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    World Class releases Don Carson to get under Roster Cap
  2. Blehschmidt

    Jarrett Parsons Wrestling on Roku

    I used to ring announce for Rock Parsons in West Virginia and I know he has been gathering and collecting this footage for a long time. Glad to see it's all in one easy to watch place!
  3. Blehschmidt

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Thanks everyone for the feedback so far! Glad the Eddie Hogan choice went over well! I needed babyfaces, and I figured the name alone could give him a rub, and make him a nice target. It also gives me a nice way to transition into the Beefcake character if I ever decide to go there. Also, appreciate the praise on the Schultz promo. He is the first guy I went after in trades when I joined up, and I am excited to hopefully turn him into one of the top heels in all of the AWA. I love writing for Dr. D and I know my heel side is a little thin on my cards so far, but I am rolling out the roster slowly, and the heavy hitters on the heel side are coming soon.
  4. Blehschmidt

    Superstars of the Superstation

    Also love the usage of the Braves game. I remember getting so pissed off as a kid when they cut wrestling short for baseball. Who gives a shit about baseball!!! I really like your Ole Anderson promo's and portrayal of the MWC in general. The Battle of the Hacksaws is gonna be awesome, and with Iceman and Mad Dog involved the possibilities get even better. as for babyface Gary Hart. Well, I am looking forward to the backstabbing!!
  5. Blehschmidt

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    -3-16-84 from the Municipal Auditorium in Topeka, KS- 1) Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell defeated The Grizzlies (Grizzly Evans/Grizzly Boone) when Mantell pinned Evans in 14:15 2) Eddie Hogan w/Sunshine defeated Nazar Bulba (formerly The Mongol aka Gene Petit) w/ High Knee in 11:36 3) David Schultz over Blackjack Lanza by Count Out in 9:27 4) The Russians (Krusher Darsow/Boris Zhukov) beat The Island Boys (Tio/Tapu) in 18:02 when Krusher Darsow pinned Tapu with his feet on the ropes. 5) Barry Windham and Ron Bass wrestled to a draw in 20:00 6) "Dr. Death" Steve Williams pinned Taras Bulba in 8:48 with the Oklahoma Stampede 7) Magnum TA defeated Black Bart in 14:15 with a Belly to Belly Suplex 8) David Schultz won a 15 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal last eliminating Steve Williams -3-17-84 from the Levitt Arena in Wichita, KS- 1) Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell defeated The Mongols (Taras/Nazar Bulba) when Casey pinned Nazar Bulba in 14:55 2) Eddie Hogan w/Sunshine defeated Grizzly Evans w/ High Knee in 8:40 3) Black Bart and "Dr. Death" Steve Williams fought to a Double Count Out in 13:29 4) The Russians beat The Island Boys in 18:11 when Krusher Darsow pinned Tapu with his feet on the ropes. 5) Barry Windham beat Grizzly Boone with a Lariat in 7:30 6) David Schultz defeated Blackjack Lanza by Disqualification in 13:50 when Lanza got caught using a chair that Schultz brought into the ring. 7) Magnum TA over Ron Bass in 16:49 with the Belly to Belly Suplex 8) Barry Windham won a 15 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal last eliminating Krusher Darsow -3-18-84 from the Convention Center in Tulsa, OK- 1) Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell defeated The Grizzlies when Mantell pinned Boone in 13:09 2) Blackjack Lanza over Nazar Bulba in 10:28 with a Piledriver 3) Eddie Hogan w/Sunshine and David Schultz wrestled to a Double Count Out in 12:44 4) Black Bart/Ron Bass defeated The Island Boys in 18:23 when Bart pinned Tio following the Diving Leg Drop 5) Barry Windham beat Taras Bulba in 11:50 with a Lariat 6) Krusher Darsow over "Dr. Death" Steve Williams in 13:33 when Darsow pinned Williams with his feet on the ropes. 7) Magnum TA defeated Boris Zhukov by Disqualification in 7:05 when Krusher Darsow interfered. Steve Williams made the save, and Bill Watts made a special appearance for the live crowd and ordered an immediate tag team match. 8) Magnum TA and "Dr. Death" Steve Williams defeated The Russians in 18:26 when Magnum TA caught Boris Zhukov with a Belly to Belly Suplex -3-19-84 from the Myriad Convention Center in Oklahoma City, OK- 1) Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell defeated The Mongols in 14:44 when Casey pinned Taras Bulba 2) "Dr. Death" Steve Williams defeated Boris Zhukov in 10:00 with the Oklahoma Stampede 3) Krusher Darsow beat Blackjack Lanza by Count Out in 9:41 4) The Island Boys over The Grizzlies in 15:34 when Tapu hit a 2nd Rope Splash on Grizzly Evans 5) Eddie Hogan w/Sunshine and Black Bart wrestled to a 20 Minute Draw 6) Barry Windham defeated Ron Bass with the Superplex in 19:52 7) Magnum TA defeated David Schultz by Disqualification in 13:01 when Schultz hit Magnum with a chair 8) "Dr. Death" Steve Williams won a 15 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal -3-20-84 from the Memorial Auditorium in Wichita Falls, TX- 1) The Mongols beat The Island Boys in 13:19 when Taras Bulba forced Tio to submit to the Claw. 2) Eddie Hogan w/Sunshine defeated Grizzly Boone in 9:20 with the High Knee 3) Kim Duk/Tora Yatsu over Johnny Mantell/Scott Casey in 19:54 when Duk Double Arm Suplexed and pinned Mantell 4) Barry Windham defeated Grizzly Evans in 8:11 with a Lariat 5) "Dr. Death" Steve Williams beat Boris Zhukov in 10:39 with the Oklahoma Stampede 6) Krusher Darsow defeated Blackjack Lanza in 9:01 after blasting him with a chain behind the referee's back 7) Magnum TA and David Schultz wrestled to a Double Count Out in 14:21 8) Kerry and Kevin Von Erich defeated Black Bart and Ron Bass in 26:19 when Kerry nailed Bart with the Discus Punch and pinned him.
  6. Blehschmidt

