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    Texas All Star has "Outlaw" Joel Deaton on the block. Just looking for another middle of the card guy to swap around for him.
  2. Blehschmidt

    Twin States Wrestling

    -Columbus House Show- Street/Boyd is one hell of an opener! I am interested to see where you take the "Mr. Pro" gimmick. Glad to see that someone took my idea of teaming the other Morton and Gibson! This new referee sucks. Bad News can't be happy about Fergie causing him to get the losers purse. This should be interesting. Wild tag team match in the semi-main. Moondogs/Nightmares are going to end up a blood feud at this rate. I'm sure the Rich's loved that finish! Los Tres Olympias with the big win in the main. Johnny V eating the pin is a nice way to keep the heat. -Television- Rich Cousins suspended from Television!! Boo!!! Bob Armstrong picks up a nice win against Kiniski in the opener to advance in the tournament. Kiniski may be Mr. Pro, but Armstrong showed who the wrestling master is with that finish. Gulf Coast Clash is already looking stacked, and the first four announced teams from Twin States for the DVEMTTT are looking tough. This is going to be a ton of fun. Ayala advances in the tournament working over the knee of Garvin. Love the continuity on the injury. Another fantastic segment with Morrow and Fergie! These two have become some of my favorite characters in the game. You add in Slick and Bad News, and this shit is gold! Nice win for poor, blind, Armstrong lackey, Terry Taylor! Oh good, Jeff Jarrett is going from being a piss poor referee to being a wrestler now. I sure hope he gets his blinking cowboy hat a few years early.... Bad News/Adrian Street is a match I didn't know I wanted to see until right now. I can see Bad New taking him lightly, then Street knocking the shit out of him, and then one hell of a fight breaking out. Love the big clusterfuck ending of the cage match. Plays nicely into the multiple Olympia angle, and sets up a ton of potential ways to go next. Look forward to seeing whats next! Good stuff my man! Always enjoy the action here in Twin States!
  3. Blehschmidt


    Lots of good stuff in the undercard, especially my boys the Bruise Brothers retaining the belts! Iaukea's group of monsters has the fans ready to jump the barricades as they beat down Colon and Strong. Really enjoying these guys! Quite a war between Morgan and Slater. I wasn't sure the Dirty one was leaving with the belt! Tough loss for Morgan, but I don't think he is anywhere near finished here yet. Fuller and Rhodes gets a little more interesting as The Funker comes to watch! Dusty picks up the W and keeps his title shot, but Uncle Terry lets him know what is in store! That is going to be one hell of a fight in Texas!
  4. Blehschmidt


    Dusty starts us off again this week, and immediately shows he is here to fight as he puts his title shot on the line against Ron Fuller. Fuller did have a good point about not being in the battle royal though. With Robert and Golden around, and Funk probably not being happy about The Dream being around, this could get interesting! Nice wins for Powerage and LVE. Man, Karachi Vice have gotten huge heads lately! I am looking forward to a team showing them they aren't as good as they think they are!! Kamala with the absolute destruction here tonight! Iaukea's Army is a freaking force, but the Colon/Strong/Johnson trio is quite a force as well. This should be a fun feud. Holy Shit. The image of those 4 men singing "We Are Family" as off tune as possible in gruff voices is amazing! Tremendous segment! I am now all in on Bodacious!! Devil's Duo are looking ready for war, but will it be enough to take out the Bruise Brothers? I hope not! Hmm... wonder who Paul Jones has in store for The Spoiler? Oh My, the Beauty Shop brings news of Champagne and Mr. Money joining forces to enter the DVETTT. They should be quite the formidable team! Great promo all around! Yeesh, Mark Lewin goes ape shit on Rocky Johnson. I have a feeling these matches are just going to get nastier and nastier. Looking forward to it!! Oh, Slater vs Morgan! That's gonna be one hell of a fight! and Fabs vs Fuller/Golden next week!! My Goodness, the USWA is just lining up big time matches!! The Real King? This should be good.... Hard fought main event between St. Clair and George! You certainly did a good job turning George into a believable challenger, but I am glad to see St. Clair retain. His TV Title run has been spectacular! The Barr run in at the end continues that feud and bring our show to a violent and bloody conclusion! Big show coming up at the Garden, and another awesome week of TV. So many amazing characters, teams, and angles happening in the USWA. Enjoyable show every week. Great work Spaldoni!
  5. Blehschmidt


