trouble for the AWA. Then the Russians put away little Greg Gagne to make me like them even more! Then we get some classic Dusty as he aligns with the man he just finished feuding with to go after the Russians. Love It!! Flair/Dibiase delivers, then gets cut off when Buddy Landell shows up to show Flair who the real Nature Boy is!! Percy warned him!! The work you did with Buddy in Continental was some of my favorite stuff in this game. This is going to be amazing. Awesome show!!
  12. Blehschmidt

    American Wrestling Association

    A good S.S.T. squash match is a great way to start any show. The Flair/Percy interaction was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to see who Pringle brings against The Nature Boy. Olympia should be able to have a nice run here. A nice tussle with Tsuruta should get him over nicely. The Lariat coming in to tear shit up! That should be good fun!! Poor PYT's having to put over the bosses kid..... Slater and Link is an odd feud to be sure, but I bet they are some hellacious brawls! Looking forward to Super Sunday. Should be a good one!
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    WWF releases Barry O and hires #1 Paul Jones
  14. Blehschmidt

    World Wrestling Federation

    Airing in Syndication all across the United States of America from the Allentown Agricultural Hall in Allentown, Pennsylvania the World Wrestling Federation presents: A funky bass rhythm mixed with a synthesizer beat begins as clips of all the World Wrestling Federation stars such as Andre the Giant, The Fantastics, Hillbilly Jim, Jimmy Snuka, and Tito Santana in action plays. It ends with Bob Backlund holding aloft the WWF World Heavyweight title and then cuts to the logo..... Vince McMahon: Hello Everyone, and welcome to the World Wrestling Federation's Superstars of Wrestling! I'm Vince McMahon and joining me at ringside is Bruno Sammartino, wrestling's Living Legend and His Lordship, Lord Alfred Hayes. This week in action we're going to see "Polish Power" Ivan Putski!! As well as The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff!! Bruno Sammartino: The great wrestler from England, Billy Robinson will be in action. Lord Alfred Hayes: We will also hear from "Classy" Freddy Blassie and his men as well as see further action in the tournament to crown new WWF World Tag Team Champions. Vince McMahon: As a matter of fact Alfred, we are going to start with tag team action, as World Wrestling Federation newcomers, The Glamour Boys will be in tournament competition! Let's head down to the ring! _______________________________________________________________ Steve Doll and Steve Simpson look quite a bit different than when they previously appeared together in Pacific Coast and World Class. They have their blonde hair teased as big as they can get it, and they are both wearing leather pants and leather wrist bands, and look like they came straight out of a Motley Crue video. -Match 1- The Glamours Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) beat Paul Roma/Jim Powers in 6:11 when Simpson pinned Roma following the Glam Slam Thank You Ma'am _______________________________________________________________ Lord Alfred Hayes: Wow! What an impressive victory for these two youngsters! Vince McMahon: Bruno, take us through the replay. Bruno Sammartino: Doll plants Roma in the center of the ring with a slam. He makes the tag, then climbs to the top and hits a dropkick that puts Roma down again. Then Simpson is up top and fly's off with a big splash for the pinfall. Vince McMahon: OH MY!!! WHAT A MANEUVER!! Lord Alfred Hayes: You can say that again. I never seen anything like it. Vince McMahon: The Glamour Boys move on to Madison Square Garden and in the tournament for the WWF World Tag Team Titles. Now let's go to Update with "Mean" Gene Okerlund!! _______________________________________________________________ With the latest from the World Wrestling Federation, this is Update with: "Mean" Gene: The tournament to crown new WWF World Tag Team Champions is rolling on and last week we saw The Fantastics and The Scufflin' Hillbillies both move on to compete for the titles at Madison Square Garden. Our World Wrestling Federation camera's caught up with the Hillbillies and here is what they had to say. We are taken to Hillbilly Jim and Cousin Luke standing in front of a WWF backdrop. Hillbilly Jim: Howdy Folks, Hillbilly Jim here along with Cousin Luke and last week we beat a couple of fella's right here on Superstars of Wrestling and now they tell us we get to go to Madison Square Garden and wrassle for the WWF World Tag Team Titles. I'll tell you what, I couldn't be more excited for this opportunity to take them big shiny belts home to my Granmama in Kentucky. What