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  1. Burgundy just said it much better than I could have.
  2. Really? Between the star ratings you've been throwing around, calling Drew Gulak boring, defending Seth Rollins, and now this "amazing" take... I'm not sure this is the board for you.
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    World Wrestling Federation

    LIVE.......FROM.... THE WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION PRESENTS: A rowdy 18,972 people have filled Madison Square Garden to near capacity and they are loud as Howard Finkel steps to the microphone and welcomes them to Wrestlemania! He then introduces a very special guest to sing "America The Beautiful", the lady who was the musical guest the night Andre the Giant hosted Saturday Night Live...Tina Turner! After a wonderful rendition of the song by Miss Turner, we cut to ringside where Vince McMahon,Gorilla Monsoon, and Lord Alfred Hayes are on the call. Vince McMahon: Hello Ladies and Gentleman, and Welcome to WRESTLEMANIA!!! I'm your host Vince McMahon joined by Gorilla Monsoon and Lord Alfred Hayes, and what a night of action we have in store for you! Gorilla Monsoon: You can say that again. I was backstage a little earlier, and you can cut the tension with a knife. All of the men set to compete here tonight are ready to go. Lord Alfred Hayes: The tension has been building for weeks, and these rivalries have become quite personal. Scores will most certainly be settled here this evening. 1 Fall, 15 Minute Time Limit -"Magnificent" Kevin Kelly w/Jimmy Hart vs DJ Peterson The opening contest of Wrestlemania featured two of the up and coming talents in the World Wrestling Federation. They battled back and forth, both trying to get an advantage over the other, and at different times both looked to have things in control, but then the opponent would come battling back. Eventually the stalemate, would lead to the time limit expiring just as looked like DJ Peterson might finally have things in hand. Winner: Time Limit Draw in 15 Minutes 1 Fall, 15 Minute Time Limit -The Super Destroyers (#1/#2) w/Jimmy Hart vs The Scufflin' Hillbilles (Hillbilly Jim/Cousin Luke) A fairly standard back and forth tag team affair for the opening portion of the match. The Super D's laid quite a beating on Cousin Luke for a while, but when he finally made a hot tag to Hillbilly Jim, the big man came in and cleaned house on both of his masked opponents. We then got a good bit of Jim laying a whipping on the smaller Super Destroyer. The end came when Jimmy Hart jumped up on the apron and both Hillbilly Jim and the referee went after him. The Super Destroyer that was on the apron slipped a foreign object into his mask, quickly entered the ring and rolled his partner to the floor, then took his place laying on the mat. When the unsuspecting Hillbilly Jim came back and pulled his opponent off the mat, he was cracked with a headbutt, and then covered for the one, two, three. Winners: The Super Destroyers 1 Fall, 15 Minute Time Limit -"The Southern Gentleman" Robert Fuller w/Fidel vs "The Black Superman" Tony Atlas Before the match could begin Fuller attempted to offer Atlas a bribe in order to lay down in the center of the ring and allow himself to be pinned. Atlas looked to the crowd who were boo'ing and screaming "NO." Atlas appeared to be considering the offer, before blasting Fuller with an uppercut that took him clear off of his feet and landed him on his back. Atlas then clotheslined Fidel who was looking in shock at the fallen Fuller, sending him out of the ring. Tony Atlas then pulled Fuller to his feet, hoisted him over his head in a huge Military Press Slam and dropped him in the center of the ring. Atlas then covered Fuller for the One, Two, Three in less then twenty seconds!! Winner: Tony Atlas 1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit -The Islanders (Haku/Tama) w/Sunshine vs The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton/Tommy Rogers) A fantastic tag team encounter that would go on to become heralded as a classic among tape traders. For nearly twenty four minutes these two teams would go back and forth with The Islanders working over The Fantastics with brute force, stiff looking chops and kicks, and high impact offense while The Fantastics would use their tag team maneuvers, quickness, and most importantly unmatched selling to have the crowd on the edge of their seats the whole time. The end came when it looked like Tommy and Bobby had finally managed to get the momentum fully in their favor, hitting Tama with a double dropkick that sent him out of the ring, and then sending Haku into the ropes and hitting him with a double back body drop. As the referee was trying to get Rogers out of the ring, Fulton went to the top and prepared to come off on Haku. It was then that Sunshine finally made her presence felt, jumping onto the ring apron and shoving Fulton off the turnbuckle. Bobby crashed to the mat, and Tama who had climbed back onto the ring apron on the other side of the ring scaled the ropes and sailed three fourths of the way across the ring with a flying splash onto Fulton. Rogers tried to charge back into the ring, but was met with a standing side kick from Haku that sent him to the floor. Tama rolled out of the ring, and Haku covered Fulton for the One, Two, Three. Winners: The Islanders 1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit -Greg "The Hammer" Valentine w/Bobby "The Brain" Heenan vs Ken Patera- WWF Intercontinental Title The early stage of the contest saw several lock ups as Valentine kept trying to go after the legs of Patera, but he found himself shoved down by the strength of the Olympian several times. A frustrated Hammer eventually bailed out to the floor and had a conference with The Brain. A change in strategy saw Valentine take control after faking for the legs, and then drilling Patera in the face with an elbow. "The Hammer" then grabbed his leg, tripped Patera and went to work. Valentine was relentless, dropping elbows, wrenching the knee joint, and grinding the leg of Patera until the Intercontinental Champion could hardly put any weight on it. Finally when it looked like Patera was all but finished, he got a second wind and as Valentine was holding his injured leg in the air, Patera began to fire away with punches while balancing on one leg. Right hand after right hand staggered The Hammer. He finally let go of the leg he was holding and tried to protect himself, but Patera was beyond pain and reached in, scooping Valentine up and planting him with a huge bodyslam. When Valentine got to his feet, Patera blasted him with a clothesline that sent him back down. It was about this time that Bobby Heenan got onto the apron and began wagging his finger at Patera. The referee went to Heenan first, but Patera took the bait and began to limp toward The Brain. He grabbed two handfuls of Bobby Heenan's jacket, but before he could knock The Brain out, Valentine chop blocked the bad leg and sent him to the mat. The Hammer wasted no time cinching in the Figure Four Leg Lock and much to the chagrin of the MSG crowd, after fighting valiantly, Patera passed out from the pain. Winner, and NEEEWWWWW Intercontinental Champion: Greg "The Hammer" Valentine 1 Fall, 45 Minute Time Limit -The Iron Sheik & The Red Scare (Nikolai Volkoff/Boris Zhukov) w/"Classy" Freddie Blassie vs Sgt. Slaughter & The Gunslingers (Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell) - Coward Waves the Flag This was pretty much a wild brawl from the moment the bell rang and all six men started fighting. Eventually the referee got them separated and got four of them out of the ring, which left Johnny Mantell and Nikolai Volkoff in the ring. The early part of the match saw The Gunslingers using frequent tags to work the big Russian over, but eventually Nikolai rocked Mantell with a clothesline and tagged in Zhukov. From that point, the Blassie Trio kept Mantell in there corner, made frequent tags of there own, and threw in some good, old fashioned cheating to wear Mantell down to the point that it looked to be over several times. Finally after what felt like forever, Mantell flipped over The Iron Sheik on a backdrop attempt, and instead of actually trying to get the pin on the sunset flip, he jumped up and tagged in Sgt. Slaughter! Slaughter came in like a man possessed, and took it to the Sheik, took it to Volkoff, and Zhukov as well. The end came when he nailed both Russians with a huge double noggin knocker and then clotheslined both of them out of the ring. He turned around just in time to see