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  1. Blehschmidt

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Is there anywhere I can watch Impact if I don't have AXS, or the hunting network (or whatever it's on now) and I am not around to watch Twitch on Friday nights?
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    World Class sends Stan Stasiak to the WWF for Killer Khan
  3. Blehschmidt


    Can I have the World Tag Team Champions on 10/11, Please I am also tentatively booking them for 11/28 (Thanksgiving Day) just in case The Movement still have the belts by then for some reason!
  4. Blehschmidt


    Black Bart is a great fit for Rocky Mountain! Still loving your Ernie Ladd. Tony Atlas better watch it with that Pez talk!! Ox Baker coming to murder motherfuckers! I Love It!! Chris Adams keeps talking that Von Erich hate. Someone is gonna hear it! Johnny Rich is getting over nicely here. Oh Lord, Volkoff and Sheiky Baby in Rocky Mountain!! Nice!! Ladd's Army takes out Kendall. You knew it was gonna happen, but Damn. Blackjack is gonna hurt somebody now!! Onto Stampede.... That is a whole lot of mystery masks to decipher in the first two segments!!! Armstrong vs Bassarab sounds great! Holy Shit! Adnan crosses the line and Tito gets hung! Adnan is fired, Tito is hurt, Slaughter still has the belt. This is all nuts! OMG, OMG, OMG.... Bad News and The Movement!!! Best Thing Ever!!!! Screw Stu and The Harts, nothing can ruin this moment!! Dibiase retains, The Heenan Family is a mess, Flair and Orndorff should be fun. Bad News and The Movement saluting each other!!!!!
  5. Blehschmidt

