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    Grapplers are fired up, and I wouldn't wanna be the Lone Stars right now! Oh Yeah! I've never cared for Carlos Colon, send Ripper Morgan to take his head!! Oh No! The CEO's are under investigation! This should be interesting! Mike George gets Gagne one on one! I hope he smacks little Greggy right back to Minnesota! Flowers/War Cloud 2 should be good! Sunny is pissed, and Flowers is playing it just right to make him even madder. Well, well, well.... Karachi Vice wants to mix it up with some boys from Texas! We'll just have to see who is available! Grapplers/Lone Stars is going to be one heck of a fight! Another fantastic Dream Machine promo! You've got this guy to the point, that when Dick Slater shows back up and whips his ass, the roof is going to come off the place! Big Win for the Vin! Then that happened..... poor Vin! You have done such a good job turning Gerry Morrow into Champagne that I am actually rooting for him to get the job done with Lawler. Awesome, awesome main event. Kirchner looks like a totally credible challenger, and still comes out of it totally viable. Meanwhile the reign of St. Clair continues and the TV Title continues to look like a very important prize. Well Done. Great show! Looking forward to Louisville!!
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    National Wrestling Alliance

    Well God Damn, I'm glad my Spooktacular doesn't have to compete against Spectacular, that is a stacked card!
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    Texas All Star Wrestling

    (Taped on Monday October 19th, 1985 and airing Friday Night October 23rd) From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is.... Ninety minutes of ringside excitement featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from... We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone. Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum and to Championship Sports. We are here on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and as we head toward next week and the big Halloween Spooktacular, we have quite a night of action lined up for you! Our main event is a huge six man tag pitting Brian Adias, Lance Von Erich, and The Texas Ranger against the trio of "The New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory and The Fabulous Blondes of Steve Regal and Chick Donovan. Also in action we are going to see the tag team of Black Bart and "Mean" Mike Miller. "El Jefe" Jose Estrada will be in singles action against "Chief" Joe Lightfoot. "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones will go one on one with "The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff, and right now we are going to open the show with the Texas All Star Heavyweight Champion Scott Casey in action! 1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit -Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs The Bounty Hunter- Non-Title The masked Bounty Hunter was looking for his shot at glory tonight as he Pearl Harbored the Texas All Star Champion before the bell rang. The masked man controlled the opening minutes of the match attempting to wear down Casey with big shots to the back and by locking on the bearhug. But he went to the proverbial well one too many times, locking on the bearhug yet again, and this time Casey hit a bell clapper that got him to release the hold. That was all Casey needed, and the Champion took over on offense, and that was it for The Bounty Hunter. Casey took a couple of minutes to wear the masked man down, and then put him down with the Bulldog for the One, Two, Three. Winner: "Cowboy" Scott Casey in 6:11 Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am here with your winner and All Star Heavyweight Champion, Scott Casey along with the lovely Sunshine. Scott, first of all, congratulations on your victory in the Round Up and on becoming the Texas All Star Champion. Scott Casey: Thank You Marc. I have to tell you, I've been a lot of places in this sport, but bringing home this belt right here in Texas. Man, it doesn't get any better than that. Marc Lowrance: Now, I know you were watching last week when Skandor Akbar and The Spoiler were out here making the case that The Spoiler deserved the first shot at your title. The Texas All Star Board of Directors was in agreement with that statement, and you will defend the All Star Heavyweight Title against The Spoiler next week at the Halloween Spooktacular. Your thoughts? Scott Casey: Well, I think