The Iron Sheik getting to his feet, and plowed him down with a Slaughter Cannon lariat. The Gunslingers leapt off the apron and attacked the Russians on the floor, while Slaughter locked Iron Sheik in the Cobra Clutch. Sheik tried to hang on, but when he gave it up, the place went nuts! Winners: Sgt. Slaughter & The Gunslingers (Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell) After the match, Slaughter handed the American Flag to a still groggy Sheik. Mantell and Casey, as well as Slaughter were pretty much surrounding Sheik to make sure the deed got done, and while he looked as though he would rather swallow a hand grenade, The Iron Sheik waved the American Flag as the three men stood saluting. As this was happening, Blassie and the two Russians left ringside and were shaking their heads. -Intermission- 1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit -Kazaharu w/Jimmy Hart vs "Superstar" Billy Graham "The Superstar" was met with a rousing ovation from the MSG crowd, while they absolutely didn't know what to make of Kazaharu. This one started off very tentatively as Kazaharu slinked around the ring striking martial arts poses instead of locking up with Graham. When they finally did lock up, Kazaharu struck him with a short punch, and Graham audibly said "Okay, let's do this!" Graham then dropped into a martial arts stance, and the two men exchanged a series of strikes while the crowd went crazy. It ended in a stalemate, but after that we ended up with a more traditional wrestling contest. Both men controlled the match at different times, and the end came when Graham whipped Kazaharu into the ropes and caught him in his patented Bear Hug! Graham wrenched on the hold and just when it seemed that Kazaharu would have no choice but to submit, the Japanese warrior unleashed a spew of green mist into the face and eyes of the Superstar! Graham released the hold and began clutching his face as the referee called for the bell. Winner, by Disqualification: "Superstar" Billy Graham Kazaharu unleashed a sidekick into the jaw of Graham much to chagrin of the MSG crowd before leaving the ring. 1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit -"Dr. D" David Schultz vs Tito Santana - Street Fight These two didn't even wait for the bell to ring and started brawling as soon as Santana hit the ring, nearly knocking Howard Finkel on his butt! It was just an exchange of punches for the opening minute of the match, back and forth, back and forth, until Schultz had enough and bailed out of the ring. Santana was quick to follow, and the two of them continued at it on the floor, tossing each other into the ring apron, the barricades separating the crowd from ringside, and then finally Schultz slammed Santana face first into the ring post drawing blood. Schultz battered Santana all over the ringside area for several minutes after that, including tossing him over the timekeepers table. The tides changed when Schultz took a bunch of time pulling up the mats at ringside. He then positioned Santana for a piledriver on the concrete, but Tito was able to reverse it and back dropped Schultz hard to the concrete. A fired up Santana began to pound away on Schultz who was trying to crawl under the ring to get away from him. Schultz made it about half way under, but Santana drug him out by the legs. Santana grabbed two handfuls of Dr. D's hair and pulled him to his feet, only to be blasted in the face with a wrench that Schultz had pulled out from under the ring. Santana dropped like a rock, and Schultz just smiled with blood streaming down his face. Dr. D lifted the unconscious Santana up, rolled him into the ring, gave him a piledriver for good measure, then covered him for the three count. Winner: "Dr. D" David Schultz 1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit -The Giant Machine vs Andre the Giant The ovation for Andre the Giant was nearly deafening, and the ass beating that he proceeded to deliver on The Giant Machine was nothing short of spectacular. Andre sold virtually nothing, and the shots he was delivering to the masked man looked particularly stiff on this night. A series of shoulder rams in the corner, followed by a clothesline dropped the masked man, then Andre dropped all of his weight on his chest for the One, Two, Three. Winner: Andre the Giant As Andre was celebrating his win a hush fell over the MSG crowd as a man came walking down the aisle toward the ring. A monster of a man with wild hair and an unkempt beard, he was dressed in a black, sleeveless kind of jumpsuit that was covered in what looked like a bear pelt across the shoulders. Lord Alfred Hayes: Oh My Goodness. I don't believe it. Vince McMahon: Who is it Alfred? Who is this monster![/b] Lord Alfred Hayes: He's called Giant Haystacks. He tips the scales at over six hundred pounds and he has been undefeated in Great Britain for as long as I can remember..... As Giant Haystacks stepped into the ring he came and stood nearly eye to eye with Andre, and easily looked to outweigh him. The two men stood eye to eye exchanging words and looked to be seconds away from coming to blows when a swarm of officials and referees came to the ring and got between them. 1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit -The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith/The Dynamite Kid) w/Bobby "The Brain" Heenan vs The Von Erich's (Kerry Von Erich/Kevin Von Erich)- WWF World Tag Team Titles Kevin Von Erich began this match by looking for a handshake, and The Dynamite Kid responded by slapping him hard across the face. Kevin responded with a right hand that knocked Dynamite Kid on his ass, and that set the tone for the rest of the match as both teams fought angry. The Von Erich's controlled the opening minutes of the contest using frequent tags and constantly frustrating Dynamite Kid who couldn't seem to get a rhythm going. Eventually he tagged in Davey Boy who used his raw strength to over power Kevin, and The Bulldogs were finally able to gain control. They cut the ring in half and kept Kevin in their corner, using frequent tags, double teams, and as much cheating as they could sneak in behind the back of the referee to break down Von Erich. When they finally felt like they had done enough, Davey Boy hoisted Kevin onto his shoulders and Power Slammed him hard onto the mat. He then tagged Dynamite Kid who ascended to the top rope and sailed off with a Diving Headbutt, but Kevin Von Erich rolled out of the way at the last possible second, causing Dynamite to crash and burn!! Both men then began the slow crawl back to their partners, and it was Dynamite Kid that made it first. Smith came rushing in and stopped Kevin inches away from tagging in Kerry. Davey Boy yanked Kevin to his feet by the hair, and was shocked when Von Erich came up with the momentum and planted two bare feet into his chest with a dropkick! Davey Boy went down, and Kevin used his last bit of energy to tag in Kerry! Kerry Von Erich hit the ring like a Casa En Fuego, and blasted the recovering Davey Boy with a huge right hand. He then dropkicked Dynamite Kid off the apron, and then planted another dropkick on Davey Boy who'd gotten back up! The crowd was going nuts as Kerry cleared out the ring!! The Bulldogs were trying to regroup on the floor, but Kerry wasn't having it, rolling to the floor himself, and giving them the double noggin knocker, before tossing Smith back in! He then took a moment and chased away Bobby Heenan who tried to grab him from behind. Kerry rolled back into the ring, but the time he spent chasing Heenan had given Davey Boy a moment to recover and Smith dropped a knee into the back of Von Erich. Davey Boy pulled Kerry up and whipped him into the ropes. Davey Boy went for a clothesline, but Kerry ducked it, put on the breaks, and blasted Smith with a huge Discus Punch!! Davey Boy crashed to the mat and Kerry quickly covered. Dynamite entered the ring, but Kevin vaulted over the top rope and tackled him just before he got to Kerry as the referee's hand was counting three!! Winners, and NEEEWWWWW WWF World Tag Team Champions: Kerry and Kevin Von Erich!!! 