    Texas All Star sends Dory Funk Jr to Twin States for a wrestler to be named in a couple weeks.
  6. Blehschmidt

    National Wrestling Alliance

    Digging the format! Big night of action at The Myriad. After a couple of good openers, the fans get Steamboat putting away one of Foley's boys for the first big action of the night! Doc and Dibiase have a pretty easy night, then we get a big time brawl between Garvin and Idol. This is one of my favorite feuds in the game. Loving the wild pull apart at the end. Harley finishes off Bravo after some miscommunication. Race is going to be a tough man to take that belt from. Then in the main, we get a hard fought title defense for Magnum TA. Superstar is a great opponent, and a legit threat, so big win for Magnum. Interesting night at the Sam Houston! Yamada rolls on as Junior Champion! Hayes picks up a W against Ron Starr. Then things start to get interesting as Morton battles Dream Machine and two masked assailants hit the ring, only for Hayes to show up and run them off. Hmmm..... Poor Brady Boone gets smashed by Butch Reed, as Lawler takes out Akeem after Ernie Ladd screws the pooch. This match is going to be fun when it happens! Wild brawl in the main as Wahoo and Baby Bull take on Haku and Barb! Good lord, that'd be a stiff affair! Southern States Wrestling brings us news of a 6 man Bull Rope Match! That's going to be brutality at it's finest, and Sullivan's reaction should be cause for alarm for the good guys. and this segment with Dream Machine challenging Morton, and Hayes offering to be his partner confirms my earlier suspicions on just who The Masked Southern Gentleman probably are. I smell the screw job coming!! The " I got my medical degree in a matter of weeks" line was hilarious. Good Stuff!! Ha! Lawler bates Ladd into giving him the match! This should be a good one!! Awesome, Awesome angle on Main Event! Not only did you debut a huge new main event threat into the NWA, you just made yourself two hot new babyfaces to combat them. These 6 man tags are going to draw huge money all over your territory. Very well done! The switch for Doc and Dibiase had kinda been coming, but what a way to cement it. The action is rocking here in the NWA, and things are heating up across the card! Keep it up dude!
  7. Blehschmidt