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    -Broadcasting live to our local affiliates in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri, as well as in Syndication across these great United States, the American Wrestling Association proudly presents World Class Wrestling, coming to you this week from the Sportatorium in Dallas!- As the show opens we find Marc Lowrance already standing in the ring with World Class Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel and his associate Big John Studd. Marc Lowrance: Nick Bockwinkel, last week you defended the AWA World Class Heavyweight Title inside of a steel cage against Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. You came out of that match the winner, but it was not without controversy as The Great Kabuki made his return to World Class Wrestling by somehow tearing his way out from under the ring and spewing that mist into the eyes of Steamboat. Nick Bockwinkel: I'm not going to deny that it happened Marc Lowrance, I saw The Great Kabuki in the ring just like you did, just like all of these people did. But I don't have the slightest idea what he was doing there. Marc Lowrance: You're saying that you weren't behind the interference? Nick Bockwinkel: Of course not! I am a sportsman, and a fighting champion Marc Lowrance. I don't need heathens like The Great Kabuki ripping apart rings to help me fight my battles. Marc Lowrance: If you don't mind my saying so Mr. Bockwinkel, you seemed distraught when you were forced inside the steel cage. You didn't have Big John Studd at ringside to... Big John Studd steps forward and wraps a massive hand around the hand of Lowrance that is holding the microphone and pulls it toward his mouth. Big John Studd: Mr. Bockwinkel said he didn't know anything about it. He'll be answering no further questions. C'mon Nick. Studd shoves Lowrance hard enough that he falls onto his butt, and then puts his hand on Bockwinkel's shoulder as the two of them exit the ring and head for the dressing room. Jim Ross: Hello Everyone, and welcome to AWA World Class Wrestling. I'm Jim Ross, and joining me as always is "Cowboy" Bill Watts. What do you think about what we just saw Cowboy? Bill Watts: Well Jim, it sounded like a load of crap to me. Jim Ross: It certainly didn't sound very convincing did it. Folks, we have quite a night of action lined up for you. The Great Kabuki will be in action later on. Bruiser Brody will be here. A new tag team and a returning tag team will battle it out, and in the main event, Kerry Von Erich will challenge Wayne Ferris, The Honky Tonk Man for the Southwestern Title. But right now, let's head to the ring where Stan Stasiak is set for action. 1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit -Stan Stasiak vs Tugboat Taylor- Taylor has dropped the bleached hair and cut offs for his traditional singlet and dark mullet and is back to using his old name. Everyone pretty much expects Stasiak to run over him, and for the opening minutes of the match, it appears that will be the case as Stan punches away at him. But then Stasiak attempts to slam the huge Taylor, and that ain't happening. Taylor begins to fire back on Stasiak, and soon the two big men are slugging it out. This turns into a battle of who can move who, and neither man wins as they battle to the time limit. Winner: DRAW Bill Watts: A hard fought draw between Stan Stasiak and Tugboat Taylor. You know there is nothing I like more than watching two grown men slug it out. Jim Ross: All the more impressive considering Taylor is just over his bout with rabies! Bill Watts: Ha! Folks, we'll be right back. -Commercial Break- Jim Ross: Welcome back everyone, we are going to jump right back into the action as a new tag team is set to debut. The masked Thunderfoots are looking to make a mark here in World Class, but to do so they will have to get past the returning Batten Twins. 1 Fall, 15 Minute Time Limit -The Thunderfoots (Thunderfoot I/Thunderfoot II) vs The Batten Twins (Brad Batten/Bart Batten)- Both teams looked good in this one as the Battens used some double team work to confound their masked opponents in the opening minutes of the contest, but the Thunderfoots would take the advantage and keep it with some underhanded tactics perpetrated by the larger Thunderfoot I. The end came when Thunderfoot II planted Bart Batten with a big powerslam, then tagged in his partner. II charged Brad and knocked him off the apron, while Thunderfoot I scored a Shoulderbreaker on Bart and covered him for the 1,2,3. Winners: The Thunderfoots Jim Ross: The Thunderfoots pick up the win in their World Class debut. Up next folks, we have the wild man known as Bruiser Brody in action, and I am here to tell you that he is not happy. Bill Watts: Not at all Jim. He had been waiting to get his hands on Big John Studd in singles competition for some time, and then David Schultz interfered and cost him the match. Jim Ross: Then last week Schultz had some choice comments concerning both Brody and Studd, and I can't think either man will take kindly to those. Bill Watts: Here comes Brody. I have a feeling we'll here from him after he ruins this poor kids day! 1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit -Bruiser Brody vs Jason Martin- As soon as the bell rings Brody nearly takes the kids head off his shoulders with a boot to the face. Brody yanks him up by the hair and lifts him into a bodyslam with one arm. Brody walks him around the ring for a couple of laps, and then plants the kid hard in the center. Brody stomps around for a minute, and then obliterates the kid with a King Kong Knee Drop. Referee Jerry Usher could count to a thousand. Winner: Bruiser Brody Marc Lowrance is waiting for Brody as he exits the ring. Marc Lowrance: Bruiser Brody, your comments on the recent happenings with Big John Studd and David Schultz. Bruiser Brody: My comments are this! John Studd, you and I have unfinished business. You want to throw your weight around and act like you are the only big man here in World Class, but you seem to forget that I'm just as big and a whole lot badder than you are. Schultz, you say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That may be, but you've gone and made yourself an enemy you aren't capable of dealing with. I didn't get these scars on my face, I didn't get the reputation I have from playing games, so anytime you want to fight, I'm not a hard man to find. Brody walks away and lets loose with his trademark "Huss" and the crowd goes wild as the show heads to commercial. -Commercial Break- Jim Ross: Welcome back to World Class Wrestling. Before the break we heard from Bruiser Brody who seems ready to fight both John Studd and David Schultz. Bill Watts: He'd probably fight them at the same time. Jim Ross: You're probably right. Up next, we are going to have a special interview with the Central States Champion Barry Windham, let's head down to Marc Lowrance for that one. Marc Lowrance is in the ring with Barry Windham who is wearing blue jeans and a button up shirt and has the Central States Title over his shoulder. Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome the reigning Central States Champion, Barry Windham! Thanks for joining me Barry. Barry Windham: Thanks for having me out here Marc. Marc Lowrance: Now Barry, you and Jimmy Garvin have been going at each other for some time here in World Class. More recently we've seen your brother Kendall and Sam Houston fight alongside you, while he has had the likes of John Tatum and Gary Young as partners. Recently they assaulted your brother Kendall rather violently. What can you tell us about that? Barry Windham: Well Marc, I know the footage was shown last week, and as you saw Garvin, Young, and Tatum beat him up real bad. They bloodied him up real good and gave him a pretty bad concussion, and Gary Young actually smashed his head clean through the drivers side window. Kendall got lucky and didn't suffer any life threatening injuries. Marc Lowrance: Then the next night Barry, you took some revenge. Barry Windham: You know Marc, I got into the wrestling business because it's what I've known my whole life. I got into the wrestling business to be a wrestler. I don't want to attack people in parking lots, I don't want to hit people with tire irons. But when you start messing with my family, and you do it in the parking lot, and you do it three on one, well I suppose I'll do anything I have to do to get even Marc Lowrance. Marc Lowrance: I think everyone can certainly understand that Barry. Now, Jimmy Garvin is still telling everyone that will listen that he wants another shot at the Central States Title. He claims