1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit -King Kong Bundy w/Bobby Heenan vs "The Candyman" Ray Candy The two big men stared one another down, and then came to a stale mate on the lock up, unable to budge one another. Bundy then charged into the ropes for a shoulder tackle, but The Candyman stood his ground. Bundy then dared Candyman to do the same, and the result was the same. This happened several times, until finally The Candyman, sidestepped and took Bundy down with a drop toe hold! The MSG crowd got a kick out of seeing Bundy humiliated, but it served only to piss the big man off. The tone of the match changed after that as Bundy went after Candy with a ferocity and began to wear him down quickly. Clubbing forearms, big clotheslines, and knees to the midsection served to weaken The Candyman. Then Bundy stunned the crowd by picking up The Candyman and bodyslamming him in the center of the ring. Bundy came off the ropes and dropped the Big Splash onto Candy and that was the end of it. Tonight, Bundy didn't ask for the Five count, apparently just happy to take home the victory. Winner: King Kong Bundy 1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit -Bob Backlund vs Bruno Sammartino- WWF World Heavyweight Title The cheers for Sammartino were nearly deafening as he made his way to the ring, and the look of anger on the face of Bob Backlund would be used on WWF Television intro's for years to come. When the bell rang they locked up, and Sammartino used his strength to throw Backlund to the canvas. Backlund was quickly back to his feet, and the locked up again, only for a repeat as Sammartino powered Backlund down to the canvas for a second time. This time Backlund came to his feet with a look of annoyance and took a moment to compose himself. Backlund moved in for a third lock up, then shot the leg at the last second and took Bruno to the canvas. Backlund was quick to go to work on the arm and head of the champion and slowed the pace considerably as Sammartino fought to regain his footing. Backlund used his superior amateur ability to keep the match grounded for some time, continually using holds to wear down the head and arm of Bruno. Finally after several minutes, while Backlund had his legs scissored around the head of Bruno and was stretching out his arm, Sammartino rolled over so that he was laying face down. He then got his knees under himself, and amazingly with all of the weight of Backlund on his head and shoulders first got to a kneeling position, then stood up as the Garden went ballistic! Bruno tried to shake Backlund off, but the Champion wasn't letting go, so Sammartino did the first thing he could think of and turned the move into an airplane spin! That was enough to loosen the grip of Bob Backlund, and Bruno dumped him to the mat, then dropped onto him with an elbow. That got a count of two! Bruno got back to his feet and pulled Backlund up as well. He whipped Backlund into the ropes, and went for a clothesline but Backlund ducked it and came up behind him. Backlund quickly grabbed Bruno's arm and hooked the Cross Face Chicken Wing! Leaping onto the back of Sammartino, Backlund was trying to use his weight to drag Bruno to the canvas, but Bruno was doing everything he could to remain standing. Sammartino was standing with his legs spread apart, using a wide base to stop Backlund from pulling him to the ground. Backlund meanwhile had the head and arm cinched in, and his legs wrapped around the waist of Sammartino. He was pulling for all he was worth, but just couldn't get Bruno to budge. Finally, Sammartino threw himself backwards, crashing down with all of his weight on an unsuspecting Backlund, who released the hold and was gasping for air on the canvas. Sammartino was first to his feet and pulled Backlund up off the mat and locked in a Bear Hug! Backlund was writhing in pain and doing everything he could to escape, but Bruno kept wrenching on it and wrenching on it and it looked like Backlund was going to be all finished. But Backlund jammed his fingers into the eyes of Sammartino which caused Bruno to drop the champion and clutch at his own face. After drawing a few quick breaths, Backlund charged at Bruno from behind and again applied the Cross Face Chicken Wing. This time he was able to drag Sammartino to the mat, but what he wasn't expecting was for Bruno to push up onto his tippy toes, pushing the weight of both men backwards, driving Backlunds shoulders down onto the mat. The referee dropped and count the One, Two, Three! WINNER, AND NEEEWWWWW WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: BRUNO SAMMARTINO!!!! Gorilla Monsoon: This place has gone bananas!! Lord Alfred Hayes: My Word! Bob Backlund is on the outside of the ring pounding on the floor like a crazy person, meanwhile Bruno Sammartino is the new WWF Champion!! Vince McMahon: Ladies and Gentleman, we are nearly out of time, but you've just seen history made as Bruno Sammartino has once again become the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion. What a night here at Wrestlemania! What a night for the World Wrestling Federation! Happy Independence Day! Thank You for joining us for WRESTLEMANIA!!!!
  4. If you can find it, Thatcher/Walter vs Shingo Takagi/Ilja Dragunov from PWG is well worth checking out.
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    I know I am gone, but in the interest of people not ending up in two places at once, all four of the released guys are still booked for WrestleMania on Saturday, which I will be posting.
  6. I can see Ilja Dragunov, and the two Imperium guys who aren't Alexander Wolfe remaining employed as well.
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    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    Here you go Sir, 24.95 plus shipping.... http://www.crowbarpress.com/cbp-books/14-sh.html
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    World Wrestling Federation

    Airing in Syndication all across the United States of America from the Allentown Agricultural Hall in Allentown, Pennsylvania the World Wrestling Federation presents: A funky bass rhythm mixed with a synthesizer beat begins as clips of all the World Wrestling Federation stars such as Andre the Giant, The Fantastics, King Kong Bundy, Sgt. Slaughter, The British Bulldogs, Greg Valentine and Tito Santana in action plays. It ends with Bob Backlund holding aloft the WWF World Heavyweight title and then cuts to the logo..... Vince McMahon: Hello Everyone, and welcome to the World Wrestling Federation's Superstars of Wrestling! I'm Vince McMahon and joining me at ringside is His Lordship, Lord Alfred Hayes. We are just seven days away from the biggest event in WWF history, Wrestlemania! Lord Alfred Hayes: Wrestlemania is shaping up to the biggest spectacle in the history of the wrestling business, and I for one am very excited! Vince McMahon: But before we get to Wrestlemania, we have a ton of action for you here today! We will see The Giant Machine take on two opponents as he prepares for his battle with Andre the Giant. Then from there, "The Southern Gentleman" Robert Fuller will be in singles competition. Lord Alfred Hayes: We will also see all four members of the Bobby Heenan Family compete in an eight man tag team contest, and Kevin and Kerry, the Von Erich brothers will be tag team action just days before they compete for the WWF Tag Team Championship. Vince McMahon: Then Ladies and Gentleman, today, right here on Superstars, Bruno Sammartino is going to step into the ring for the first time in nearly four years! He is also scheduled to speak with "Mean" Gene Okerlund a little later on. Lord Alfred Hayes: This will be the first time we've heard from Bruno since Bob Backlund took his son out of the WWF. It will be quite interesting to hear what the Living Legend has to say. Vince McMahon: Yes it will Alfred. Now let's head down to Howard Finkel for our opening contest! _______________________________________________________________ A picture in picture interview with Tony Atlas played during the match. Tony Atlas: Robert Fuller! You claim to be a Southern Gentleman, but all I see is a Southern Coward! So if you got the guts, how about you face me at Wrestlemania, and I'll show you why they call me The Black Superman! -Match 1- "The Southern Gentleman" Robert Fuller w/Fidel beat Shane Tylor in 5:02 by Submission with the Fuller Leglock _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: Robert Fuller comes away with the victory, but after what he and Fidel pulled last week, I wouldn't want Tony Atlas breathing down my neck. Lord Alfred Hayes: Good Heavens No! Vince McMahon: We'll be right back with The Von Erich's in tag team action! PROMOTIONAL CONSIDERATION PAID FOR BY THE FOLLOWING: Hidden by Darkness. Guarded by Witches. Discovered by a Boy. Stolen by a King. Whoever owns it will Rule the World...or Destroy it. On July 26th, Walt Disney Pictures presents.... The Black Cauldron -Commercial Break- _______________________________________________________________ -Match 2- The Von Erich's (Kevin/Kerry) defeated Pete Doherty/Tom Stone