that The Spoiler absolutely deserves a shot at this belt. It's no secret that he dominated the Round Up. What did he eliminate, like five guys? He had that Claw locked on me and I was real close to going out, but if he thinks that I got lucky, that me winning that match and this title was some kind of fluke.... Well, next week I will be more than happy to show him what Scott Casey is made of. Sunshine: Skandor Akbar! I'll be at ringside, and if you even think about trying to get involved, don't think I won't knock you on your butt! A big pop goes up as Casey and Sunshine head out of the arena and the show goes to commercial. -Commercial Break- Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling right here on KTVT. Up next we have quite the clash as the big Russian, Alexis Smirnoff steps into the ring with "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones! This should be a good one. 1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit -Alexis Smirnoff vs "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones- This one started off with several collar and elbow attempts, but neither man was able to get an advantage. Smirnoff then called for a Test of Strength, but soon realized he was outmatched and kicked Jones in the guts. After that things devolved into a back and forth brawl that saw both men in control, but neither with a clear cut advantage. The end came when Jones blasted Smirnoff with a huge clothesline that sent the big Russian out to the floor. "Mr. Ebony" took a moment to flex his muscles to the delight of the crowd, but that allowed Smirnoff to grab his leg and drag him out of the ring. The two men then began to exchange punches and soon were wrestling on the floor, totally ignoring the twenty count of the referee. Even as the bell rang signalling that both had been counted out of the ring, they continued to slug it out, all the way back to the dressing room! The Match Was Ruled a Double Count Out in 8:41 Marc Lowrance: Both men were counted of the ring, and I don't know if the camera can still see them, but it would appear that they are still trading punches back by the concession stands! Security is headed that way, and while they get this taken care of, we will take a quick break! Don't go anywhere, we will be right back with more Texas All Star Wrestling! -Commercial Break- Marc Lowrance: Okay folks, Smirnoff and Jones have been separated, but things could be wild again in a minute, here comes the team of "Mean" Mike Miller and Black Bart!! 1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit -"Mean" Mike Miller/Black Bart vs Dave Kent/Jack Spade- This enhancement talent was not paid enough for the evening. Bart and Miller hit the ring like they were the Road Warriors, and ran these two kids over with a fury. Jack Spade got it easy, as Miller kicked him in the face as soon as he got in the ring, and then Bart grabbed two handfuls of hair and chucked him out of the ring where he landed mostly on his neck. Kent must have come in from Idaho, because he sure saw a lot of potatoes as Bart and Miller punched him back and forth across the ring. Finally Miller scooped him in a slam, walked him around the ring and planted him. Bart then scaled the ropes and came down with his Texas Trash Compactor. The referee could have counted to a thousand. Winners: "Mean" Mike Miller and Black Bart in 2:19 Marc Lowrance: I am here with your... Black Bart: IF WE GOT THE GUTS? IF WE GOT THE DADGUM GUTS! Bart looks like he is ready to blow a fuse, and Miller is just shaking his head with a grin on his face. Marc Lowrance: I assume you are speaking of the... Black Bart: I GOT NO TIME FOR YOUR FANCY TALK LOWRANCE! BROOKS! YOU WANNA FIGHT INSIDE A DEVIL CAGE! I'LL FIGHT YOU! I'LL FIGHT THE DEVIL! I'LL FIGHT THE DADGUM CAGE IF I HAVE TOO!! WE ACCEPT!! Marc Lowrance: Gentleman, there are three of them, and only two of you. Bart's eyes nearly bulge out of his head, but Miller holds up a hand, and then pulls the microphone his way. Mike Miller: Marc Lowrance, it just so happens that a damn fool is going to be passing through Texas next week, and he'd like nothing more than to beat up Tim Brooks and his flunkies inside that cage. So it will be three on three, and those boys are in for a real bad night. Marc Lowrance: Would you care to shed some light on who that is? Mike Miller: That'd just take the fun out of it Marc. C'mon Bart Black Bart: BROOKS! VINES! SWORD! NEXT WEEK IN THAT DEVIL CAGE, WE'RE GONNA BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU! -Commercial Break- As we return from commercial, we see Frank Dusek standing next to Marc Lowrance. Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, the Commissioner of Texas All Star Wrestling, Mr. Frank Dusek! Frank Dusek: Thank You Marc. I don't want to take up too much time here this evening. I just have a few announcements concerning next weeks Halloween Spooktacular. First of all, after what we saw just a little while ago, I am ordering a rematch between Alexis Smirnoff and Tom Jones. This time there will be No Count Out and No Disqualification. I am also still awaiting word on the condition of Joe Savoldi after the attack by The Highwaymen last week. If he can't compete, replacement opponents will be named to compete for the All Star Tag Team Titles. Lastly, and probably against my better judgement, I am sanctioning the Devil's Night Cage Match. Black Bart, Mike Miller, and a partner of their choosing will take on Killer Brooks, Vines, and Sword inside the cage with the rules being that you must throw the opposing team out of the cage to win the match. Thank You Everyone. Now let's get back to the action. 1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit -"Chief" Joe Lightfoot vs "El Jefe" Jose Estrada- Estrada came strutting to the ring again, chewing on a cigar, wearing sunglasses, this time wearing a gold robe with El Jefe emblazoned across the back in black letters. He told the ring attendant not to bother taking it to the back, because this wouldn't take long. Joe Lightfoot attempted to open the match with a handshake, and got slapped in the face for his trouble. That set the tone for the match as an angry Lightfoot came at Estrada, but Estrada was a step ahead, and when he wasn't, he cheated. At around the ten minute mark, Lightfoot reversed a waistlock and pushed Estrada into the ropes. Lightfoot went for a roll up, but Estrada managed to halt the momentum by grabbing a huge handful of trunks. The referee didn't see it and counted the One, Two, Three! Winner: "El Jefe" Jose Estrada in 10:39 As Lightfoot was complaining to the referee about the trunks being pulled, Estrada rolled out of the ring and put his cigar back in his mouth and put his sunglasses back on. He began parading around the ring and came to a stop when he got to the timekeepers table on which was laying the headdress of Lightfoot. Estrada reached down and nonchalantly plucked a feather from it, he was admiring the feather when Lightfoot reached out from between the ropes and grabbed Estrada by the head with malice in his eyes. Being pulled into the ring with an irate Lightfoot, Estrada did the unthinkable..... Marc Lowrance: OHHH!!!! NOOO!! Estrada yanked the cigar out of his mouth and stuck it right into the face of Lightfoot. The camera angle made it hard to tell for sure, but it looked like he may have got him in the eye. The way that Lightfoot let go of Estrada and began clutching his face, crying out in pain also gave that indication. A herd of security and officials ran down to the ring and surrounded Lightfoot. Marc Lowrance: Medical personnel, security, and Texas All Star officials have all hit the ring to check on Joe Lightfoot. I can't say for certain, but it seems like that cigar may have gone into his eye. It definitely went into his face. Here comes his friend Cocoa Samoa, and folks, let's take a break while....OH.... Estrada was sauntering up the aisle as people continued to pour into the ring. The Texas fans were pelting him with garbage and screaming obscenities, and as Cocoa Samoa walked by the camera caught Estrada saying something that couldn't be picked up over the booing. Whatever it was caused Samoa to pivot in the aisle and blast Estrada with a big right hand! The two of them began to brawl, and several of the security people in the ring were quickly rushing up the aisle to break up that fight. Marc Lowrance: We'll uh....we'll be right back..... -Commercial Break- We return from break and Marc Lowrance is standing at ringside. Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling. Just before the break, we saw a terrible incident as Jose Estrada stuck his cigar into the face of Joe Lightfoot. As we went to commercial, you saw Cocoa Samoa and Estrada get into it as well. Here is what I know. Samoa and Estrada have been separated by security. Samoa is currently en route with Joe Lightfoot to get medical attention, as apparently the cigar did strike Lightfoot in the eye. We hope to have an update on his condition for you next week. Speaking of getting updates on the condition of someone, I am hoping we can get clarity on the condition of "Jumpin" Joe Savoldi of the S&S Express, as I welcome at this time, his partner Steve Simpson. Steve Simpson comes out to join Lawrance, but he is dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt, not to wrestle. Marc Lowrance: Steve Simpson, last week you competed in a highly competitive match against Phil Hickerson of The Highwaymen and you won that contest securing yourself and Joe Savoldi a shot at the All Star Tag Team Titles next week at our Halloween special. However, after the match we all saw the heinous attack that The Highwaymen perpetrated, spike piledriving your partner onto a steel chair. So the question on everyone's mind is, Will the S&S Express be able to compete for the All Star Tag Team Championship next week? Steve Simpson: Well Marc, the unfortunate answer to that question is No. The injury to Joe's neck is going to keep him out of the ring until after the New Year. A chorus of boo's breaks out in the arena, as Bobby Duncum and Phil Hickerson come strolling down the aisle. They are dressed in their long coats and cowboy hats, and have the All Star Tag Team Titles slung over their shoulders. They head right over to Lowrance and Simpson. Marc Lowrance: Gentleman, we have had plenty of chaos here tonight, we don't need this. Simpson has both hands balled into fists and looks ready to fight, but The Highwaymen both seem very...relaxed. Bobby Duncum: We ain't come out'chere to fight. Ya unna'stan that? Nah, we come out'chere to tell ya, we're real sorry. Phil Hickerson: That's right Simpson. We came out here to apologize for busting up your partners neck and costing you a shot at these belts. We lost our tempers, and we made a mistake. Bobby Duncum: Yep. A mistake. Phil Hickerson: We should have never done what we did to Joe. Bobby Duncum: Nope. Phil Hickerson: Because Joe Savoldi wasn't the scrawny, sawed off, little runt that beat me. That was you! Bobby Duncum lashes out and blasts Simpson in the face with a big right hand, and the brawl is on. Simpson holds his own for a moment, but soon the two on one advantage starts to get the best of him. But then in the background, someone enters the ring and runs across it, before launching themselves over the top rope, a blur of blonde hair and black leather. The figure crashes into both of The Highwaymen and Steve Simpson, sending all of them crashing to the ground. As the figure gets to their feet we see it is a man with long blonde hair wearing a leather jacket. When his face is visible to the crowd, an eruption of cheers goes up. The man reaches down and pulls a grinning Steve Simpson to his feet. He then turns toward the camera and we see that Steve Doll has arrived to help his old partner. Together, The Glamour Boys begin laying the fists to Hickerson and Duncum, and soon The Highwaymen are retreating toward the dressing room, but Doll and Simpson aren't making it easy, blasting them all the way out of the arena! -Commercial Break- Marc Lowrance: Folks, it is absolutely chaotic here at the Will Rogers Coliseum tonight! We just saw Steve Doll arrive from out of nowhere to help his former partner Steve Simpson fight off their old rivals from the AWA World Class days, The Highwaymen! Joe Lightfoot has had a cigar stuck in his face courtesy of El Jefe. Tom Jones and Alexis Smirnoff fought all over the building. Black Bart and Killer Brooks have accepted the Devil's Night Cage match and promise a surprise partner, and we still have six man tag team action for our main event! I don't know how much more I can handle this evening, so let's head to the ring! 1 Fall, 45 Minute Time Limit -Brian Adias, Lance Von Erich, and The Texas Ranger vs "The New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory and The Fabulous Blondes (Steve Regal/Chick Donovan)- A fairly chaotic match from the opening bell as Victory and the Blondes attacked before the bell and it was a pier six brawl from the get go. The referee finally got things under control and we settled into a standard six man tag, but the heels had Lance cut off early and really worked him over. Things looked pretty bleak for the Von Erich cousin, but after nearly eight minutes of getting beaten down, he was able to make a hot tag to Adias! Adias worked over all three of the opponents, and scored a very close near fall on Jack Victory after catching him in a small package. Adias tagged in the Ranger who also was able to put