    TNT Wrestling

    Funk vs Bockwinkel, I may cancel my April 6th show so I can come watch that!! Love what you are doing with George Wells. Much more than I would have ever gotten out of him, very glad we made that trade. Great stuff. Fabs/Nightmares should be awesome, and when we Race/Hercules again, it is gonna be a war. and like Edger just said, eventually Tully Blanchard is going to run this company and I get the feeling Nick, Terry, and Harley may never see it coming.
  7. Blehschmidt


    It may be getting overlooked amidst the other things going down, but Rick Rude is mowing down the competition, and Martel might be in trouble! Count me as another interested to see where the jealousy of Jimmy Garvin takes this thing with Gilbert. That has the makings of a war.
  8. Blehschmidt

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    -Broadcasting live to our local affiliates in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri, as well as in Syndication across these great United States, the American Wrestling Association proudly presents World Class Wrestling, coming to you this week from the Memorial Hall in Kansas City!- Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Jim Ross and I know some of you may be expecting a different wrestling program right now, so without further ado, let’s head down to ringside to shed some light on things! We cut to ringside where a large man in blue jeans, a suit coat over a dress shirt, and a cowboy hat is standing by. “For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is “Cowboy” Bill Watts. I spent a lot of years in this business as a wrestler, and more recently I have run the Mid-South wrestling territory. In the last few weeks several things have happened that I need to address to you the fans who are watching this show. Bob Geigel who promoted the Central States territory here in Kansas City and the surrounding areas and I came to an agreement, and combined our two businesses, into one larger business. Then the two of us met with our friend down in Texas, Fritz Von Erich who ran the Dallas territory more commonly known as World Class Championship Wrestling. As many of you know, Fritz recently lost his son David in an unimaginable tragedy and he has decided that he wants to step away from the wrestling business to spend more time at home with his wife and his youngest children. So, an agreement was reached, and Mr. Geigel and I purchased the Dallas Territory from Mr. Von Erich and have made it a part of our operations as well. On a personal note, I would like to say that I respect the hell out of Fritz for having the courage to do the right thing for his family during this time, and I would like to tell him that should he ever wish to get back into the wrestling business, there will always be a place for him right here. So, we were all set to become a giant super territory consisting of Mid-South Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling, and Central States Wrestling when we were approached and offered a deal we couldn’t refuse. Anyone who follows professional wrestling on a national scale knows the National Wrestling Alliance is crumbling, and the AWA is the place to be. So, when Verne Gagne offered us a spot in the AWA, we tossed the NWA aside like last week’s garbage and joined the team. Now, I know you fans probably don’t care about all this business mumbo jumbo and want to know what this means for you! Well, I’ll tell ya! It means more big-name wrestlers, more hard-hitting action, and all of your favorites from Mid-South, World Class, and Central States like Magnum TA and The Von Erich’s, all in one place, right here every week on AWA World Class Wrestling!” This last statement gets a big cheer from the crowd in attendance Jim Ross: There you have it from the Cowboy himself, big things in store here at AWA World Class! We’ll see some of that hard-hitting action right that Bill was talking about right after this break Ladies and Gentlemen! -Commercial Break- Jim Ross: Welcome back everyone, joining me here on commentary is the man you just heard from, “Cowboy” Bill Watts. Bill Watts: Thanks Jim. Before we head to the ring, I just wanted to let the folks watching at home know that although Mr. Geigel and I oversee AWA World Class equally, during the shows I will be out here with you to provide commentary and will be doing my best not to get involved with things as the person in charge unless absolutely necessary. If a decision needs to be made while I am out here, I fully support any that Bob makes. Jim Ross: Well, I am glad to have you out here with me Cowboy, and let’s head down to the ring for our first contest of the evening. 