that winning the battle royal at The Battle of New Orleans makes him the number one contender. Barry Windham: You know what, I've beaten Garvin each and every time we've stepped into this ring. But if he wants to do it again, I'm not going to back down from a fight. A chorus of boo's erupts as "Hollywood" John Tatum struts his way down to ringside. He enters the ring and stands across from Windham, with Marc Lowrance keeping him safely out of reach. Marc Lowrance: John Tatum, is there something.. John Tatum: There is something you can do for me Marc Lowrance, you can ask this big goof why he hasn't given "Hollywood" John Tatum a shot at that title yet? Marc Lowrance: Barry? Barry Windham: Maybe because earning a title shot involves winning matches and not just being a cocky little pri... John Tatum: HEY NOW!! Marc Lowrance: Gentleman! Gentleman!! Barry Windham: You know what fine, you want a title shot, I'll give you one, but I want something for it. John Tatum: Yeah! What's that? Barry Windham: I ran your buddy Gary Young out of here, so if I beat you, how about you leave too! John Tatum: No Deal! Barry Windham: No title shot. Tatum makes a pouty face and looks like he is contemplating the offer. John Tatum: THIRTY DAYS! Barry Windham: Nah. I give you a title shot, and you lose, I don't see you back in World Class until after Christmas! Tatum throws his hands in the air and stomps around the ring like a crazy person. John Tatum: FINE!!! But I need time to prepare! Two Weeks Windham!! Barry Windham: See you then Johnny Windham smiles as he heads out of the ring, and Tatum looks like he can't decide whether he won the lottery or made the biggest mistake of his life. -Commercial Break- Jim Ross: Is that official then Bill? Bill Watts: Yes Jim, the Board has signed it for October 2nd. Jim Ross: Folks, it is official. Two weeks from now, Barry Windham will defend the Central States title against "Hollywood" John Tatum, and if John Tatum doesn't win the title he will be forced to leave AWA World Class Wrestling until after Christmas! Bill Watts: After seeing Bockwinkel run multiple people out of here with that stipulation, it's nice to see someone potentially stick their foot in their own mouth! Jim Ross: It should be quite the affair Cowboy. Up next, we have The Great Kabuki returning to singles action. Last week we saw him tear his way out from under the ring and into the cage and cost Ricky Steamboat not only the World Class Title, but his employment here as well. Bill Watts: Bockwinkel claims he has no knowledge of why Kabuki was there, but I find that questionable. Jim Ross: Well Bill, look who is accompanying Kabuki to the ring... Bill Watts: Well, well, well.... I can see things are going to get very interesting around here.. 1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit -The Great Kabuki w/Gary Hart vs Mike Reed- After an impressive display of nunchaku handling, Kabuki got down to business, dismantling Reed with martial arts strikes. He worked him over further with a nerve hold, and then turned out his lights with a thrust kick. Winner: The Great Kabuki Marc Lowrance is waiting for Gary Hart and Kabuki Marc Lowrance: Gary Hart, it has been some months since we have seen The Great Kabuki, but it has been even longer since you have been here in World Class Wrestling. Gary Hart: Marc Lowrance, where men like myself and The Great Kabuki choose to tread is no concern of yours. Suffice to say a man like you wouldn't last long in the places we go or in the circles we run. What matters is that we have returned to World Class Wrestling, and we have done so for a reason. Marc Lowrance: and what is that reason? Gary Hart: In good time Marc Lowrance, in good time. For now all you need to know is that The Great Kabuki and I haven't come alone. Next week I shall return with another of my associates. Marc Lowrance: What about Nick Bockwinkel? Why did The Great Kabuki get involved last week? Gary Hart: Nick Bockwinkel? I wouldn't know, I've never met the man. Perhaps you should ask The Great Kabuki. Hart walks away with a snicker as Lowrance puts the microphone in front of Kabuki. After a solid twenty seconds of silence, Kabuki turns and follows Hart. Jim Ross: Kabuki looks as devastating as ever inside the ring, but between he and Gary Hart we got very few answers outside of it. Bill Watts: Hart never reveals his hand before he is ready to play it. Jim Ross: It does appear he has at least one more man in his charge and plans to have him with us next week. Bill Watts: God only knows who that could be. Jim Ross: Fans, let's take a break, and we'll be right back with our main event. -Commercial Break- Jim Ross: Okay, we are back and it is time for the main event of the evening, and it should be a good one! The last time we were here in Dallas was for The Great Texas Round Up. Kerry Von Erich looked to have the match in hand, when he was jumped from behind by The Grappler who had already been eliminated. After that, this Honky Tonk Man made his debut and got the easiest victory of all time to claim the Southwestern Championship. Bill Watts: But he still acted like he ran a danged marathon to win it! Jim Ross: Now Kerry has dispatched The Grappler, and he is looking for a little revenge and a little gold against Wayne Ferris. 1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit -"Honky Tonk Man" Wayne Ferris w/Sunshine vs Kerry Von Erich- AWA Southwestern Heavyweight Title After Ferris made his ridiculous ring entrance that saw him dance around ringside, get a kiss from Sunshine, take off his guitar and sunglasses, and have his ring jacket removed and folded, he got in the ring and began to check out his hair in the reflection on the Southwestern Title. Kerry Von Erich was not happy, and kept trying to get at Ferris, but each time the Honky Tonk Man got behind referee James Beard. Then the bell rang, and Kerry went for a lock up, only for Ferris to side step him and again fluff his hair. Von Erich exploded and went after Ferris who quickly dropped down and rolled out of the ring. Kerry jumped between the ropes, and soon the chase was on around ringside. Ferris was the first back into the ring, and it gave him the jump on Von Erich, as he stomped Kerry when he rolled back into the ring. Ferris stayed on the attack, dropping an elbow onto Von Erich and covering him, but it only got a 1 count. Ferris grabbed a side headlock, but Von Erich shot him into the ropes. The Honky Tonk Man attempted a shoulderblock but Von Erich barely budged. Ferris threw a punch at Kerry, but Kerry blocked it and nailed Ferris with a big right hand. Kerry then threw another and another, and soon was rocking Ferris across the ring and into the ropes. Von Erich whipped Honky Tonk Man across the ring, and took him down with a big dropkick on the rebound. Kerry went over and pulled the fallen Ferris to his feet by the hair, but that seemed to enrage The Honky Tonk Man who shoved Von Erich away and reached up to see how badly his pompadour had been messed up. Kerry wasn't having any part of it and charged at Ferris, catching him with a running dropkick that sent The Honky Tonk Man to the floor. Von Erich took a moment to soak in the cheers of the Sportatorium faithful, and as Referee Beard began to count, Von Erich went to the floor to retrieve his opponent. CRASH!! As soon as Kerry's feet hit the floor, The Honky Tonk Man who had been kneeling down, came to his feet and smashed his guitar over the head of Von Erich. It splintered into pieces, and Kerry crashed to the floor in a heap as the crowd went from elation to anger. James Beard immediately called for the bell, as Sunshine grabbed the Southwestern belt and along with "Honky Tonk Man" Wayne Ferris got out of town while the getting was still good. Winner, by Disqualification: Kerry Von Erich Jim Ross: This Honky Tonk Man just deliberately got himself disqualified! Bill Watts: He knew he was in trouble so he did what he had to do to save the title. Jim Ross: I'm not so sure Bill. I think this weirdo was mad that Von Erich messed up his hair! Bill Watts: Either way, he's lucky he got out of the Sportatorium fast, because these fans are not happy. Jim Ross: Look at that Bill, Kerry Von Erich is a bloody mess! Bill Watts: I can assure you we haven't heard the last of Kerry Von Erich and The Honky Tonk Man! Jim Ross: Alright Folks, that's all we have for this evening. Please join us next week for more World Class Wrestling!
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    World Class drops Ken Lucas to make room for Plowboy Frazier (I mean, we'd have to drop like 3 Ken's to make room for Frazier, but I digress)
  7. Blehschmidt

