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  1. Blehschmidt

    NXT talk

    Hideo Itami retweeted the news about Aleister Black being attacked with the words "Parking Lot Unsafe" added. I'm sure creative didn't remember that, but a hilarious throwback to continuity by Kenta!
  2. If anyone hasn't seen this yet, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are good dudes. https://twitter.com/Fileana2/status/1026294723697369088?s=09
  3. Blehschmidt

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    It goes up on YouTube every week.
  4. Blehschmidt

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    If he tightened up his strikes a bit (which I figure is him afraid of hurting people) he would be damn near perfect for a guy with his experience level. Very impressed with him so far.
  5. Blehschmidt

    RIP Brian Christopher

    Don't forget the shining beacon of class that Sabu has been on Twitter as well.
  6. Blehschmidt

    Born in the 1990s

    Mexico has Fenix, Bandido, and Flamita off the top of my head all under 28 years old who are fantastic, and I am sure many others.
  7. Blehschmidt

    WWE Extreme Rules 2018

    The last PPV they had was the Batista Rumble, I think they are still pissed off
  8. Blehschmidt

    WWE Extreme Rules 2018

    The fucking crowd counting down like this is the Rumble and making the buzzer noise is fucking hilarious...
  9. Blehschmidt

    Fire Pro World X New Japan

    The game comes with a roster of 30 generic wrestlers. I believe there will be 30 NJPW wrestlers in the initial release, with more supposedly to come with the Junior DLC. Then on Steam you can find virtually anyone, and your roster size is only limited by your hard drive (supposedly, though the 5000 limit thing I posted above will likely come before you fill your hard drive!)
  10. Blehschmidt

    Fire Pro World X New Japan

    It really isn't super graphics intensive or a resources hog, as long as you aren't trying to stream it or anything. My old laptop ran it just fine and it was a piece of shit. Two things people should keep in mind though... 1) Installing the mods (while they are awesome) can and does cause crashes, which can erase your save file. 2) Having above 5000 CAW's (I know, it seems insane to me too, but people do it!) can cause the opening screen where it loads all of your content to take several days each time you turn the game on. It doesn't always happen when you have that many edits, but 5k seems to be the magic number when it starts randomly happening to people.
  11. Blehschmidt

    Fire Pro World X New Japan

    There is a Jimmy Golden that has Bunkhouse Buck as it's 4th attire, but it isn't very good. If you are looking for edits, may I make the following suggestions.... Captain Howdy has probably the best looking classic edits you will find covering the Mid 80's - the Mid 90's (I assume he will get around to Bunkhouse Buck eventually. He made Yoshi Kwan for fuck's sake!!) The Avenger3 has a nice mix of modern indy dudes, current WWE and TNA guys, and some other shit tossed in for fun. Senator's Workshop has a link to both his wrestling edits which encompass a ton of era's and his MMA and Boxing edits which are quite frankly amazing, especially if you are a boxing fan, cause this guy has done a TON of research. and lastly, DJKM77 and his metric shit ton of edits. These are not the highest quality in the looks division, but they sim well and he has everyone from Stanislaus Zbyszko to Barry Horowitz
  12. Blehschmidt

    Fire Pro World X New Japan

    Yes. Basic gameplay remains the same. At least for now. I don't know if the New Japan update and console release will bring about changes. They are promising an update along with that, but it seems to just be in the User Interface.
  13. Blehschmidt

    Fire Pro World X New Japan

    If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to stream some matches on Twitch if you want to see what the game has to offer. I've made over 70 caw's myself, most of which are set for a more modern style (though they are personal creations, not actual wrestlers) and I can download virtually anyone if there are requests.
  14. Blehschmidt

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Beat up and read numerous times over, I still have all 12 issues in my collection! Great book.
  15. That is true, it just seems like you don't hear 205 get mentioned much anywhere. Which sucks, cause the show has been very good ever since the title tournament began before Mania.