1 Fall, 15 Minute Time Limit -Magnum TA vs Grizzly Evans- Ring Announcer Marc Lowrance had barely finished introducing Magnum TA when Grizzly Evans decided to take his shot and charged across the ring. TA ducked the lumbering clothesline and waited for Evans to get his bearings and turn around. As soon as he did, Magnum wrapped his arms around him and planted the 283 pound Grizzly onto the canvas with the Belly to Belly Suplex. Referee Ron West counted the three and this one was all over! Winner: Magnum TA Before Magnum has a chance to celebrate his victory, the four hundred plus pound Grizzly Boone enters the ring to avenge his fallen partner. He charges Magnum TA, but Magnum side steps him too, and the massive mans momentum carries him into the ropes. On the rebound Magnum hooks the girth of Boone the best he can and Belly to Belly Suplexes him down onto the canvas as well! The fans are going crazy as Magnum TA has his hand raised by the referee! Jim Ross: A dominating performance by Magnum TA here tonight, taking out two men in short order. You have to think that Magnum will be contending for that AWA World Heavyweight Championship if he keeps putting on performances like that Cowboy. Bill Watts: Indeed Jim, a very impressive performance. Speaking of the AWA World Heavyweight Championship. Next weekend Hulk Hogan is looking to regain that title from Jerry “The King” Lawler, but right here tonight we have the younger brother of the champion, Eddie Hogan along with his girlfriend Sunshine. Let’s head down to Marc Lowrance who has them for a special interview. Marc Lowrance: Thanks Bill. That’s right I am here with the younger brother of former AWA World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan, Eddie Hogan along with his girlfriend Sunshine. Eddie, your brother has already made a name for himself here in the AWA, now you’ve come to AWA World Class, can you tell us what your plans are? Eddie Hogan: Well let me tell you something Marc Lowrance! I’ve been wrestling all over the world while my brother the Hulkster has been making a name for himself here in the AWA. So when I heard that AWA World Class was going to be opening up, I figured what better place for me and my girl Sunshine to come and start building the legacy of Eddie Hogan! So whoever they want to put in that ring against me, I am ready to show everybody that the whole Hogan family are champions. You know what I’m saying Brother!” -Commercial Break- Jim Ross: Let’s head to the ring where we are going to see Black Bart in action! 1 Fall, 15 Minute Time Limit -Black Bart vs Shane Tylor- Bart took his time and enjoyed dismantling this kid. Just a series of sledgehammer shots across the back, clotheslines, grinding headlocks, and a bone rattling suplex toward the end. Finally, Bart took him over by the turnbuckles and planted him with a huge bodyslam, before ascending to the second turnbuckle and coming off with a brutal diving legdrop. Referee David Manning could have counted to one hundred, but it only took three. Winner: Black Bart Jim Ross: A tremendous victory for Black Bart. Bill Watts: When a man that size can deliver a flying maneuver like that, he is gonna be a danger to anyone he steps into that ring with. Jim Ross: Before we head into the break, let’s take a look at some more of the men who will be competing here in AWA World Class Wrestling. Before heading to the commercial break, we are taken to a video package highlighting both Kerry and Kevin Von Erich. It features both brothers taking it to a series of opponents, and highlights some of their best and most dominating moves. For Kevin they feature his dropkick, his flying crossbody from the top rope, and of course the Iron Claw! While for Kerry they show several instances of his Discus Punch laying out opponents, and they also show him securing several victories with the Iron Claw. -Commercial Break- We come back and “Cowboy” Bill Watts is standing by the ring holding a microphone. “Ladies and Gentlemen, before we get to the match standing by in the ring I wanted to announce that next week the tournament to crown the first AWA World Class Heavyweight Champion will begin right here on television with two first round matches. Black Bart who we saw earlier this evening will take on “The Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich and Eddie Hogan will take on the man currently in the ring, “Dr. D” David Schultz.” 