in 5:19 when Kerry pinned Stone following a Discus Punch _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: All Right!! Tell us about it Alfred! Lord Alfred Hayes: Both Kevin and Kerry were quite dominant in this contest, and at the end Kerry sent Tom Stone into the ropes and dropped him with a Discus Punch that caught him directly on the jaw. Vince McMahon: If the Von Erich's can continue showing this kind of dominance in the ring, The British Bulldogs may be in for a rough night at Wrestlemania. Lord Alfred Hayes: You can say that again! The Bulldogs are one of the finest teams I have seen in all my years in the business. But Kevin and Kerry have been teaming since they were small boys, and that is an advantage that The Bulldogs can't begin to match. Vince McMahon: We'll be right back with The Giant Machine!! -Commercial Break- _______________________________________________________________ -Match 3- The Giant Machine over Rocky King/S.D. Jones in 3:48 when he pinned King following a Legdrop _______________________________________________________________ Lord Alfred Hayes: Jones and King threw everything they had at this masked monster, but none of it even seemed to phase him. Vince McMahon: No offense to either man, but Andre the Giant will be a very different story. Lord Alfred Hayes: You are absolutely correct. This Giant Machine has laid waste to all of the men he has stepped into the ring with so far here in the World Wrestling Federation. But none of them have nearly been on the level of Andre. Vince McMahon: They certainly have not. Alright Ladies and Gentleman, it's time to head on over to "Mean" Gene Okerlund and Update! With the latest from the World Wrestling Federation, this is Update with: "Mean" Gene: Hello Ladies and Gentleman, and welcome to Update! We are now just seven days away from what is set to be the biggest show in the history of the World Wrestling Federation. Quite possibly the biggest show in the history of professional wrestling. I am of course talking about Wrestlemania! Live on the Fourth of July from Madison Square Garden in New York City, or available at Closed Circuit locations across the world. We already have ten huge matches signed, and today we are going to make it an even dozen! First up, off the heels of the sneak attack they perpetrated a few weeks back, The Super Destroyers, led by manager Jimmy Hart will step into the ring with The Scufflin' Hillbillies! Our cameras caught up with Hillbilly Jim. We cut to Hillbilly Jim standing in front of a WWF backdrop Hillbilly Jim: Hey Super Destroyers! You two fella's beat up Cousin Luke pretty good, but he's back home in Mudlick eating moon pies and drinking R.C. Cola getting healthy, and when we get our hands on y'all at Wrestlemania. Well, you'll be fixin' to find out why you don't get messin' with a country boy! "Mean" Gene: Also just added to Wrestlemania after the events of last week will be singles competition when "The Southern Gentleman" Robert Fuller goes one on one with "The Black Superman" Tony Atlas! You know Atlas will be looking for revenge, but you know that Fidel will be around to try and make sure that doesn't happen. We will also see DJ Peterson go one one with "Magnificent" Kevin Kelly and his manager Jimmy Hart. The war of words between these two keeps growing, and they are both seen as future stars here in the World Wrestling Federation. At Wrestlemania, one of them will take a huge step toward filling that spot. King Kong Bundy along with manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan will step into the ring against this man..."The Candyman!" We cut to Ray Candy dressed in his red and white striped outfit in front of the WWF backdrop. "Candyman" Ray Candy: You know something Ding Dong Bundy, you get madder and madder every time you see The Candyman out here dancing and having a good time. Maybe you just need to stop being an old stick in the mud and let loose a little bit my brother! Whadda ya think Bundy? You wanna do the peppermint twist down at the sugar shack? At Wrestlemania Bundy, when I hit you with the Chocolate Drop, I promise you'll see some little birdies dancing around your head as I pin you, one, two, three! "Mean" Gene: The mysterious Japanese newcomer known as Kazaharu and "Superstar" Billy Graham will meet one one one at Wrestlemania. Graham was originally scheduled to meet WWF Champion Bob Backlund in the main event, but followed his heart and gave that opportunity away. Jimmy Hart the manager for Kazaharu mocked Graham for that choice, and that had led to this confrontation. In tag team action, Haku and Tama, The Islanders with their manager, Sunshine will step into the ring with Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers, The Fantastics. This one began when The Islanders debuted their new manager and their new attitude by assaulting The Fantastics. Now Bobby and Tommy are looking for a little payback. We cut to The Fantastics in front of the WWF backdrop. Tommy Rogers: The time for talking is almost done. Haku, Tama, whatever you are calling yourselves now, you boys may be tough, but we've fought the best and won before. Bobby Fulton: Islanders, you tried to make your name at our expense! At Wrestlemania, we are gonna show you and that little jezebel you got with you that we are called The Fantastics for a reason! "Mean" Gene: In a Street Fight, which means No Count Out and No Disqualification, Tito Santana will mix it up with "Dr. D" David Schultz. These two have been at one another since Saturday Night's Main Event, and the bad blood has gotten so intense, that allowing this anything goes environment seems the only way to settle things. In six man tag team action, "Classy" Freddie Blassie's team of The Iron Sheik and The Red Scare, Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov will take on Sgt. Slaughter and The Gunslingers of Scott Casey and Johnny Mantell. They are calling this a Coward Waves the Flag match, because whichever man takes the fall, must stand in the center of the ring and wave the flag of the man who beats him! The giants will go to war when The Giant Machine and Andre The Giant meet each other at Wrestlemania. We don't know much about this masked man other than that he stands nearly eye to eye with Andre, and he apparently has a bone to pick with the Giant. Andre will of course be looking to send another contender to the throne of The Giant packing in this one. That brings us to our three big championship matches, Ladies and Gentleman. First up we will see Kevin and Kerry, The Von Erich's who although they have just arrived here in the World Wrestling Federation, are well known around the world for all they have done in the business of professional wrestling take on the WWF World Tag Team Champions, Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid, The British Bulldogs with their manager Bobby Heenan. Let's hear from the champions. We cut to Heenan and The Bulldogs in front of the WWF backdrop. Bobby Heenan: So that's it, the Von Erich's waltz in here and are given a shot at the belts. Old Man Fritz must have greased the palm of Tunney when no one was looking. Well that's fine, but you two Texas hicks had better listen, and you had better listen good. The British Bulldogs are the best tag team in the world. All they care about are these WWF World Tag Team Championships. I know very well that when you were wrestling in those dumps down in Texas for your old man, that the two of you were competing for singles championships. That's the difference here. You are two great wrestlers who are competing as a tag team. These men right here are a phenomenal tag team who are going to destroy two great wrestlers and remain WWF World Tag Team Champions. "Mean" Gene: For the Intercontinental Championship, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, also with Bobby Heenan will challenge Olympic Strongman, Ken Patera for the gold. These two were the finalists in the Battle Royal to crown a new Intercontinental Champion. A match that Patera ended up winning, but Valentine has racked up a series of wins, and contends that Patera couldn't defeat him in a one on one encounter. At Wrestlemania, we will find out. Then of course, we have our Main Event. For the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship. Bob Backlund will defend the title against Bruno Sammartino. As I am sure you will remember, this was originally Backlund vs Graham, but then Backlund shall we say, took liberties, with the son of Bruno Sammartino, causing him to leave the World Wrestling Federation, and Bruno Sammartino was understandably not happy about