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  1. Ember Moon replaced Alexa Bliss Mickie James replaced Sasha Banks Bobby Roode replaced Kevin Owens Jeff Hardy replaced AJ Styles Curt Hawkins replaced Braun Strowman Apollo Crews is replacing Finn Balor
  2. Blehschmidt

    R.I.P. Dynamite Kid

    Several U.K. news sources, as well as Marty Jones and Will O'Spreay on Twitter reporting that "Dynamite Kid" Tom Billington has passed away on his 60th birthday.
  3. Blehschmidt

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    If you've never seen Straight Shootin' w/Raven and The Sandman, do your best to track it down. Nothing like hearing Raven and Sandman go from telling drug stories to discussing the Wall Street Journal to reminiscing about stealing each others door mats.
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  5. So Braun and Ember Moon are 4-0 in Mixed Match Challenge and have absolutely dominated, so they replace him with Curt Hawkins? This company really is actively trolling it's fanbase.
  6. Blehschmidt

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    I am glad to see that someone else finds Jimmy Havoc as unappealing as I do. I see this guy getting praised all over the place, and I just don't get it. He looks and wrestles like a thousand other guys that I've seen a million other times bludgeoning themselves for twenty bucks and a hot dog on garbage indy shows all across the East Coast of the United States.
  7. Blehschmidt

    WWE Survivor Series 2018

    Especially since the theme half the night was that no one on Raw could get along.... But I guess we needed to make sure that Stephanie would be able to come out and brag about it tonight since we haven't heard about how wonderful she is since she invented women's wrestling for that PPV last month. On the plus side, at least we got to see how "The Best in the World" Shane McMahon is the top wrestler on that loser show Smackdown. 21 years of McMahon's dominanting storylines at this point...... Will it never end?
  8. Blehschmidt

    WWE Survivor Series 2018

    Those two won a crowd that didn't give a shit about either of them when they came out. Awesome stuff.
  9. Blehschmidt

    WWE Survivor Series 2018

    Here is the MOTN.
  10. Blehschmidt

    WWE Survivor Series 2018

    I bet Vince and Kevin Dunn are laughing hysterically at that "amazing" finish somewhere in the back right now.
  11. Blehschmidt

    WWE NXT War Games 2018

    Both Black/Gargano and Ciampa/Dream have been a ton of fun. Still not sure why they short changed the girls though.
  12. Blehschmidt

    WWE NXT War Games 2018

    Well, they rushed the shit out of that. Disappointing.
  13. Blehschmidt

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    It always amazed me that he got anywhere. He worked for what was essentially a glorified backyard promotion in Pennsylvania and thought he was a big deal cause he was a wrestler. I did commentary for a slightly better shitty indy promotion in the area, and Ellsworth and the guys from his promotion used to wait until our shows got started and try to sneak in the side door of our venue with posters promoting their shows and run screaming through the audience to try and attract our crowd to their shows. The guy is a fucking idiot and a wierdo, so these accusations wouldn't surprise me in the least.
  14. Blehschmidt

    2018 Match of the Year

    Buddy Murphy vs Mustafa Ali - 7/3/18