1 Fall, 15 Minute Time Limit -“Dr. D” David Schultz vs Alexander Winston- Schultz catches the kid with a knee to the midsection as he goes for the lock up and then just hammers him down to the canvas. A series of stomps and Schultz is yelling toward Bill Watts asking him if this is the best he has to offer. Schultz waits until the kid gets back to his feet and boots him hard in the face, then obliterates him with a piledriver. He goes for the cover, but jerks Winston up by the hair at the count of two. Schultz kicks the kid from the sitting position he left him in back to a prone one, and then scales to the second turnbuckle and comes off with a leaping elbow smash. Referee Rick Hazzard counts the three, but before he can raise the hand of Dr. D, Schultz is out of the ring and heading for the announce table. Winner: “Dr. D” David Schultz Schultz goes over to the announce position where Jim Ross and Bill Watts are sitting and grabs the house microphone off the desk. David Schultz: “Is that the level of competition you got around here Watts? If so you may as well just hand me that title right now! Watts starts to say something, but is cut off by Schultz “I know, I know. Next week I gotta wrestle Eddie Hogan in the first round of some kinda tournament for the belt. You know what, that doesn’t concern Dr. D in the least. I heard him out here earlier talking about making a name for himself and yakking about his big brother, and building a legacy, and blah, blah, blah. It doesn’t matter! You understand! You can bring Eddie Hogan, you can bring Hulky Hogan, you can bring Daddy Hogan and Mommy Hogan too! Dr. D will beat the hell out of all of them and bring home that championship title baby!! That belt belongs to me, ain’t nobody gonna stand in my way! I’m gonna send Eddie Hogan running back into his brothers shadow, and if his little girlfriend comes down to my ring and sticks her nose in my business, I’ll smack her right back into the kitchen where she belongs!” Schultz throws the microphone at Jim Ross and walks out of the arena to a chorus of boos. Jim Ross: I can’t say I care much for that man Cowboy. Bill Watts: He certainly has an attitude problem. Jim Ross: Folks, we’ll be right back with more wrestling action. -Commercial Break- We come back, and Marc Lowrance is at ringside with two large bald men dressed in red singlets. Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guests now hail from the Soviet Union, please welcome Boris Zhukov and Krusher Darsow. Krusher Darsow: That’s right you American Pukes! Krusher Darsow has a new comrade in Boris Zhukov and all the other tag teams here in AWA World Class had better get ready, because we plan to take the belts home to the Kremlin! Boris Zhukov: Comrade Darsow is correct. It doesn’t matter who they put across from us, we will smash them, we will destroy them, and we will claim the championships in the name of Mother Russia! The Russians leave to a chorus of jeers from the crowd, as the camera cuts back to the announce position. Jim Ross: Darsow and Zhukov will be back out here later for our main event, when they take on Scott Casey and Johnny Mantell, but first we have another old cowboy looking to make one last ride. Bill Watts: Careful who you’re calling old there Jim! But your right, Blackjack Lanza is now going it alone and wants to make one last run at glory and he has chosen to do it here in AWA World Class. Jim Ross: Let’s head up to the ring and see what he has to offer. 