it. Billy Graham then did something nearly unthinkable and gave up his shot so that Bruno could seek his revenge on Bob Backlund. Since that time we have seen Backlund totally snap and commit assault on former WWF Champion Pedro Morales, and then last week proclaim himself to be a god. Bruno Sammartino meanwhile, has been silent. Well, a little later in this show, that silence will be broken, as I will have a one on one interview with Bruno himself. There you have it Ladies and Gentleman! Twelve huge matches, and we are only seven days away! You absolutely do not want to miss Wrestlemania! It is going to be the biggest show of the year!! For Update, I'm Gene Okerlund. -Commercial Break- Vince McMahon: Let's head down to the ring where The Heenan Family is set for eight man tag team action!! _______________________________________________________________ -Match 4- Greg "The Hammer" Valentine/King Kong Bundy/Davey Boy Smith/The Dynamite Kid defeated Brady Boone/Rick McGraw/The Blue Cyclone/Ricky Ataki in 8:24 when King Kong Bundy pinned Ataki after a Big Splash and a FIIVVVEEE Count! _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: Well, I would say the Heenan Family certainly look ready for Wrestlemania. Lord Alfred Hayes: My Word, Yes. Four men were opposing them today and not one of them got in much offense. The British Bulldogs seemed especially angry, throwing men around with extra vigor. Vince McMahon: All four of them have much greater challenges waiting for them in Madison Square Garden at Wrestlemania. We'll see if it's that easy for them then. Lord Alfred Hayes: I somehow doubt it will be. Vince McMahon: We'll be right back with "Mean" Gene and Bruno Sammartino!! -Commercial Break- We return from break to see the elevated platform away from the ring where "Mean" Gene Okerlund is standing with a microphone in his hands. "Mean" Gene: Ladies and Gentleman, please join me in welcoming the man who will challenge Bob Backlund for the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship next week at Wrestlemania...BRUNO SAMMARTINO!! Bruno comes from the locker room to a massive ovation. He is wearing his famous blue trunks and black boots, and has a towel around his neck. For his age he still looks quite impressive. He comes to stand next to Gene and has a smile on his face. "Mean" Gene: Bruno, it's good to see you with a smile on your face. Bruno Sammartino: You know Gene, when you get a reaction like that, it is hard not to smile. I love these people, and I always will. Another huge round of cheers goes up from the crowd. Bruno Sammartino: But I don't want Bob Backlund to think for even a minute, that me having a smile on my face changes what is going to happen to him at Wrestlemania. Bob Backlund, you attacked my family. I don't care if you're crazy. I don't care if your dangerous. Because at Wrestlemania, you are going to see just how crazy and how dangerous Bruno Sammartino can be! Now Gene, if you'll excuse me, I am going to go to the ring and show Backlund that I am more than just words! Bruno claps Okerlund on the shoulder and then heads toward the ring and his waiting opponent. Okerlund nods his head like he is convinced. "Mean" Gene: You heard it Ladies and Gentleman! Bruno Sammartino is going to Wrestlemania to show Bob Backlund the meaning of crazy and dangerous! You don't want to miss this!! -Commercial Break- _______________________________________________________________ -Match 5- Bruno Sammartino defeated Frank Williams in 3:15 by submission with a Bear Hug _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: Oh Yeah!! He may be a little older, but if Bruno clamps on that Bear Hug, you can forget about it!! Lord Alfred Hayes: Sammartino doesn't appear to have missed a step inside the squared circle. Add that to his laser focus on the Champion, and Bob Backlund may be in for a long night at Wrestlemania! Vince McMahon: He indeed may be. Now Ladies and Gentleman, next week on Superstars we will be recapping all of the events that have led us to Wrestlemania, then next Saturday night LIVE at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and all over the world on Closed Circuit Television will be the biggest show in the history of the WWF....WRESTLEMANIA!! You don't want to miss it!!!! (I am not actually going to write that recap episode of Superstars. Wrestlemania will hopefully be done and up on time next Saturday. My apologies for not commenting on stuff lately. Things have been hectic. In case you missed it, I posted an announcement before my show last week. Thanks Everyone)
  9. Blehschmidt

    AEW Dynamite - June 24, 2020

    I have to admit that I totally popped for the line "I may be called the American Nightmare, but I still believe in the American Dream" Thought this was a really good episode over all, and I am looking forward to Fyter Fest!
  10. Blehschmidt

    The End Of CHIKARA

    This really makes you wonder about that shutdown. I remember there was a huge rumor at the time that it was done because Quack's wife caught him sleeping with Saturyne and pulled the funding for the company. I was also a huge fan of the company, jumping on around 2008 and buying pretty much all of the shows until the shutdown. After that I have kept up, but only made it a point to catch Trios and the Cibernetico shows.
  11. Seriously. From this generation of popular British talent, who's left that hasn't been called out? Pete Dunne, Mark Haskins, Zack Sabre Jr, Mark Andrews, and Flash Morgan Webster?
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    World Wrestling Federation

    Airing in Syndication all across the United States of America from the Allentown Agricultural Hall in Allentown, Pennsylvania the World Wrestling Federation presents: A funky bass rhythm mixed with a synthesizer beat begins as clips of all the World Wrestling Federation stars such as Andre the Giant, The Fantastics, King Kong Bundy, Sgt. Slaughter, The British Bulldogs, Greg Valentine and Tito Santana in action plays. It ends with Bob Backlund holding aloft the WWF World Heavyweight title and then cuts to the logo..... Vince McMahon: Hello Everyone, and welcome to the World Wrestling Federation's Superstars of Wrestling! I'm Vince McMahon and joining me at ringside is His Lordship, Lord Alfred Hayes. This week here on Superstars we will have action featuring Tito Santana! The masked men who last weeked attacked the Scufflin' Hillbillies, The Super Destroyers! and the Eighth Wonder of the World, ANNDREE THE GIANT!! Lord Alfred Hayes: We will also see another edition of The Gentleman's Club. The Intercontinental Champion Ken Patera will be in action, and for the first time since giving his Wrestlemania championship match to Bruno Sammartino, "Superstar" Billy Graham will step into the ring. Vince McMahon: We are certainly loaded with action this week so let's get right to it with ANDRE THE GIANT!! _______________________________________________________________ -Match 1- Andre the Giant beat Barry Hardy/Snake Brown in a Handicap match in 3:54 after a Sit Down Splash on Hardy After the match The Giant Machine appeared in the aisle way and raised his hands in the air. Andre motioned for him to come in the ring, but the masked just wagged a finger at The Giant before heading backstage. _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: Andre makes quick work of two men, but we will have to see what he can do with that Giant Machine at Wrestlemania. Lord Alfred Hayes: The masked man obviously had no intention of stepping into the ring today. I think he just made an appearance in an attempt to make the giant angry. Vince McMahon: Not the strategy I would take against a man with the track record of Andre the Giant. Lord Alfred Hayes: Not at all! Vince McMahon: Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be right back with "Superstar" Billy Graham! PROMOTIONAL CONSIDERATION PAID FOR BY THE FOLLOWING: Coming on June 21st, the follow up to 1983's critically acclaimed "Shout at the Devil." Motley Crue returns with "Theatre of Pain" featuring the hit single "Smokin' in the Boys Room!" Available at all Sam Goody and Tower Records locations. -Commercial Break- _______________________________________________________________ -Match 2- "Superstar" Billy Graham over Barry Horowitz in 4:42 by submission with a Bearhug. _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: Oh Yeah! The Superstar may have given up his shot, but he hasn't missed a step in that ring! Lord Alfred Hayes: You have to believe with a gesture such as he made that if Bruno were to win the title, he would certainly give Billy a