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    -9-14-84 from The Sports Arena in Amarillo, TX- 1) "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin w/Precious beat Sam Houston in 11:28 w/Brainbuster 2) Brian Adias over Stan Stasiak in 9:49 w/Roll Up 3) The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) defeated The Youngbloods (Jay Youngblood/Mark Youngblood) in 14:13 when Duncum pinned Mark 4) Big John Studd and "Dr. D" David Schultz wrestled to a Double Disqualification in 8:34 5) Barry Windham over Iceman King Parsons in 25:55 w/Superplex in a match for the Central States Title 6) The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton/Dennis Condrey) w/Jim Cornette defeated The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) in 23:11 when Condrey pinned Doll 7) Kerry Von Erich defeated "Honky Tonk Man" Wayne Ferris w/Sunshine by Count Out in 10:17 in a match for the Southwestern Title 8) Nick Bockinwkel and Kevin Von Erich wrestled to a Draw in 60:00 -9-15-84 from The Lubbock Memorial Coliseum in Lubbock, TX- 1) "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin w/Precious beat Sam Houston in 11:24 w/Brainbuster 2) Brian Adias over Stan Stasiak in 9:46 w/Roll Up 3) The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) defeated The Youngbloods (Jay Youngblood/Mark Youngblood) in 14:43 when Duncum pinned Mark 4) Big John Studd and "Dr. D" David Schultz wrestled to a Double Disqualification in 8:39 5) Barry Windham over Iceman King Parsons in 25:58 w/Superplex in a match for the Central States Title 6) The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton/Dennis Condrey) w/Jim Cornette defeated The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) in 23:21 when Condrey pinned Doll 7) Kerry Von Erich defeated "Honky Tonk Man" Wayne Ferris w/Sunshine by Count Out in 10:19 in a match for the Southwestern Title 8) Nick Bockinwkel and Kevin Von Erich wrestled to a Draw in 60:00 -9-16-84 from The Ector County Coliseum in Odessa, TX- 1) "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin w/Precious beat Sam Houston in 11:23 w/Brainbuster 2) Brian Adias over Stan Stasiak in 9:44 w/Roll Up 3) The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) defeated The Youngbloods (Jay Youngblood/Mark Youngblood) in 14:19 when Duncum pinned Mark 4) Big John Studd and "Dr. D" David Schultz wrestled to a Double Disqualification in 8:14 5) Barry Windham over Iceman King Parsons in 26:15 w/Superplex in a match for the Central States Title 6) The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton/Dennis Condrey) w/Jim Cornette defeated The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) in 24:01 when Condrey pinned Doll 7) Kerry Von Erich defeated "Honky Tonk Man" Wayne Ferris w/Sunshine by Count Out in 10:07 in a match for the Southwestern Title 8) Nick Bockinwkel and Kevin Von Erich wrestled to a Draw in 60:00 -9-17-84 from The Hemisfair Arena in San Antonio, TX- 1) "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin w/Precious beat Sam Houston in 11:20 w/Brainbuster 2) Brian Adias over Stan Stasiak in 9:42 w/Roll Up 3) The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) defeated The Youngbloods (Jay Youngblood/Mark Youngblood) in 14:19 when Duncum pinned Mark 4) Big John Studd and "Dr. D" David Schultz wrestled to a Double Disqualification in 8:34 5) Barry Windham over Iceman King Parsons in 25:57 w/Superplex in a match for the Central States Title 6) The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton/Dennis Condrey) w/Jim Cornette defeated The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) in 24:41 when Condrey pinned Doll 7) Kerry Von Erich defeated "Honky Tonk Man" Wayne Ferris w/Sunshine by Count Out in 10:11 in a match for the Southwestern Title 8) Nick Bockinwkel and Kevin Von Erich wrestled to a Draw in 60:00 -9-18-84 from The Frank Erwin Center in Austin, TX- 1) "Hollywood" John Tatum (subbing for Jimmy Garvin) beat Sam Houston in 11:32 w/Savate Kick 2) Brian Adias over Stan Stasiak in 9:45 w/Roll Up 3) The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) defeated The Youngbloods (Jay Youngblood/Mark Youngblood) in 14:33 when Duncum pinned Mark 4) Big John Studd and "Dr. D" David Schultz wrestled to a Double Disqualification in 8:27 5) Barry Windham over "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin w/Precious (subbing for Iceman King Parsons) in 20:25 w/Superplex in a match for the Central States Title 6) The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton/Dennis Condrey) w/Jim Cornette defeated The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) in 25:10 when Condrey pinned Doll 7) Kerry Von Erich defeated "Honky Tonk Man" Wayne Ferris w/Sunshine by Count Out in 10:09 in a match for the Southwestern Title 8) Nick Bockinwkel and Kevin Von Erich wrestled to a Draw in 60:00
  8. Blehschmidt