1 Fall, 15 Minute Time Limit -Blackjack Lanza vs The Bounty Hunter- This one started slow and tapered off from there as Lanza worked a methodical pace against the masked man. The outcome was never in doubt as Lanza controlled with grinding headlocks, elbow smashes, and a very nice takeover suplex. The end came when Lanza fired The Bounty Hunter into the ropes and plowed him with a clothesline, then picked him up and dropped him with a piledriver. Winner: Blackjack Lanza Marc Lowrance: Marc Lowrance here with your winner, Blackjack Lanza. Blackjack Lanza: Tonight, I took my first steps on the road back to the top. I’ve been told that I have a spot in the tournament for the heavyweight title, and I plan to beat whoever they put in front of me and take that title. Marc Lowrance: On top of your career goals Blackjack, I am told that you have been passing on your knowledge to some of the newer talent. Would you like to tell us about that? Blackjack Lanza: Yes, I would Marc. The two men who are about to come out here and take on those no good Russians, Scott Casey and Johnny Mantell came to me recently for advice. I spent years as part of one of the best tag teams this business has ever seen, so I have been doing my best to impart some of my knowledge on them. They still have a lot of learning to do, but I gotta tell ya, I see a lot of myself in them, and I wish them the best of luck tonight. Marc Lowrance: There you have it folks, back to you Bill and Jim. Jim Ross: A great showing from Blackjack Lanza here tonight as he takes out The Bounty Hunter in impressive fashion. Bill Watts: Lanza may be an older dog, but you should never count him out of the fight. Jim Ross: and now he is apparently passing his fountain of knowledge on to the young team of Scott Casey and John Mantell. Bill Watts: They couldn’t ask for a finer teacher Jim. Jim Ross: Well let’s take out final break Cowboy, and when we come back we will see Casey and Mantell take on the Russians. -Commercial Break- 1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit -Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell vs The Russians (Krusher Darsow/Boris Zhukov)- As soon as the bell rang, The Russians jumped Casey and Mantell and a brawl broke out. Once Referee David Manning had things under control, Darsow had Mantell in the ring and the beat down began. The Russians made quick tags and pounded on Mantell unmercifully for several minutes. Finally, when Zhukov whipped Mantell into the ropes, he was able to duck a clothesline and connect with a flying shoulder tackle on the rebound. Mantell quickly tagged out to Scott Casey who came in like a crazy man throwing huge haymakers at the massive cranium of Zhukov and blasted Darsow with a clothesline when he tried to get into the ring. Casey scooped up Zhukov and bodyslammed him, then dropped a big elbow on him which got a count of two. Casey pulled Zhukov off the mat and set him up for his patented Bulldog, but Zhukov was able to shove him into the corner where a waiting Darsow got the knee up and caught him in the ribs. Zhukov charged forward with a clothesline that leveled Casey and tagged out. Darsow quickly entered and laid the boots to the fallen Casey. He then charged across the ring and knocked Johnny Mantell off the apron. Just as Darsow had anticipated, a fired up Mantell immediately tried to get into the ring to fight, and Referee David Manning while doing everything in his power to keep Mantell out of the ring, never saw Boris Zhukov wrap the Russian Chain around his fist and clobber Scott Casey in the back of the head with it. Darsow calmly walked over and covered the fallen Casey, and when Manning finally got Mantell on to the apron and turned around, he counted the One, Two, Three. Winners: Krusher Darsow and Boris Zhukov Jim Ross: A travesty of justice right their Bill. Bill Watts: That turncoat Darsow has been nothing but a pain in my butt since he showed up. I’ll have my eye on the both of them. Jim Ross: Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, that is our show for this week. Please join us tomorrow night in Topeka, Sunday Night in Wichita, Monday in Tulsa, Tuesday in Oklahoma City, and Wednesday in Wichita Falls, and then right back here next week for the beginning of the tournament to crown the first AWA World Class Heavyweight Champion. Good Night Everyone!
  9. The problem with Braun is the problem with all of WWE. How can you expect them to book a guy as something special, when no one on the roster is booked as anything special. (Unless your a part timer or a McMahon.) The brand is the star, Remember. They wanted interchangable cogs and they've got them.
  10. Blehschmidt