shot. If Backlund retains the title, he and the Superstar definitely have unfinished business. Vince McMahon: They most certainly do Alfred. Now..what's going on here... As "Superstar" Billy Graham is headed up the aisle, slapping hands and posing for pictures, the curtain parts and Kazaharu along with Jimmy Hart come out into the aisleway. The two of them begin to make their way toward the podium where Gene Okerlund is waiting to interview them, but Jimmy Hart is pointing at Billy Graham and whispering to Kazaharu. Graham takes notice of the two men and further notices Hart pointing at him. He opens his arm as if to say "is there a problem" and Hart motions for Kazaharu to head toward the platform. "Mean" Gene: All right Ladies and Gentleman, as you can see my guest this week are Jimmy Hart and his newest signing, the man known only as Kazaharu. Jimmy Hart: That's right baby! I went all the way to... "Superstar" Billy Graham walks up on to the platform and doesn't look happy. Kazaharu steps in front of Jimmy Hart. "Superstar" Billy Graham: If you got something to say "Mouth of the South", how about you go ahead and say it to "Superstar" Billy Graham's face! "Mean" Gene: Gentleman, I don't want any trouble out here! "Superstar" Billy Graham: Gene, I'm not trying to pick a fight, but when I see this runt pointing and laughing and whispering to Kato here, I gotta know what's so funny Jack! Jimmy Hart: Well "Superstar!" First I told him about the time you put on some black pants and acted like you were some kind of Kung Fu master! Then I told him how stupid you had to be to give up a shot at the World Heavyweight Title!! Hart immediately ducks back behind Kazaharu after he finishes speaking. The Japanese man just stands deadly still staring at Graham. "Superstar" nods his head at Hart and then speaks again. "Superstar" Billy Graham: I'll give it to you daddy, the Kung Fu phase wasn't my proudest moment. But giving Bruno Sammartino the opportunity to fight for his family, well that one I am real proud of. But hey Jimmy Hart, since I gave up my match at Wrestlemania, and your man here doesn't have one. How about I show him what "Superstar" Billy Graham and his kung fu can do! Jimmy Hart: Ha! Ha! You wanna fight Kazaharu at Wrestlemania! Oh, you're on Billy Graham! You're on! "Superstar" Billy Graham: See you there runt! See you there Silent but Violent! Graham backs off the stage and heads for the dressing room as Hart has a big smile on his face. The expression on what we can see of Kazaharu's face has not changed. "Mean" Gene: All right Ladies and Gentleman, you hea... Jimmy Hart: No! No! No! Stop right there "Mean" Gene, we aren't done! You see, although my man "Magnificent" Kevin Kelly isn't here tonight, he wanted me to remind DJ Peterson that come Wrestlemania, he is going to put him to sleep and continue his meteoric rise here in the WWF and leave DJ Peterson nothing but a big old loser! Then I was going to tell you the story of how I came to find this Japanese Assassin standing in front of you. I was going to tell you the origins of the man known as Kazaharu. But since you and Billy Graham want to keep interrupting me, I'm not gonna do that! Your loss. But you know what Gene, we still aren't done! Because right here tonight, I am going to introduce you to the tag team that will lead Jimmy Hart to the World Tag Team Titles. The team who will join Kevin Kelly and Kazaharu as the real Hart Foundation, and the team who last week beat the holy heck out of those stupid hillbillies!! From the back come the two masked men who last week assaulted the Scufflin' Hillbillies. They are dressed again in all black outfits, this time adding long black coats, and are wearing black masks with gold stars on them. The two men come to stand next to Jimmy Hart Jimmy Hart: These men right here are The Super Destroyers, and anyone who gets in their way will be just that, destroyed baby!! As a matter of fact, they have a match right now "Mean" Gene, sit back and watch this! Hart and his men leave the stage and head for ringside. -Commercial Break- _______________________________________________________________ -Match 3- The Super Destroyers (#1/#2) w/Jimmy Hart & Kazaharu beat Ricky Ataki/Mario Mancini in 3:51 when Super Destroyer #1 pinned Ataki after the Double Superplex _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: OH MY!! WHAT A MANEUVER!! Lord Alfred Hayes: As I said last week, that Double Superplex is simply one of the most devastating moves I have ever seen. I don't see how anyone could kick out of it. Vince McMahon: I don't know what business these men had attacking the Scufflin' Hillbillies last week, but Jimmy Hart certainly seems to have found himself quite a tag team unit. Lord Alfred Hayes: Jimmy Hart has put together quite a collection of talent under his employee. All of the World Wrestling Federation champions should be wary of anyone in his Hart Foundation. Vince McMahon: Yes they should Alfred. Okay Ladies and Gentleman, let's head over to Update! With the latest from the World Wrestling Federation, this is Update with: "Mean" Gene: Hello Ladies and Gentleman, and welcome to Update! We are just fourteen days away from the biggest event in World Wrestling Federation history. The biggest event in wrestling history! I am of course talking about Wrestlemania. Saturday Night, July the Fourth from Madison Square Garden in New York City. If you can't be there, Wrestlemania will be available at closed circuit locations all across the country. Now we already have seven huge matches announced for Wrestlemania, and this week things are only going to get bigger. But first, let's talk about what we already know. The big one! World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund will defend that championship against Wrestling's Living Legend, coming out of retirement to defend the honor of his family and his profession, Bruno Sammartino. It truly doesn't get any bigger than this as two of the WWF's greatest champions collide for it's greatest prize. We will also see the Olympic Strongman Ken Patera defend the Intercontinental Championship against Greg "The Hammer" Valentine who will be accompanied by his manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. These two men were the final participants in the battle royal to crown a new Intercontinental Champion, and now they will compete in singles competition with the gold on the line. The Eighth Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant. Seven Feet, Four Inches Tall and well over Five Hundred Pounds will meet the mysterious masked man who is reported to be from Japan, who stands nearly as tall as Andre known as The Giant Machine. In a Street Fight, Tito Santana will step into the ring against "Dr. D" David Schultz. This started when Santana eliminated Schultz from the Intercontinental battle royal, and has escalated to a fever pitch. Now with no rules, we will see which man will come away with the victory. In tag team action Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers, The Fantastics will take on Haku and Tama, The Islanders with their manager Sunshine. The Islanders viciously assaulted The Fantastics, and with a new attitude and a new manager look to make a name for themselves against one of the most popular teams in WWF history. In a battle of the big men. The Five Hundred plus pound King Kong Bundy along with manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan will step into the ring with the nearly five hundred pount dancing machine known as "The Candyman" Ray Candy. Then in a battle of two muscular youngsters. We will see DJ Peterson step into the ring against "Magnificent" Kevin Kelly who will have manager Jimmy Hart at ringside. These two young men are looking for a step up in the World Wrestling Federation, and a win against the other, is the way to do it. "Mean" Gene takes a moment and wipes his brow before continuing. "Mean" Gene: Now Ladies and Gentleman, as if those seven matches weren't enough! As if Wrestlemania wasn't already the most star studded event happening anywhere in the world on the Fourth of July, we have three more matches for you here today. That's Right! I said Three! First of all, as we heard just a few minutes ago, the challenge was laid out and accepted. "Superstar" Billy Graham will compete at Wrestlemania after all! He will be stepping into the ring with Jimmy Hart's dangerous Japanese martial arts master, Kazaharu! Then, if you'll remember last week, I interviewed Sgt. Slaughter and The Gunslingers of Scott Casey and Johnny Mantell. The three of them laid out a challenge to Fred Blassie's trio