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    Seriously though... That Funk shit was amazing. Nothing but gold so far. Muraco, Ninja, and The Grapplers is one hell of an 8 man unit. Glad to see the Herders being portrayed dangerously, and Falk as the flag bearer is great. Bundy and Gang double count out is perfect, as I can just see the two big bastards pounding away at each other on the floor. Bruthahood helping The Movement get the win is perfect, and Criminal Trespassing is gonna lead to some fantastic promo's Madril falls short again, I hope he tells us about it in the Fiesta Garden next week! Holy Shit! The Freebirds are gone!!! Hercules is the Southeastern Champion! What the Hell Just Happened!!!! Bullet beats Landel for the title and keeps his mask, the Stable is gonna be pissed!!! Great Shit as Always!!
  9. Blehschmidt

    AWA Continental Championship Wrestling

    That's it, I officially retire from this project. There is no way that I can top Terry Funk saying "Jive Turkey" on live television.
  10. Blehschmidt

    TNT Wrestling

    Awesome, awesome way to debut Curt! Looking forward to the brawl with Blanchard!! I kinda hope that Austin Idol is underestimating Art Crews! I know he probably isn't, but one can hope!! Ayala is a freaking bruiser, but Dibiase is smart. I'll take brains over brawn any day of the week. Hoping to see more of a push for Wrestling 3 with 2 as his manager. I think you have some cool possibilities here. Interested to see what Denny Brown does with his title shot. So many possibilities!! Jayhawks vs Adonis/Murdoch..... Oh Spaldoni, you know the way to a man's heart!! Good Lord! Poor Tio and Tapu! I think they've been beaten up in half the leagues in this thing, but nothing like that!! I hope Cocoa's friends are ready for a fight! Oh man, DJ Peterson vs Gary Young! Two of my favorite 80's dudes going at it! Nice!! I am liking the Mike Shaw push quite a bit. Even in the loss, the fact that Tsuruta who has been pushed as a monster, needed help in beating him, makes Shaw look great. Well Done in getting everyone involved over. Oh my, Lawler and Dundee is going to be some mixture of a war, a blood bath, and a clusterfuck, and I can't wait!!!
  11. Blehschmidt

    AWA World Wrestling Federation

    Welcome Aboard!! First off, dig the format. Big win for The Moondogs against Patterson and Johnson, glad to see Spot getting better usage than I gave him! Great Jesse interview! I could hear it in his voice! Roop picks up a nice one against Robinson. Get the feeling we'll be seeing a Roop push, and that is good with me!! Nice wins for Two Eagles and the Superstar! Glad to see Rocky Johnson heading back to singles competition, hoping to see a good run from The Soul Man! If that was a veiled shot at Pat's preferences, well done, those seem to be prevalent in early 80's WWF!! Holy Shit! Magnum takes the belt off Backlund!! What a way to kick off the new era of the WWF! Is Magnumania about to Run Wild?? Dibiase makes short work of The Body, and brings an end to an awesome first show! Looking forward to seeing more!!
  12. Blehschmidt