do you think about that Cousin Luke? Cousin Luke: I think we better not be fighting in the garden, cause if we tear up Mama's tomato plants, she'll be fixin' to whip us both! But if somebody wants to come and fight us, they best know we throw down with the best of 'em! Both Men: YEE HAWW!!! "Mean" Gene: I certainly wouldn't want to fight either one of those backwoods brawlers! But they will have some stiff competition if they want to take home those WWF Tag Team Titles. In other news, right here, next week on Superstars of Wrestling, I will have a very special interview with a man making his return to the World Wrestling Federation, after a tour of duty that had him away for several years. I am talking about the one and only, Sgt. Slaughter. You won't want to miss this one Ladies and Gentleman. For Update, I'm Gene Okerlund. _______________________________________________________________ -Commercial Break- Vince McMahon: Welcome back to Superstars of Wrestling! Up next we have England's own Billy Robinson set for action. Lord Alfred Hayes: Billy Robinson is one of the most feared wrestlers in all of England. His wrestling skill and vast array of suplexes is legendary in the United Kingdom. _______________________________________________________________ -Match 2- Billy Robinson defeated Brian Costello in 3:47 with a Double Underhook Suplex _______________________________________________________________ Lord Alfred Hayes: Just an absolute thrashing by Robinson in there. That poor fellow never stood a chance. Bruno Sammartino: This guy can wrestle for sure, but he seems like a bully. Vince McMahon: I believe Robinson certainly could have put him away much earlier than he did. Lord Alfred Hayes: He was making a point to the next man who chooses to step inside the ring with him. Bruno Sammartino: I don't like it. Vince McMahon: I don't either Bruno. Moving on, let's here now from members of The Tribe who we will see in tournament action a little later on this evening. Standing in front of a WWF backdrop are Billy Two Eagles and Chief Jules Strongbow. Both man are wearing black trunks with a red tomahawk on them, and they both have black war paint on their faces. Strongbow stands silently in the background with a scowl on his face and his arms crossed as Two Eagles does the talking. Billy Two Eagles: Tonight The Tribe returns to a WWF ring and this time we do it for our people and for our ancestors. We will no longer be dancing and whooping for the entertainment of you people. We look only to bring glory to The Tribe. Strongbow nods as Two Eagles raises his arms toward the sky and the video fades out -Commercial Break- _______________________________________________________________ -Match 3- The Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff w/"Classy" Freddie Blassie over S.D. Jones/Brady Boone in 6:52 when Sheik submitted Boone with the Camel Clutch _______________________________________________________________ Bruno Sammartino: Iron Sheik takes Boone down hard with a gutwrench suplex, then locks on that Camel Clutch and Boone has nowhere to go. Lord Alfred Hayes: Under the tutelage of Freddie Blassie, Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik are poised to go far in this tournament. Vince McMahon: Let's head now to "Mean" Gene Okerlund who is standing by with "Classy" Freddie Blassie and all of his men. The camera cuts to an elevated platform away from the ring where we see "Mean" Gene Okerlund standing with a microphone in his hands. "Magnificent" Kevin Kelly is already with him, and they are joined by Nikolai Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, and "Classy" Freddie Blassie. "Mean" Gene: Alright Ladies and Gentleman, we just saw Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik pick up a win to advance in the tournament for the WWF World Tag Team Titles, and I must say Fred Blassie you have put together quite a group of competitors here. "Classy" Freddie Blassie: Of course I have Gene Okerlund! You think I would bother associating myself with them if they weren't? "Mean" Gene: Well, I suppose not. "Classy" Freddie Blassie: Of course not you Pencil Necked Geek! The Iron Sheik is a former World Wrestling Federation Champion, an Olympic athlete, and a former bodyguard for the Ayatollah of Iran. Nikolai Volkoff is the greatest athlete to ever come out of the Soviet Union. Three Hundred Pounds of destruction! If anyone in this tournament thinks they are going to stop these men from becoming Tag Team Champions, I'd like to see them try! Iron Sheik: Ayatollah Blassie is speaking da truth Gene Mean! Iron Sheik! Nikolai Volkoff! Bess Tag Team in da World! We will be da Schampiuns!! "Classy" Freddie Blassie: That's absolutely right, and while Sheik