of The Iron Sheik and The Red Scare for what is being called a Coward Waves the Flag match. Well I am here to tell you, that challenge has been accepted! Let's here now from Blassie and his men! We cut to "Classy" Freddy Blassie, The Iron Sheik, and The Red Scare of Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov in front of a WWF backdrop. "Classy" Freddie Blassie: Listen up you Pencil Necked Geeks! You think just because you come out here waving the flag and going rah, rah, rah about America that you're some kind of hero. Well I'm here to tell you different! This man The Iron Sheik was once a bodyguard for the Shah of Iran! These two men have proudly represented The Soviet Union all over the world! You don't here them bragging about it. But when they beat you three losers at Wrestlemania, and you have to wave their flag, you'd better believe they'll be bragging about that! The Iron Sheik: IRAN NUMBER VUN! RUSSIA NUMBER VUN! AMERICA...HOCK..PHTOO!!! "Mean" Gene: That will surely be a war. Folks, we have one more announcement, but first we have to take you to footage from this past Thursday Night at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. The British Bulldogs were scheduled to defend the WWF World Tag Team Titles against The Scufflin' Hillbilles. But after the attack last week by the team we now know as The Super Destroyers, Cousin Luke was unable to compete. So the Bulldogs called out any team that wanted to fight. They got more than they bargained for. Let's go now to the closing moments of that contest! We cut to house show footage and we see Kevin Von Erich catch Dynamite Kid square in the chest with a dropkick that sends him flying out of the ring. Davey Boy Smith enters the ring and attempts to attack Kevin from behind, but Kerry is faster and batters Davey Boy with rights and lefts that stagger him. Then Kerry spins into a perfect Discus Punch that hits with such force that Davey Boy sails clear over the top rope to the floor. The Von Erichs celebrate in the ring, as Bobby Heenan quickly gathers up both British Bulldogs and the three of them take a walk to the dressing room, losing the match by Count Out. "Mean" Gene: Kevin and Kerry Von Erich accepted the challenge of The British Bulldogs and were taking it to the WWF Tag Team Champions nearly from the opening bell. As you saw there, Bobby Heenan had seen enough and the Bulldogs walked away for the count out to save the titles. Well, unfortunately for Bobby Heenan, World Wrestling Federation President Jack Tunney saw enough and has signed a match for Wrestlemania that will see The British Bulldogs defend the WWF World Tag Team Titles against Kerry and Kevin Von Erich! Let's hear from both teams! We cut to The Von Erich's standing in front of a WWF backdrop. Kerry Von Erich: British Bulldogs, the other night my brother and I had you beat. If you hadn't been a couple of chickens, we'd be the Tag Team Champions right now. So at Wrestlemania, there won't be any running, and the Von Erich's will win the gold. Kevin Von Erich: That's right Kerry. Dynamite Kid, Davey Smith, Bobby Heenan, all you did the other night in Pittsburgh is prove that you are yellow, and that you are afraid of the Von Erich's. So come Wrestlemania when we get you back in that ring, we aren't going to let you run away. We are going to give you a good old fashioned butt whipping, and walk away WWF Tag Team Champions. We cut to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan standing alongside The British Bulldogs who are both holding the WWF Tag Team Titles. Bobby Heenan: It's bad enough that we are forced to go to towns like Pittsburgh in the first place. Then on top of that we are scheduled to wrestle those stupid, stinking Hillbillies. So we were already in a bad mood when we find out that Cousin Elmer or whatever his name is can't wrestle, so we decide that in order for the boys to blow off a little steam, we'd ask for a replacement team. You know, a couple of ham 'n' eggers to slap around so we can get paid and go home. We never agreed to wrestle any Von Erich's. We never agreed to defend the Titles against anyone but the Hillbillies. Then they started double teaming, which is clearly against the rules, so we decided that we were leaving. Now you are telling me that we have to defend the belts against these two Texas Twits? I have laundry in my bag that's spent more time in this company than these guys! But you know what, fine. Von Erich's, the other night we didn't know you were coming. This time we do. So at Wrestlemania, my British Bulldogs are going to rip you to pieces and send you back home to Daddy in little pieces. Davey Boy and Dynamite both smirk at the screen as a big smile crosses the face of Bobby Heenan. "Mean" Gene: There you have it Ladies and Gentleman! Ten big matches signed so far. All of the World Wrestling Federation Championships will be on the line! Wrestlemania is shaping up to be the greatest wrestling show of all time, and you do not want to miss it! -Commercial Break- _______________________________________________________________ During the match a picture in picture interview with Tito Santana played. Tito Santana: David Schultz! You can keep running your mouth, and saying all of those ignorant things, but you are only fueling the fire! At Wrestlemania, when anything goes, you are going to see a side of Tito Santana that no one has seen before! ARRIBA!! -Match 4- Tito Santana beat The Bounty Hunter in 4:29 by submission with the Figure Four Leglock _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: Tell us about it Alfred! Lord Alfred Hayes: Santana worked over the leg of the masked man for the majority of the match. At the end, The Bounty Hunter went to kick Santana in the stomach but Tito caught his leg, dropped an elbow right onto the thigh, then tripped him and locked in that Figure Four. I'm not sure the masked man could have submitted much faster! Vince McMahon: Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm sure he'll be looking to do something similar to "Dr. D" at Wrestlemania. Lord Alfred Hayes: From the sound of it, technical wrestling may be the last thing on his mind. We may see a good old fashioned donnybrook! Vince McMahon: You know Alfred. We just might! All right Ladies and Gentleman, let's go now to the... oh no....let's go to The Gentleman's Club. We cut to the set of "The Gentleman's Club" and as before it is decorated to look like the parlor of an old timey mansion. The table is back to it's smaller size and the pitcher of Iced Tea is sitting the middle. At the table sits "The Southern Gentleman" Robert Fuller dressed in his finest white suit and matching cowboy hat. Behind him in black suit and sunglasses is his bodyguard Fidel. Fuller puts on his biggest, fakest grin when the camera pans in on him. Robert Fuller: Wellll, helllo there and welcome back to the Gentleman's Club!! As always I am "The Southern Gentleman" Robert Fuller, and this mean looking son of a gun behind me is my personal security, Fidel. Fidel say hello to all the nice folk who are tuning in from television land! Fidel reaches up and pulls his sunglasses down to the end of his nose, then nods at the camera before pushing them back up. Fuller lets loose with an exaggerated laugh and then continues. Robert Fuller: Oh My, that boy is a comedian. Truly, I don't know where he comes up with that stuff! You are in the wrong business Fidel! Anyway, anyway, before I think about that and get to laughing again. This week we have a very special guest. A man who I am told just returned to the World Wrestling Federation. They call him..."The Black Superman?" Well that's interesting. Anyhow, Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome Tony Atlas to the Gentleman's Club! After a few moments, Tony Atlas walks onto the set wearing blue jeans and a Superman t-shirt with the sleeves cut off of it. The look on Fuller's face when Atlas enters is a mixture of disbelief and disdain, though he quickly replaces it with a big fake smile. Robert Fuller: Please! Please! Sit down! Sit down! Tony Atlas: Thanks. I think. Robert Fuller: My goodness, with a body like that who needs to think! Look at those arms! Atlas gives Fuller a "what's wrong with you" look, but speaks anyway. Tony Atlas: Uhh yeah, Thanks. Physical fitness is very important to me. Robert Fuller: I'd say! You must spend all day in the field....I mean in the gym to get arms like that! Tony Atlas: What did you say? Robert Fuller: Huh, oh nothing, I just misspoke. You'll have to forgive me. I am just astounded at the size of those cotten pickin' arms! Tony Atlas: Excuse Me? Robert