    World Class trades Len Denton and Baron Von Raschke to Continental for The Great Kabuki and Kendo Nagasaki
  13. Blehschmidt


    Kendall gets the nice intro from his Daddy, but that may cost him an ass beating sooner than later. Johnny Rich getting over nicely, and Rocky Mountain desperately needs some babyfaces, so that is good! Chris Adams picks up another nice win, and Ron Bass looks to keep it rolling against Von Erich, but Rufus Jones makes the surprise appearance and saves the day!! Things starting to look a little brighter here!! Oh Man! Now Doc and The Bull have arrived!! Things are turning sour for Ladd real fast! Mulligan's Men versus Ladd's Army is gonna be a whole lot of fun!! Orndorff and Tito pick up some wins to open Stampede Moffit looks to make a big impact by going after Santana, but firing up Tito is a bad idea! Bassarab vs Armstrong should be a good one Slaughter's Marauders vs Neidhart, Tito, and The Bulldogs would be a heck of an 8 man! Yeesh.....The Movement against Hansen and Bad News...... poor Tiger and Shaska!! HOLY SHIT!! What did Orndorff just do!! Wow! Flair gets the shot, Bret gets screwed, Heenan gets laid out, Orndorff is the lone wolf.... What an Ending!!!
  14. Blehschmidt