quite a beating on both Victory and Donovan. The match came to a chaotic conclusion when once again all six men were fighting in the ring, although Adias and Victory were legal. The Texas Ranger clotheslined Chick Donovan out to the floor, and then followed him out. Lance Von Erich and Steve Regal were going at it tooth and nail in a corner of the ring, and the referee was trying to get both of them out. Meanwhile Victory and Adias were wrestling in the center of the ring, and Adias slipped out of a bodyslam attempt by Victory and drilled him with his patented Russian Leg Sweep! Adias quickly covered Victory, but the referee was still distracted trying to remove Lance and Regal. This allowed a brunette woman to come running down the aisle and slide into the ring. She started stomping on Adias, who was quickly trying to cover up and get off Victory. Adias got to his feet, and the woman slapped him hard in the face. Adias rubbed his jaw, and then snatched the woman up over his shoulder and deposited her on the ring apron. He never saw her throw something to Jack Victory. Adias dumped the woman out of the ring, and then headed back over to Victory who was half way to his feet. Adias grabbed him by the hair, and WHAM, Victory blasted him in the face with a punch that sent the lights out for Adias. Victory quickly tossed whatever the item was to the woman, and covered Adias. Seeing that the damage was done, Regal rolled out of the ring. Lance followed him, which allowed the referee to turn back around and see Victory covering Adias. He dropped down and counted the One, Two, Three. Winners: Jack Victory and The Fabulous Blondes (Steve Regal/Chick Donovan) in 14:34 As Von Erich and The Texas Ranger slide into the ring to check on their fallen partner, Victory, The Blondes, and the brunette woman are heading for the dressing room when Marc Lowrance stops them. Marc Lowrance: An underhanded victory if I've ever seen one! Just who is this young lady? Jack Victory: Underhanded Victory! Marc Lowrance, what you just saw was the emergence of the Gold Dust Trio as the most powerful force here in Texas All Star Wrestling, and with the beautiful Kat Leroux by our side, none of these Texas hillbillies are going to be able to stop us! The newly dubbed Gold Dust Trio and Kat Leroux push past Marc Lowrance and head for the dressing room. Frank Dusek passes them and comes to stand next to Lowrance. Marc Lowrance: Frank Dusek, it has been quite a night here on Texas All Star Wrestling. Frank Dusek: You can say that again. Based on what we've seen here tonight, I am making two more matches for next week. First up this Gold Dust Trio is going to team with "El Jefe" Jose Estrada and "Iron" Mike Sharpe and they are going to take on Lance Von Erich, Brian Adias, The Texas Ranger, Cocoa Samoa, and Jeff Gaylord in a ten man tag team match. Marc Lowrance: That's huge! Frank Dusek: and with Joe Savoldi unable to compete, The Highwaymen are going to defend the All Star Tag Team Titles against The Glamour Boys!! Marc Lowrance: All Right!! Two more huge matches for the Halloween Spooktacular! But that is next week here on Texas All Star Wrestling. We want to Thank You for joining us this week here on KTVT. Good Night Everyone! -Next Week- Texas All Star Wrestling presents: The Halloween Spooktacular! -Devil's Night Cage Match- Black Bart/"Mean" Mike Miller/???? vs "Killer" Tim Brooks/Jeff Sword/Doug Vines -All Star Heavyweight Title- "Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs The Spoiler w/"General" Skandor Akbar -All Star Tag Team Titles- The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) vs The Glamour Boys (Steve Simpson/Steve Doll) -No Count Out/No Disqualification- "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones vs "The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff -Ten Man Tag Team Action- Jack Victory, Steve Regal, Chick Donovan, Jose Estrada, and Mike Sharpe vs Lance Von Erich, Brian Adias, The Texas Ranger, Cocoa Samoa, and Jeff Gaylord
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    WWE TV 10/19 - 10/25 No NBA, no happiness

    Something pretty newsworthy did happen on NXT last night. During the Bronson Reed/Austin Theory match, someone named McKenzie Mitchell was giving an update on the condition of Bobby Fish after he was attacked backstage earlier in the show. During her report she said that Fish was taken to a local hospital. I can't remember the last time they actually said the word "hospital" and not "local medical facility."