and Volkoff rule over the tag teams, this man behind me is poised to make an impact on anyone who gets in his way. Look at him Okerlund! Just look at him. "Mean" Gene: I see him. "Classy" Freddie Blassie: Six foot five inches tall, two hundred and eighty eight pounds with a body like a Greek God. They call him Magnificent for a reason. Anyone who gets in there with Kevin Kelly is going to end up trapped in that Full Nelson and that is going to be all she wrote. "Mean" Gene: Anything you would care to add Mr. Kelly? Kevin Kelly just smirks at Okerlund and hits a double bicep pose showing off his very large arms. "Classy" Freddie Blassie: I think that says it all Okerlund. C'mon boys. All four men leave the stage to a chorus of boo's from the fans in attendance. Promotional Consideration Paid for by the Following: See Bruce Leeroy take on The Shogun of Harlem in The Last Dragon! Only in Theaters!! Are you going to be sad if you miss this one, Sho Nuff!! -Commercial Break- Vince McMahon: Welcome back to WWF Superstars of Wrestling! Next up is the man who will challenge Bob Backlund for the WWF Championship when we return to Madison Square Garden, "Polish Power" Ivan Putski!! _______________________________________________________________ -Match 4- Ivan Putski beat Barry Horowitz in 4:19 with the Polish Hammer _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: Alright! Polish Power puts him away with the Polish Hammer, and if he hits Bob Backlund with that at Madison Square Garden we could have a new WWF Champion! Lord Alfred Hayes: Putski looked quite dominant for sure, but Bob Backlund is a different breed of competitor. If Ivan Putski hopes to win the title, he'll have to be at his absolute best in the Garden. Vince McMahon: It should be a classic! Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be right back with our featured contest as the tag team tournament continues with The Tribe taking on The Gunslingers! Don't go anywhere! -Commercial Break- _______________________________________________________________ The Tribe is the first team to the ring. Both Two Eagles and Strongbow are wearing a very dark take on the traditional "Indian" outfit. They have black war paint on their faces, black trunks with a red tomahawk emblazoned on them, and instead of the big head dress they are both wearing black headbands with white and black feathers hanging off the back. The Gunslingers come next, and Mantell and Casey have been done up in matching red trunks, with black vests, cowboy wrestling boots and cowboy hats. Both men have let their hair grow out, and while Casey is sporting his signature mustache, Mantell has grown a full beard. -Match 5- The Gunslingers (Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell) beat The Tribe (Billy Two Eagles/Jules Strongbow) by Disqualification in 8:29 when Two Eagles hit Mantell with a chair _______________________________________________________________ Bruno Sammartino: What is that! Lord Alfred Hayes: Johnny Mantell had a distinct advantage over Jules Strongbow and Billy Two Eagles had apparently seen enough. Bruno Sammartino: What a couple of cheaters. Vince McMahon: Fortunately the referee saw it and disqualified The Tribe. Which means The Gunslingers move on in the tournament for the WWF World Tag Team Titles. Bruno Sammartino: Yeah, but in what condition? Vince McMahon: Well Bruno, that remains to be seen. That'll do it for this week Ladies and Gentleman, join us next week where we will see Tito Santana! David Sammartino!, and then from there we will see more action in the tag team tournament with teams such as The British Bulldogs! The Highwaymen! and so much more on Superstars of Wrestling!!
  15. Blehschmidt


    I have always loved the fact that you utilize everyone on your roster to the utmost potential. You literally find a spot for everyone, and it's what makes your shows so great. You also manage to give the company this feeling that I could be watching a glitzy, glamour multi camera production on national tv, or this could be a one camera, 50 fans warehouse shoot in Memphis somewhere, and I absolutely mean that as a compliment. I truly appreciate you carrying on The Movement, the Central States Title, and Nick Bockwinkel's reign. I loved writing Bockwinkel and you unifying the belts and having him continue on is awesome. The Movement is probably me best contribution to this game, and it's awesome that they are still fighting the power. Scores to Settle was a fantastic all around show, and I very much look forward to seeing where things head next. Rip Oliver is a fantastic addition to the company, a potential Tully/Bockwinkel feud has me excited, and an influx of Armstrongs is never a bad thing! Keep up the awesome work man!!