    Texas All Star Wrestling

    (Taped on Monday January 11th, 1986 and airing Friday Night January 15th) From the world famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. This is.... Richard Myhill's "The Hit" plays as we are shown highlights of all the top talent and hard hitting action from.... We cut to Marc Lowrance who is standing by at ringside with a big smile on his face! Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to another edition of Championship Sports, and welcome back to the World Famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas! We are here on KTVT for a new year of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and my goodness do we have a huge night of action in store for you! Tonight we will see not one, but two championships defended here on the program and both matches have major stipulations. In our opening contest Brian Adias will defend the Texas Television Title that he won back at our last event Seasons Beatings. He will defend it against the man he met in that tournament final, "The Outlaw" Joeal Deaton and Deaton says that if he does not win the title, he is leaving Texas All Star Wrestling. Then in the main event, "Cowboy" Scott Casey will once again defend the Texas Heavyweight Championship against Dory Funk Jr. Only this time both men will be locked inside a fifteen foot high steel cage to ensure that there will be no interference. As far as we know Terry Funk isn't even in the state of Texas tonight, and Johnny Mantell has been banned from the building. Sunshine is in the building, but has been barred from ringside. We have several other exciting contests lined up for you as well, but enough of me talking, let's get to the action! 1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit -"Outlaw" Joel Deaton vs Brian Adias- Texas Television Title Deaton charges as soon as the bell rings and blasts Adias with a big lariat. The big man doesn't waste any time and follows it up with a big bodyslam and then goes to work wearing down the back and neck of Adias. The opening seven or eight minutes of the match it appears that Adias is in a world of trouble as he barely gets a move in offensively as Deaton is relentless. Finally, Deaton attempts a haymaker of a clothesline and Adias ducks it and instinctively hooks him and nails the Russian Leg Sweep! Both men are down as the referee begins the count. Deaton gets to his feet at seven, and pulls Adias who is about half way standing up by his hair. Adias begins to fire lefts and rights into the stomach of Deaton, then when Deaton attempts an Irish whip, Adias reverses it and nails Deaton with a clothesline that staggers him. Adias is getting fired up as the Sportatorium crowd is going crazy for him, and fires off a dropkick that floors the "Outlaw." Adias grabs two handfuls of Deatons hair and pulls him to his feet, he then fires him into the ropes and puts him down with another picture perfect dropkick. Adias stalks around behind Deaton who is slow to his feet, hooks him, and nails him with another Russian Leg Sweep, floats over and covers him for the One, Two, Three! Winner, and Still Texas Television Champion: Brian Adias! Marc Lowrance: After a hard fought battle, Brian Adias has retained the Texas Television Title! He looked to be in big trouble early on, but with the crowd behind him he fought back and picked up the victory. Deaton claimed that he would leave Texas All Star Wrestling if he didn't win the championship here tonight, so it would appear that the "Outlaw" will be saying goodbye to the Lone Star State! Ladies and Gentleman, don't go anywhere, we'll be right back with more wrestling action! -Commercial Break- When we return, we see that Marc Lowrance has been joined by the commissioner of Texas All Star Wrestling, Frank Dusek. Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling from right here in the World Famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Joining me now is Frank Dusek. Frank Dusek: Thank You Marc. I'm here tonight because it's being talked about in the press, and on our partners television shows, but we wanted all of the fans here in Texas to hear it from us. Next month, on February Twelfth thru the Fourteenth, Texas All Star Wrestling, Twin States Wrestling, and the United States Wrestling Association are going to join forces to pay tribute to David Von Erich. All three promotions are going to come together and thirty two tag teams are going to compete over the course of five shows in those three days in the first annual David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. Marc Lowrance: Wow! That is huge news! You said thirty two tag teams? Frank Dusek: That is correct Marc. On Friday night, the USWA will be hosting their television show at the Will Rogers Coliseum and they will hold the opening six matches of the tournament. Then