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    Texas All Star sends Mark Fleming to the USWA for Bob Roop Texas All Star releases Ric McCord to Free Agency Texas All Star will add Dark Journey to their roster (If this has been approved)
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    Twin States Wrestling

    Gossett starting the show off strong by being wonderful! Thatcher announcing several big matches for the next few weeks! and a new partnership? Hmmm...... Loved the Garvin/Valiant/Dream Team promo. Flapjack Mulligan got a legit chuckle out of me. Great segment with Ron Fuller and Mulligan. Love Gossett stirring the spot (from far away of course) and bringing up the old bounty. Carson showing up with the Humongous! is just the icing on the cake. Be interesting to find out who is after Blackjack. Buzz Sawyer not caring enough to know the Nightmares by name, just by facial hair, is pretty much perfect Buzz Sawyer. Norvell is a great partner for Hamilton! Big Schmozz in the main event leads us into Montgomery!! Boo on Savio Vega and Rasta the.... Papa Sha.....Bota interfering before Armstrong and Royal could go the full hour! I will be rooting for Armstrong and Royal in next week's tag match! Big win for Norvell/Hamilton right off the bat as they get one over on A.O.D. and Strong!! Jimmy Garvin takes advantage of the distraction and pins Brisco! I figure Brisco will be looking for a rematch, but if I know Jimmy, he won't be looking to give it to him! Holy Shit! The bounty match turns into a clusterfuck as damn near the entire locker room clears out and brawls! That ten grand is going to make things real interesting here in Twin States! Uh-Oh! The mustache Nightmare is back! Buzz isn't going to be happy about this!! I smell another Sawyers/Nightmares blood bath coming!! That makes me happy! The Stomper is a bad dude, but his title reign is going a little too easy. One of these weeks he is going to have to wrestle someone at full strength!! Good stuff as always dude! Looking forward to seeing more!
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    I am good with Hamilton staying until the end of '86 if Gene wants to use him.
  9. Blehschmidt


    So, it would appear that Mid-South/NWA valet Dark Journey who was in the business from 1985-1987 has never made her way into the game. Would anyone be opposed to me using her?
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    DJ picks up the win on Moose.... Nice!! The Elite use the numbers and put the beating on Mike George. I've been saying that he needs some back up. Will be interesting to see who he gets. Ripper Morgan destroys Bob Roop! Man, this is the kind of thing that will put Morgan up another level. The build Ripper is getting is going to make him a nice challenger for Lawler down the line. Dream Machine's title reign is a fun one with the constant cheating, but I wonder how much longer Dicky Slater will be in Japan. The Grapplers get their shot, and just as it looks like they might finally have the upper hand against the Warriors, the Lone Stars cost them the match. Oh boy, there is going to be hell to pay now. Grapplers are going to want to kill them, the Warriors may want to kill them, and the Grapplers are going to still want the Warriors. Should be fun!! Lots of good stuff happening in the USWA!!
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    Lawler is ever the fighting champion, but I can't be the only one hoping to see the upset of the century for Champagne! Flowers probably made War Cloud mad by hitting him with a chair, but putting on his head dress and mocking him, now he is going to be pissed off! This fight is just starting!! Tommy and Johnny jump Borne and Oliver in the back!! The blood feud is picking up steam! I love this one so much! These guys are going to keep attacking each other until the only choice is the cage, I can feel it. Morowski would make a nice win for our boy DJ, as he climbs up the ranks. I think maybe The Grapplers should leave the Road Warriors alone... Awesome edition of the Beauty Shop! You have turned Morrow into one of my favorite characters in the whole game. I like him so much I feel bad for kicking him out of The Movement last year now! Can Mike George get the trifecta and put Gagne away too? Since Verne isn't booking, he at least has a chance! Another big win for The Surge, but you have to wonder, why the silence? Looking forward to seeing St. Clair put Kirchner away. Loving the duo of Thornton and St. Clair and that Road Warriors interview is how you end a show and send people running to the arena!! Jackson is going to packed to the rafters!! I can only hope Len sacrifices Tony to Hawk and Animals and makes it out of Mississippi alive!! Great Stuff, looking forward to Kirchner/St. Clair next week, and the big show in Jackson!
  12. Blehschmidt

    National Wrestling Alliance

    Wild action all over the NWA!! The eternal feud between the Rock and Roll and the Midnights gets a little extra with the addition of Ricky Gibson and Big Bubba to move it along. Using their match to bar Cornette from ringside in the main is a cool idea. LeDuc causing Larry Z nothing but trouble, while Harley calmly kicks asses is good stuff too. Windham and Reed for 30 minutes.... Sign Me Up!! Buddy dressing as Olympia trying to unmask the Nightmare only to get unmasked by the real Olympia is pretty funny stuff. I figure Nightmare is just wondering what the hell he even did to be involved in this! Good Lord, Baby Doll is all over the place at ringside for the next 4 matches! I think we know who is running the show in the NWA! Though I get the feeling she is just about done with Buddy! Huge win for Doc over Hansen. Interested to see where this Idol having eyes for Doll while Precious looks on thing goes. Jimmy Garvin may want to come back and get his woman. House of Humperdink is still a formidable force, and with Sullivan involved, you know shit will be chaotic. Nice work making sure the fans go home happy with the babyfaces kicking ass and taking names. Good Stuff All Around!