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    -Broadcasting live to our local affiliates in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri, as well as in Syndication across these great United States, the American Wrestling Association proudly presents World Class Wrestling, coming to you this week from the North Side Coliseum in Fort Worth!- Jim Ross: Hello Ladies and Gentleman, and welcome to AWA World Class Wrestling! I'm Jim Ross and joining me as always is "Cowboy" Bill Watts. Tonight we have two huge matches that will have major implications for World Class Wrestling. We'll also hear from David Schultz who has been at the center of much controversy and we have some breaking news on not one, but two out of the ring altercations! Tell them about it Bill. Bill Watts: That's absolutely right Jim. First we will see Kevin Von Erich and Baron Von Raschke battle inside the steel cage in a match where the only way to win is to defeat your opponent with The Iron Claw. One man will submit or be rendered unable to continue here tonight. Then in the main event Nick Bockwinkel will defend the World Class Heavyweight Championship against Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat inside the same steel cage. If Steamboat fails to defeat Bockwinkel, he will be forced to leave World Class for one year. But I don't think Bockwinkel was anticipating the cage being there to keep his accomplices out when he laid down the challenge. Jim Ross: High stakes to be certain Cowboy, but at Labor Day Star Wars, Steamboat was seemingly moments away from winning the title when the time limit expired. Bill Watts: It definitely looked that way to everyone but the champion himself! Jim Ross: Before we head to the ring, we are going to look at some video footage of two incidents that took place last week. The footage is graphic in nature folks, so be warned if you have young children in the room, or are feint of heart. Let's roll that footage... We are taken to footage that is labeled 9-3-84 Springfield, Missouri. We see Kendall Windham dressed in street clothes walking across the parking lot of a building carrying a duffel bag. Just as he reaches what appears to be his car, he is hit from behind and crashes into the door of the car. Jimmy Garvin, Gary Young, and John Tatum all swarm into the picture and begin punching and kicking Windham, and repeatedly slamming his head off the roof and hood of the car. Once Kendall is an absolute bloody mess, they start to walk away, but Gary Young goes back and actually smashes Kendall's head into the drivers side window!! Jim Ross: A disturbing attack that took place after a World Class show in Springfield, Missouri the night after Labor Day Star Wars. Young Kendall Windham was taken the hospital and received multiple stitches and suffered a severe concussion. Whether we will see him in a World Class ring again is unknown. Bill Watts: Needless to say his older brother Barry Windham was not pleased with what transpired, so now we take you to the very next night in Joplin, Missouri. This time the footage is labeled 9-4-94 Joplin, Missouri. We see Gary Young who looks dressed for an evening on the town putting his suitcase in the trunk of his car. From seemingly out of nowhere, Barry Windham nailed him from behind knocking him about half way into the trunk. Barry then starts raining down punches into the face of Young and we can hear him grunting out "you wanna attack my family" as he assaults him. Barry finally backs off a bit, and Young starts to try and pull himself up, and that is when Barry slams the trunk lid down on top of Young. Young collapses to the pavement and Windham reaches into the trunk, producing a tire iron. Barry reaches down and grabs the arm of Young, and brings the tire iron crashing down on his hand and wrist. Young screams out in pain and curls into the fetal position clutching his arm to his chest. The footage ends there. Jim Ross: We understand that "Gorgeous" Gary suffered an injury to his arm, and he has not shown up to any of his scheduled matches since that night, and can only assume he has left World Class Wrestling. Bill Watts: Barry Windham will be here on the show next week and we hope to get some comments from him on this whole matter. Jim Ross: Folk's we are going to take a quick break, and we will be right back with the first of our two main events! -Commercial Break- 1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit -Baron Von Raschke vs Kevin Von Erich- -Steel Cage- -Iron Claw Submission Match- Von Raschke stalled getting into the cage, and had Kevin worked into a frenzy by the time he finally did. When the cage door closed, Von Erich launched himself across the ring and fists were flying. Surprisingly it was Baron who took the advantage after sinking his fingers into the eyes of Kevin, and then he went to work. He smashed Kevin repeatedly into the cage, then scraped his face back and forth across the mesh until the blood began to flow. Von Raschke stomped him on the mat relentlessly, and when he held up his hand to signal the Claw, the Fort Worth crowd booed him out of the building. Von Raschke reached down and grabbed a handful of Kevin's hair to pull him to his feet, but Kevin countered by stiff arming the Baron in the groin much to the delight of the fans! Von Raschke was clutching himself as Kevin got to his feet and grabbed him by the back of the head and ran him face first into the cage. Now it was Kevin's turn to bring the pain as he rubbed the face of Von Raschke against the cage and smashed him into it repeatedly until blood was streaming down the face of the Baron. Kevin shoved Von Raschke into the corner and climbed onto the second turnbuckle where he blasted him with punches as the crowd counted along. Von Raschke staggered out of the corner and collapsed to the canvas. Now it was Kevin's turn as he held his hand up signalling for the Iron Claw as the crowd roared. Kevin dropped down and straddled Von Raschke, sinking the Iron Claw in deep as he did so. Von Erich grabbed his wrist with his other hand for extra leverage, and Von Raschke thrashed and struggled, but there was no escape. First he stopped trying to pull Kevin's arms away, then he stopped moving completely. At that point Referee David Manning called for the bell. Winner: Kevin Von Erich Bill Watts: MY GOD, WHAT A FIGHT! Jim Ross: Bloodied and beaten, Kevin Von Erich has left Baron Von Raschke unconscious in the middle of the ring! I guess we know for sure who the true master of the Iron Claw is now Cowboy! Bill Watts: Baron Von Raschke is a tough man Jim Ross, but when he backed Kevin Von Erich in a corner, I'm not sure he ever stood a chance. Jim Ross: Folks, we are gonna take a break while both of these men are helped from the ring. When we return, we are going to hear from David Schultz! -Commercial Break- We return to find Marc Lowrance standing at ringside with one "Dr. D" David Schultz. Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome back to World Class Wrestling, David Schultz. David Schultz: That's "Dr. D" David Schultz to you Marc Lowrance! But you know what, it's actually good to be back here in World Class Wrestling 'cause I have some unfinished business to take care of, ya understand that! Back on the Fourth of July, I was all set to whip The Junkyard Dog and win the World Class Title, when that gutless yellow turd, that seven foot mongoloid, Big John Studd jumped me from behind and wrapped a steel chair around my skull. When ya seven foot tall and weight over three hundred pounds, I'd expect you to step up and fight like a man, but Studd came up from behind me like a coward and I never saw it coming. I was still ready to go out there and beat the Dog half to death and bring home that title baby, but the damn doctors told the Doctor that I wasn't in no shape to wrestle. They told me that they'd fine me twenty five thousand dollars if I stepped foot out of that locker room. Marc Lowrance: Where have you been since that time? David Schultz: Don't you interrupt me Marc Lowrance, or I'll slap you so hard you'll think your my wife! I was getting to that! Now! John Studd did his job and took me out of that match as part of some master plan that Nicky Bockwinkel hatched so he could win the Heavyweight Title. Good for you Nick. That's real good. All you've done is save Junkyard Dog the whippin' that I was fixin' to give him, and now I'm gonna give it to you. Only it's gonna be a lot worse for you, cause at least the Dog never had to send his bosom buddies to take Dr. D out! Anyway! To answer your stupid question Marc Lowrance, after the Fourth of July, I took a little trip down to Alabama. Made a few friends, had a little fun, made twenty five thousand dollars so that if this crap ever happens again I can tell those doctors where to plant their lips, and most of all, I planned on how I was gonna come back here and get some damn revenge! Marc Lowrance: That was at the Battle of New Orleans when you cost Big John Studd the Central States/Television Title Unification Match? David Schultz: That was the damn start! If you, or Studd, or these people, or any damn buddy thinks that's all there is too it, you're mistaken! I'm going to continue smashing chairs into the head of John Studd until he's about as tall as Sky Low Low! You hear me! Then we can't forget that ole Tricky Nicky Bockwinkel was behind all this, so maybe I'll wrap a chair around his pretty blonde head and take that belt that I was all set to take in the damn first place! Marc Lowrance: What about Bruiser Brody? When you attacked Studd for the second time on Labor Day, you caused Brody to get disqualified, and seem to have made an enemy of him as well. David Schultz: I don't care about Bruiser Brody, Marc Lowrance. That big goof was in the wrong place at the wrong time, ya understand? If he wants to stomp out to the ring in his little boots with pieces of his old lady's fur coat glued to them, and his little chain and get in the Doctor's face, I'll be glad to smack him around too. Doctor D isn't in World Class Wrestling to make friends. I'm here for two reasons, to beat people up, and to win the Heavyweight Title. Brody, Studd, Bockwinkel, Jim Ross, you Lowrance, I don't care, I'll fight any damn body. Schultz walks away as Lowrance gives an "Oh My" look and the show heads to a commercial break. -Commercial Break- Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentleman, we are back and it is time for the World Class Heavyweight Championship to be defended inside the Steel Cage. Bill Watts: Ricky Steamboat has agreed to leave World Class for one year if he doesn't defeat Nick Bockwinkel here tonight. I believe Bockwinkel was attempting to set him up, but this cage has thrown a monkey wrench in his plans, and now he'll be forced to rely on only himself. Jim Ross: Anything goes inside that cage, but he won't have John Studd and he won't have Baron Von Raschke to help him. The Champ is going to have to do this one on his own. 1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit -Nick Bockwinkel vs Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat - AWA World Class Heavyweight Title- -Cage Match- A very different tempo than the first cage match, as Steamboat and Bockwinkel felt one another out in the opening minutes and tentatively locked up several times. A very technical back and forth wrestling match with both men showing control and superior ability that frequently ended in stalemates was the story of the opening fifteen minutes of this match. Bockwinkel seemed frustrated each time that Steamboat was able to counter him, while Steamboat just nodded his head and looked ready to try his next attack. The tempo of the match changed when Steamboat bridged out of a Bockwinkel pin attempt, and it left Bockwinkel behind The Dragon. Nick had apparently had enough and grabbed a handful of Steamboat's hair and attempted to drive him face first into the cage! Steamboat caught hold of the mesh with both hands and stopped the momentum. Bockwinkel continued to try and drive the face of The Dragon into the cage, but Steamboat proved more powerful and didn't allow it to happen. Steamboat drove an elbow backwards into the stomach of the Champion, and then grabbed him by the head and smashed him into the cage much to the delight of the crowd! Bockwinkel came off the mat with blood streaming down his face, and The Dragon laid into him with a series of chops to the chest, and then one to the head for good measure. Steamboat whipped Bockwinkel into the ropes and caught him with a huge double chop to the chest that sent Bockwinkel down. Steamboat covered Bockwinkel, but Referee Ron West only counted Two. Steamboat grabbed Bockwinkel by the hair to pull him up, and at the same time, Bockwinkel grabbed Ron West by the pant leg to try and stop Steamboat. Steamboat managed to get Bockwinkel to his feet, and Bockwinkel had West off balance, and when Steamboat nailed Bockwinkel with a punch, Bockwinkel nailed Ron West with a back elbow that seemed very convenient.... Bockwinkel began crawling to the corner to try and get away from Steamboat, slapping the mat quite loudly as he went, but Ricky followed him in and pulled him to his feet. Steamboat mounted the turnbuckle and began to punch away at Bockwinkel. Jim Ross: Bill, do you see.. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! A couple of feet behind where Ricky Steamboat was punching away at Bockwinkel in the corner, a hole appeared in the canvas. Small at first, just enough for some fingers to appear, then a hand, then a second hand. Then the whole got much bigger as two arms widened it, then a head appeared.... Jim Ross: THAT'S THE GREAT KABUKI!!! From out of the hole came The Great Kabuki. He crouched down and waited for Ricky Steamboat to finish punching away at Nick Bockwinkel. When Steamboat climbed down and turned around, Kabuki flipped back his hair and unleashed a mouth full of Green Mist directly into the face of The Dragon! Steamboat fell to the mat clutching his face, Bockwinkel who was slumped in the corner was smiling like the Cheshire Cat, and Kabuki just slid back into the hole like he'd never been there. Bockwinkel took a few moments to compose himself, then casually strolled over and stomped Steamboat in the head several times. He then yanked The Dragon to his feet by the hair, kicked him in the gut, and planted him with a Piledriver. Bockwinkel went over and shook Ron West several times until he stirred, then headed back to Steamboat and stomped on him a few more times, before picking him back up and giving him a second Piledriver. This time Bockwinkel covered, and a dazed Ron West counted One, Two, Three. Winner, and Still AWA World Class Heavyweight Champion: Nick Bockwinkel Jim Ross: Bockwinkel is still the champion! Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat has too..... this can't stand, can it Cowboy? Bill Watts: Anything goes inside that cage Jim. I don't like it anymore than you do, but Ricky Steamboat is out of World Class Wrestling for one year. Jim Ross: Where in the world did Kabuki come from? How is he associated with Bockwinkel? Bill Watts: I get the feeling there is a lot more to this story Jim Ross. Hopefully next week we'll get some answers. Jim Ross: Alright Ladies and Gentleman, we are out of time. Please join us here next week for more AWA World Class Wrestling. For Bill Watts, I'm Jim Ross. Good Night Everyone!
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