we will be holding a late night party here at the Sportatorium, as we will air live not only on KTVT, but for one week only on the USWA Network, as we will hold the next five matches of the tournament that night. Marc Lowrance: Texas All Star Wrestling is going to go nationwide on the USA Network that night? Frank Dusek: That's right Marc. The USA Network has graciously agreed to air the entire tournament live as it happens. The very next day, Twin States Wrestling will host a very special edition of their television show right here at the Sportatorium, also on the USA Network, which will host the final five first round matches. Then from there, we will move all of the action to the Reunion Arena on Saturday night, where we will see the entire second round of matches in one go. Marc Lowrance: That will be a special Seven PM start time on the Thirteenth at the Reunion Arena Ladies and Gentleman. Frank Dusek: Then finally folks, on Sunday afternoon at Two PM, we are back at the Reunion Arena where the eight teams remaining will fight to see who brings home the trophy, the money, and the honor of being the winners of the first annual David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. Not only that, but also on that night we will see the USWA Heavyweight Champion of the World defend that title against the top contender as well. Marc Lowrance: A huge weekend of wrestling action coming to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, all in the memory of a man we all miss dearly and who was taken from us far too soon. Ladies and Gentleman, if you can be there in person, I promise you that you won't want to miss a minute of the action. But if you can't be there live, be sure to tune in right here on KTVT and on the USA Network to catch all of the action. We'll be right back. -Commercial Break- 1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit -"The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord vs Snake Brown- This one is all Gaylord as he overwhelms the man "From Outta Town" with his size. A couple of shoulder blocks and clotheslines, a big press slam, and then an elbow drop finishes the deal. Winner: Jeff Gaylord Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am standing by with your winner Jeff Gaylo...OH MY..... Ricky Santana and Fidel Sierra, both dressed in black suits, come from behind and jump Gaylord. Santana slams a chair into the back of Gaylord which sends him sternum first into the apron, then Sierra cracks him in the jaw with a closed fist punch and quarters go flying in all directions. Gaylord collapses down to the floor, as Santana and Sierra nod to one another before straightening their suits. Meanwhile, come down the aisle at a slow and leisurely pace is "El Jefe" Jose Estrada. He is dressed in an all white suit, wearing mirrored sunglasses, and as always chewing on a cigar. Santana heads over to where Marc Lowrance retreated and takes the microphone from him. He then hands it to "El Jefe" when he arrives. Jose Estrada: So this is the famous Sportatorium? This is the building that they talk about all over the world? I'm looking for the right word to describe it, but it's not coming to me. Ricky? What's the word I am looking for? Ricky Santana: A Dump? Jose Estrada: No, I've been in dumps nicer than this. Fidel, what's the word? Fidel Sierra: A Hellhole? Jose Estrada: Si! That's it. This place is a hellhole! As you can likely guess, the Texas crowd is rabidly booing by this point. Jose Estrada: But Jose Estrada came up in hellholes and dumps far worse than this, and I did whatever it took, and now look at me. There is a reason they call me "El Jefe" and it's because I do what needs to be done. Now with Ricky and Fidel here to back me up, The Cartel is in full force in Texas All Star Wrestling, and anyone who stands against us is going to end up like this stupid gringo on the floor, or maybe like Cocoa Samoa and not be around anymore. Now, we came out here tonight because we got two pieces of business. Number one, my men Ricky and Fidel want in on this tournament thing. You can keep the trophy when we win, just make sure that the check clears. Number two, I want to personally challenge Johnny Mantell to fight me right here next week if he has the guts. Nothing personal against you Mantell, I just figure that once I beat the partner of the champion, that should put me in line to challenge for the title. Now, let's go boys. Estrada takes about three steps then stops. He looks down at Gaylord, still out on the floor, and then appears to be in deep concentration. Jose Estrada: You know what. Before we go.... Break His Arm! Sierra and Santana quickly wrestle the unconscious Gaylord to a standing position. The larger Sierra holds him up against the ring apron, while Santana stretches his arm out. Estrada reaches down and picks up the chair, casually