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Great Show Man! Loving the Steamboat/Orndorff alliance, especially the lingering threat of Orndorff not wanting to be "best friends" certainly possible to come into play in the future! I'll do my best to stop Devastation Inc. from coming after them!! Also really like how between those two and Dusty, you have made Valentine the biggest single threat in the promotion and he didn't have to show his face on television. Good Stuff. The House of Humperdink is being set up perfectly to be the biggest angle in the fed, while not necessarily dominating everything (like an nWo) but just a constant background threat, because you never know what they are going do, or when they are gonna do it. Lastly, great work on Caudle and Schiavone. I've watched a ton of both, and I was easily able to read this and hear their voices as I was doing so and nothing sounded out of character for them or took me out of that voice. Awesome stuff.
  11. Blehschmidt


    What about Bob Caudle, or a young Tony Schiavone
  12. Blehschmidt

    WWE Fastlane 2019

    90% of the things they do anymore make no sense story wise. They fall all over themselves to overbook everything. What happened to something simple like Kofi gets the shot, Bryan gets himself DQ'ed, the fans are fucking pissed, we get a No DQ rematch. Why does that story need Vince, a conspiracy, Kevin Owens, a swerve with The Bar, Mustafa Ali in a triple threat, and god knows what other bullshit before we finally get the match. I'd say it seems like they forgot how to book a wrestling angle, but that is the problem, they aren't a wrestling company, they are entertainment, only problem is... this isn't entertaining. I don't mean to sound like Cornette, but fuck this Kofi angle and the Becky angle should be the easiest shit in the world, and they have convoluted it so much that it makes Days of Our Lives look easier to follow.
  13. Blehschmidt


    World Class would like to drop Roger Kirby and fill out the rest of my roster with Mike George, George Weingeroff, and Jerry Oske. Thanks!
  14. Blehschmidt

    AWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling

    Oh Man, a war is brewing and it is gonna get ugly. If Fuller and Golden can get Hansen on the team, these matches are gonna be absolute chaos!! I bet Lawler will never be so happy to get out of Alabama if he escapes with the title. If Flair is smart, he'll take full advantage of the 30 day rule if it's in place.
  15. Blehschmidt

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Yeah, she is definitely better off here! The House is looking to run things here in ACCW, and unless some people come together real fast to stop them, they may succeed before anyone knows what hit them!