Fuller: Your arms boy! I can't get over your arms. You deaf, or just stupid? Atlas lunges out of his chair and takes hold of Fuller by the lapels of his suit. A shocked Fuller jerks backwards, losing his hat, and nearly upsetting the table. Tony Atlas: If you think for a minute I'm gonna let you talk down to me you racist cra... Before Tony can finish his thought, Fidel brings the pitcher of Iced Tea crashing down on the head of Atlas, sending liquid and glass flying everywhere. Fidel follows it up by flipping the table over and kicking Atlas, who is clutching his face, directly in the head. As Atlas falls to the ground, Fidel and Fuller make a quick exit from The Gentleman's Club. -Commercial Break- Vince McMahon: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Superstars of Wrestling. First and apparently as always, we would like to apologize for the words of one Robert Fuller. Secondly, Tony Atlas is being checked over by medical officials, but does appear to be okay. Lord Alfred Hayes: They are of course worried about the potential for fragments of glass to have gotten in his eye, so they are conducting a thorough examination. But Atlas was a very angry man when he was being helped to the locker room. Vince McMahon: I certainly would not want to be "The Southern Gentleman" when Tony Atlas comes looking for him. Lord Alfred Hayes: Nor would I. That is a big strong man to have angry at you! Vince McMahon: Speaking of big strong men, let's head to the ring for our featured match with the WWF Intercontinental Champion, Ken Patera! _______________________________________________________________ -Match 5- Ken Patera defeated Bob Bradley in 3:47 by submission with a Full Nelson. _______________________________________________________________ Vince McMahon: Ken Patera appears to be ready to take on anyone for that Intercontinental Title. Lord Alfred Hayes: He had better be. Greg Valentine is a second generation wrestler who knows all of the ways to injure someone. He will use everything in his arsenal to take that Championship. Vince McMahon: Alright Ladies and Gentleman. I have been informed that we have received two pieces of footage that we are going to play to end this weeks show. Please be sure to join us next week when we will have The Giant Machine in action. The Von Erich's in tag team action, and an Eight Man Tag Team contest featuring the whole Heenan Family. See You Next Week! The first piece of footage opens and Bill Conti's "Gonna Fly Now" begins to play as we are shown a montage of Bruno Sammartino training. First we see Bruno running, multiple shots, all over Pittsburgh, sweat pouring off his face, people waving to him, etc. Then we are shown footage of him doing push ups, pull ups, jumping jacks, and various other exercises. Then we are taken to footage of a wrestling ring set up in what appears to be an old run down building. There we are shown various shots of Bruno dressed only in shorts and boots, in the ring with multiple different training partners, performing drills, taking moves, and dishing moves out. The video closes with Bruno staring into the camera and the words "The Silence is Broken Next Week" appear at the bottom of the screen. The second piece of footage opens to show Bob Backlund dressed in a three piece suit having what appears to be a steak dinner at a fancy restaurant. The WWF World Heavyweight Title is on the table as well as his dinner. Backlund puts down his fork and knife and looks into the camera, speaking softly. Bob Backlund: Last week I was forced to make an example of one Pedro Morales. Firstly because he had done nothing since his return to the World Wrestling Federation to deserve the honor of stepping into the ring with the Heavyweight Champion of the World. He had done nothing to facilitate any consideration for him receiving that chance, yet he had the audacity to challenge me anyway. Thusly I had no choice but to teach him a lesson. Secondly, it was important that I let the powers that be here in the World Wrestling Federation understand that while I am a man who respects authority, I am also a man who will stand up for himself when he feels that he is being treated unjustly and unfairly. That I am a man who will not stand idly by and allow himself to be walked on and used by those who apparently do not appreciate the sacrifices that I have made for them. For weeks now I have been preparing to defend my WWF Championship against William Graham at Wrestlemania. All of my training, all of my mental preparation, all of my focus has been on nothing but William Graham. Then on a whim, William Graham develops a conscious for the first time in his career and begs Jack Tunney to allow him to just give his championship opportunity to one Bruno Sammartino. Bruno Sammartino has not competed in almost four years. Bruno Sammartino has not participated in a single professional wrestling match since 1981. Bruno Sammartino is not a ranked competitor, and has not won any matches that would make him a contender for this title, and yet William Graham wants to just hand him a shot at my belt. Then as if all of this ignorance weren't enough, World Wrestling Federation President Jack Tunney, an apparent elected official, although I certainly did not vote for him, then without consulting myself or any member of the WWF board, immediately capitulates to the desires of Graham, and declares that match official. Declares that at Wrestlemania, I will now have to defend my WWF Title against Bruno Sammartino. Backlund looks down at the half eaten food on his plate, and is obviously beginning to seethe. He continues to speak without looking up. Bruno Sammartino, when I demolished your son on national television and sent him out of the WWF with his tail tucked between his legs, that was your fault. Back at the Saturday Night's Main Event, you interjected yourself into my business, and because of that, I had to show you the pecking order around here. Yes Bruno Sammartino in your time, you were great. But now I am the Heavyweight Champion of the World, and you are a commentator. You had no business being in the ring that night, your son had no business being in the ring any night, and if you get in the ring at Wrestlemania, what happens to your son will look like child's play compared to what happens to you.... Backlund strikes out with his arm and sends the plate and silverware flying off of the table. He raises his head and his eyes are wild, and a sadistic smile is etched on his face. Bruno Sammartino, in your time, you were great. But in this time...I AM GODDDDD!!!!! YOUR SON LEFT THE ARENA IN AN AMBULANCE!! BUT IF YOU DARE STEP IN MY RING AT WRESTLEMANIA.....YOU WILL LEAVE IN A BOX......IN A BOXXX!!!! Backlund reaches over and pulls the WWF Title off of the table. He brings it up next to his face and appears to be staring at his reflection. The look of insanity on his face growing ever crazier.
  13. Blehschmidt

    World Wrestling Federation

    Before I post today's episode of Superstars, I need to make an announcement. Wrestlemania on July 4th is going to be my last show. I've been pondering this decision for a few weeks, and the more I think about it, the more I feel like it is something I need to do. When I got back into this I chose WWF because I thought I could do it without putting the significant amounts of time into it that I was giving World Class. Yet, I still find myself working on these shows several nights a week to get them to a point where I feel comfortable posting them. Not long ago my wife said to me "I thought this was supposed to take up less of your free time this time around" and that's when I really knew it was time to step away. I've recently had several health scares with my parents who live behind me and I am having to devote more of my time to helping them. I've had to go back into the office after working at home for quite a while during this pandemic which is again adding more time to my day, and the truth is I am already neglecting things I want to be doing and other hobbies I've paid money for to write these shows. With all that's going in the world, and personally, most evenings I just want to come home, eat some dinner, play some video games, and go to bed! So please know, I have enjoyed creating with all of you. I've had fun writing these characters, and the world we have made here is a pretty cool one. I hope you enjoy my last three shows.
  14. Looks like Riddle's debut has been pulled from Smackdown
  15. Blehschmidt

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    and Mark Jindrak reappears from obscurity to drop straight fire.....