smirking at the booing fans, before turning back around and bringing it crashing down on the arm of Gaylord. As Gaylord crashes back to the floor, the three members of The Cartel head to the dressing room. Marc Lowrance: We need some help out here for Jeff Gaylord. Go to commercial.... -Commercial Break- Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT. Before the break we saw Jeff Gaylord pick up an impressive win, then just as I was set to get a word with him, this Cartel of Estrada and newcomers Sierra and Santana came out and assaulted him. During the break medical personnel took Jeff Gaylord out of the Sportatorium on a stretcher and he is en route to a local hospital. We will try to get you an update before we go off the air tonight. In the meantime, the show must go on, and up next we have an exciting newcomer from Knoxville, Tennessee, "White Lightning" Tim Horner! Let's head down to the ring and see him in action! 1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit -"White Lightning" Tim Horner vs The Bounty Hunter- Horner got quite the loud cheers from the ladies in attendance and then put on quite the show, dazzling everyone with quick armdrags, high dropkicks, and cool pinning combinations. The Hunter had both a height and weight advantage over Horner, but he was never in the match. After several minutes of being in control, Horner caught Bounty Hunter in the pinning combination he calls the Lightning Cradle for the One, Two, Three. Winner: "White Lightning" Tim Horner Marc Lowrance: An impressive performance by the very impressive Tim Horner! We'll be right back with more action, right here on Texas All Star Wrestling! -Commercial Break- 1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit -Johnny Mantell vs "Sneaky" Pete Jenkins- Mantell looked pissed off when the bell rang, and he wasted no time showing Sneaky Pete that he meant business tonight. This was several minutes of Mantell battering poor Pete all over the ring, then he hooked him and drill him with the Russian Leg Sweep and covered him for the One, Two, Three. Winner: Johnny Mantell Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am here with your winner, Johnny Mantell. Johnny Mantell: You know something Marc, if Jose Estrada thinks that he is going to use me as a stepping stone to get a shot at Scott Casey and the Texas Title there are two things he'd better understand real fast. Number one, you ain't gotta beat me to get a crack at Scott Casey. He'll be more than obliged to beat your ass himself "El Jefe!" Number two, Johnny Mantell is no mans stepping stone, so you want a piece of me next week big boy? Well then, you got it jack! Make sure you bring your dancing shoes boy, cause I'm gonna do the Texas Two Step on your face! Mantell walks away from Marc Lowrance to massive cheers from the Sportatorium crowd. Marc Lowrance just shrugs his shoulders as the show heads to commercial. -Commercial Break- Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, we are back and apparently we are heading to the....Fiesta Garden..... The camera cuts to a small stage that has been erected away from the ringside area. There are two fake cactus sitting on either side of it, a pinata hanging from somewhere in the ceiling, two producer style chairs on the stage, and a banner that reads FIESTA GARDEN has been hung on the wall behind it. Standing on the stage holding the microphone, with a smile a mile wide is Al Madril. Al Madril: Hola Amigos! For those of you who don't know me, and shame on you, I am the "Latin Lover" Al Madril and this is the world famous Fiesta Garden! Seriously, the ratings for this show probably just doubled when this segment started! It has been thirteen months since I presented the Fiesta Garden from Texas, and I can only assume that's why World Class went out of business, the Von Erich's left, and all of you people look even worse than the last time I was here! The boo's are coming hot and heavy at Madril. Al Madril: Calm Down! Calm Down! I'm only kidding! You Texas lowlifes never change! That didn't help. Al Madril: Anyway.... At this time I would like to introduce my very special guest on the Fiesta Garden this evening. He is a veteran of professional wrestling. Quite possibly the toughest man in the entire locker room here at Texas All Star Wrestling. He is the uncrowned Texas Heavyweight Champion, and he is every ladies favorite professional wrestler. Ladies and Gentleman, please give a huge round of applause, for the best around.... ME! Al Madril!! Madril takes a seat in one of the two chairs as the fans continue to boo him. Al Madril: Thank You so much for joining us on the Fiesta Garden tonight Al! It is a pleasure to have someone as handsome and talented as you gracing our hacienda this evening! Madril gets up and moves to the other chair. Al Madril: Oh No, the pleasure is all mine Al. Thank YOU for having me on the Fiesta Garden! Making an appearance on the number one show in all of professional wrestling has been a dream of mine for such a long time. Madril switches chairs again, and the fans are beyond pissed. Al Madril: You are just too kind! Now, let's get down to business. As you well know, we ask the hard hitting questions here at the Fiesta Garden, so tell me Al. Why have you come to Texas All Star Wrestling? Another chair switch from Madril. Al Madril: Well Mr. Madril, I have unfinished business here in Texas. You see, right before the AWA pulled the plug on World Class, I had just made my triumphant return. I had my good friend Hercules beside me, I had Sunshine on my arm, and I had just won championship gold. Things were looking great for Al Madril, and then that idiot Verne Gagne pulled the plug. Madril moves to the other chair. Al Madril: That guy is the worst. Back to the other chair. Al Madril: His kid is a terrible wrestler too. But yeah, that's why I am here. I was just about to claim Texas for Al Madril, and that chance got taken away. Then I saw that this Texas All Star Wrestling had started running, so I called up Jerry Jarrett... Madril quickly switches chairs again. Al Madril: Whose kid is a terrible referee. Another switch. Deafening boos at this point. Al Madril: I know, I saw that. Anyway, I called up Jerry Jarrett and told him that since Texas All Star is part of the USWA that he needed to get some star power down here quick before this place went under. I mean, the Texas Heavyweight Champion is Scott Casey for the love of God! The only people paying money to see that have four teeth and look like this crowd! Jerry agreed and signed me to a contract making twice what any of the losers that already work here are making! He also told me to keep an eye on Frank Dusek, because he is pretty sure that he is skimming off the house. Madril gets up to switch chairs again, but before he can continue talking, Frank Dusek comes from the back and looks irate. He is screaming "GO TO COMMERCIAL" as Madril is standing on the stage making a "What did I do" face at him. -Commercial Break- Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling. I would like to apologize for anything Al Madril said that may have offended you. Please understand that his views are absolutely not the views of Texas All Star Wrestling. If I can say anything for the Fiesta Garden, it at least gave us time to set up the steel cage for our main event. I'm sure you've all heard enough talking, so let's head down to the ring for our main event of the evening. 1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit -Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs Dory Funk Jr- Steel Cage Match - Texas Heavyweight Title The cage was expected to be just a formality to stop outside interference in this one, as it didn't really fit the style of Dory Funk Jr. However, once the door closed, we saw a different side of Dory Funk. Coming out of the lock up he caught Casey with several lifters that rocked the champion, and then Funk grabbed a handful of hair and smashed Scott Casey face first into the cage. Funk then grabbed a second handful of hair and began to rake the face of the Texas Champion back and forth across the mesh before letting him drop to the canvas. When Casey got to his feet, blood running down his face, the fight was on. Casey came out firing punches and apparently caught Funk off guard. Casey battered Dory with lefts and rights until he had backed Funk up against the cage, he then grabbed him by the ears and began to bang the back of his head off the cage, before spinning him around and rubbing his face across the mesh! Soon enough, Dory Funk Jr was a bloody mess as well! With men now donning the crimson mask, the match became a back and forth affair as the brawling style of Casey and the technical prowess of Funk vied for dominance. Funk appeared to be trying to take out the arm of Casey, but every time it appeared that he was getting somewhere, Casey seemed to get a second wind and would come firing back with the other arm and start beating on Funk again. The end came just past the fifteen minute mark as Dory was wringing on the arm of Casey and whipped him into the ropes. Funk sidestepped and appeared to be grabbing at the arm for an armbar, but Casey was able to throw the arm around the head and dropped Funk with the Bulldog! Casey quickly cradled Dory and the referee counted the One, Two, Three!! Winner, and Still Texas Heavyweight Champion: Scott Casey! Marc Lowrance: All Right! "Cowboy" Scott Casey has defeated Dory Funk inside the steel cage and remains the Texas Heavyweight Champion! Ladies and Gentleman, that is all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT. Until then, I'm Marc Lowrance, Good Night Everyone.
  8. Blehschmidt

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    It'd be much funnier if this still happened now that he is like 80.
  9. Blehschmidt

    Winning streaks - good or bad?

    If we are talking ECW, then Tommy Dreamer was definitely the main event babyface, and while he got wins over lackeys, he never brought it home in the big one, yet that crowd loved him.
  10. Mike Awesome was a big man in ECW, but a normal sized guy in WCW. Does he qualify?
  11. Thanks for doing the write up on that one! It definitely sounds like Vader could have taken Orndorff if Arn hadn't been in the way, but it also sounds like it needed to happen that way for the sake of the WCW Locker Room. as for Haku breaking it up..... who else! I just have this picture in my mind of him walking out and looking at them both disapprovingly, and them immediately both being like "Sorry Meng"
  12. Vader Goes Down, and any of the "Fires Back" pieces would get my vote. Appreciate these write ups! Super cool of you to do.
  13. Blehschmidt

    Twin States Wrestling

    and instead of Ronnie Gossett being funny, we open the show with Wendell Cooley pissing blood. -5 stars! In all seriousness, Rich Cousins vs Brad/Wendell for the Tag Title is one hell of main event! Great finish to Khan/Garvin. Nicely protects Khan, while getting him out of the tournament, and sets up a potential Garvin injury to play on. Mulligan showing up with Kendall to make the challenge for the Bunkhouse match, and Humperdink's reason for accepting was great too. That should be a war! Yikes! Bruno found himself some muscle! Hercules Ayala has arrived and he puts away Bill Dundee! That's a HUGE debut (over a little man!) A good Terry Funk interview always make a show better, and here we have Uncle Terry letting all the fine people of Alabama and Mississippi have a chance to see his lovely home, and then he told them about all their favorite wrestlers. What a champion! Is he going to wear his fucking blinking cowboy hat when he refs? Uggh. Taylor picks up the tainted win thanks to J-e- Double Ref. "Why couldn't he ref a match that doesn't matter, like a Scott Armstrong match or something??"..... There is the RPG that I have been missing all show!! Good Lord, first Slapnuts steals Taylor's heat, then Bob Armstrong comes and takes the rest so he can talk about his sons and his feuds! Get the red mohawk ready Terry, looks like your getting fucked in this reality too! Here comes Budrow to get this show back on track!! Holy Shit.... the Baby Doll comment literally made me laugh out loud while I was on the phone with a patient at work! Nicely Done! God Damn, Buddy was on a roll this week. The booze talking, people care about you, angry drunk, Norvell Austin, and Kendall lines all had me laughing. You have absolutely mastered the "arrogant champion that is just a total prick and doesn't give a shit" shtick. Fucking wonderful. Bad News takes out an Armstrong, and DWB gets a nice easy win! "tell me something Pedicino, I hear you're a stooge that has your ear to the door of all the important USWA meetings….tell me why this big tournament is a so called David Von Erich Memorial show, but there ain't no Von Erichs in the tournament?? I realize that Fritz's favorites are up in New York, but hell, they couldn't at least get the fake cousin from Memphis to be in it?" Jesus Christ Gene.... you are outdoing yourself this week! I had to mute the phone on this one! That smiling double finger guns picture of Tommy only makes it funnier. Then Johnny takes the shot at Mike.... God Damn. I am going to have put together a clip job of Rich interviews to play in Texas before the tournament. Street/Boyd attempts to follow the interview of the year, and Street picks up a quick win with a roll up. I think I'd very much enjoy a Street/Funk match. I probably shouldn't be as excited as I am for the inevitable failing of the Fergie/Bad News/Slick relationship, but it is going to be glorious when it all falls apart! In the meantime, watching Bad News extort Fergie for his money is good stuff! Champagne Morrow showing up next week to meet with Fergie! This should be fun! Bad News makes short work of the Iceman, and the tries to goad Bob Armstrong into costing himself the tournament. Bad News is going to be a force around here. I'm loving it. The Rich Cousins win the belts!! My god if this footage makes it to Dallas, they are going to be murdered!! Great Episode this week! I was legit laughing several times, the tournament is moving along nicely, and several feuds are simmering quite nicely. Gulf Coast Clash will likely be a war!!
  14. Blehschmidt


    Well, you certainly can't start a show much bigger than having Dusty freaking Rhodes announce his arrival!! This should be a whole lot of fun! Bruise Brothers are my favorite team in the USWA! Loving the entrance! They get themselves a nice win, enter the DVEMC, and accept the challenge of the DD! A good night for my boys! Cocoa showing up here to team with Afi is good stuff. It's funny, I was ready to cut him, then I started the feud with Estrada and when the time came for Samoa to leave town, I'd grown to enjoy writing him. I'm glad he landed here. I know he'll do well! Loving the Iaukea/Kamala/TNT pairing. They just exude danger. Big Man Steel makes quite the impressive debut, but apparently it didn't phase Mr. Magnificent and the Vin Man! Kelly did us all a favor and got rid of Magee, but I'm not sure that Big Man Steel will go down so easy. I can't wait to meet Bodacious!! Ha Ha! So much for the fabulous return of The Fabulous Ones! Fuller and Golden took care of that in short order. That should be a bloody war waiting to happen! Nord will definitely tear things up in the USWA. He and Rip Morgan should either feud or team up!! Another big debut as "Soul Man" Rocky Johnson shows up in the USWA! Here is another guy who could certainly make a huge impact. I cut him like an idiot when I was running the WWF, without realizing that in this games continuity he had been the secondary champion for over a year. Quite a segment with Paul Jones and The Spoiler! Be very interested to see a Spoiler babyface run, and more interested to see how or who Paul Jones brings for revenge. Iaukea adds Mark Lewin to the mix! Yikes, his stable keeps getting scarier. I hope Rocky Johnson didn't just make a huge mistake getting involved and helping out Strong. Is Mike George the man to end the reign of Simply the Best? Hell No! St. Clair isn't going to lose to a lowly piece of crap like Mike George! One hell of a tag team match between Hard Knocks and the SPC. I'd bet that this feud is far from over. SPC could certainly end up being contenders here sooner rather than later! and we close the show with The Funker! Love It! In the course of the interview we called Dusty a pig, threatened to beat the hell out of all challengers, and crazily decided to enter the DVEMC Tournament on top of defending the title. That friends, is how you write a crazy Terry Funk Interview!!! On too the Dunn Center!! The Paul Jones team picks up the win in the opener when Lance takes the fall. This gives the Devils Duo more ammunition for a title shot against the Bruise Brothers. I'm still not sure they know what they are messing with! Boo! Boo RPM's Boo!! Boo! Boo Greg Gagne Boo!! Seriously though, St. Clair gets the nice pinfall on Rheingans going into his title defense, and apparently the Barr/George rivalry isn't over yet. There is no way that these 6 guys don't end in a DQ. That is a war that needs a cage..or barbed wire...or both. Karachi Vice manages to steal another win and hold onto the tag team titles. This reign is getting to the point where the fans are going to go nuclear when someone finally takes those belts. Lots of big happenings in the battle royal! Morrow takes out Wells. Dusty takes out St. Clair. A potential Dick Slater/Rip Morgan feud that I am all about!! The Colon/Johnson/Strong vs Iaukea's Army feud definitely gets advanced! Spoiler may want him a piece of Morrow once he is done with Jones! Quite a brawl as the DD come to save Jones, then Bruise Brothers come out to brawl with them. Morrow and Dusty at the end, and the Dream brings it home! Funk vs Rhodes for the Title in Texas..... Awww Shit..... Always so much happening in the USWA, but you manage to make it interesting from the top of the card to the bottom. Looking forward to seeing "Simply the Best" retain next week, and definitely looking forward to the build to Funk/Rhodes!!
  15. Blehschmidt

    National Wrestling Alliance

    Masked Superstar will make a nice challenge for Magnum! Michael Hayes shows up to help Ricky Morton? Yeah, if this doesn't end in all three Freebirds beating the hell out of the Rock 'n' Roll Express, I am going to be very sad. Harley beating up Bravo is right up my alley! Lawler thankfully puts an end to the Elijah Akeem gimmick, but takes an ass whooping for it! I expect "The King" will get his revenge. I am stoked for the Idol/Garvin feud! All of the new faces here are certainly setting the NWA up for an exciting new year!