  13. I was just trying to have a little fun while making fun of Raw Underground's demise. I saw your clarification, no harm intended.
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    Texas All Star Wrestling

    (Taped on Monday October 12th, 1985 and airing Friday Night October 16th) From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is.... Ninety minutes of ringside excitement featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from... We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone. Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum and to Championship Sports. We are here on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and last week we saw Scott Casey win the Great Texas Round Up to become the first Texas All Star Heavyweight Champion! From start to finish it was one of the most exciting matches I have ever seen, and I would like to once again congratulate Scott Casey on his win. This week on Texas All Star Wrestling we have several big matches lined up for you. We will see "The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord lock up with the technical wrestling specialist, Mark Fleming. The man who claims to be Canada's Greatest Athlete, "Iron" Mike Sharpe will go one on one with Ric McCord. We will see "Killer" Tim Brooks in action, as well as the man who dominated the Round Up last week, The Spoiler. Then in our main event, Steve Simpson of the S&S Express will face one half of the All Star Tag Team Champions, Phil Hickerson of The Highwaymen in singles competition. There is a stipulation on that one, but Frank Dusek will be out a little later to tell you about it. So without further adieu, let's head down to the ring and see The Spoiler in action! 1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit -The Spoiler w/Skandor Akbar vs Mike Bond- An all out vicious assault from the masked man as soon as the bell rang. Just punches and elbows and slams, followed by elbow drops and knees to the head. Spoiler didn't even bother locked in the Claw tonight, just hitting Bond with a huge boot to the face and covering him for the three count. Winner: The Spoiler in 2:14 Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am here with.... The Spoiler tears the microphone out of the hands of Marc Lowrance and gives it to Akbar. When Lowrance opens his mouth to protest, Spoiler takes a swipe at him, but Akbar manages to push Spoiler back enough so that he doesn't connect. Skandor Akbar: Marc Lowarance, if I were you right now, I wouldn't be! So you had best go sit down at your little table before you get hurt! Marc Lowrance moves away leaving Akbar with the microphone, and Spoiler repeatedly slamming his fist into the palm of his other hand. Skandor Akbar: Now then, everyone that was watching last week saw this man dominate the Great Texas Round Up like no other. From the moment he stepped into that ring, no one stood a chance, and five men were eliminated by his hand. Then as he stood poised to claim the All Star Heavyweight Title for Devastation Incorporated, as he locked the Claw onto the head of Scott Casey and the blood began to flow, Scott Casey had the single luckiest moment of his life as he caught The Spoiler off guard and managed to eliminate him and claim the gold for himself. You can almost feel the anger and hostility of The Spoiler coming through the screen from the body language of The Spoiler. Skandor Akbar glances back at him and nods his head. Skandor Akbar: So congratulations to you Scott Casey. We have no excuses, on that night you were the winner, and you became the champion. But as the final man in the ring, and the man who dominated the competition like no other, The Spoiler and I are out here to call you out Scott Casey. If any man in Texas All Star Wrestling deserves the first shot at that title, it must surely be The Spoiler. Frank Dusek, the commissioner of Texas All Star, heads out to the ring where Akbar and Spoiler are standing and holds out his hand for the microphone. The Spoiler starts to step around Akbar, but Akbar holds up an arm to block him. After a tense stare down, Akbar gives the microphone to Dusek. Frank Dusek: Akbar, you and I don't see eye to eye on much, but you aren't wrong when you say that The Spoiler dominated the Texas Round Up. Add in the fact that he was the runner up, and both myself and the Texas All Star Board of Directors agree with you, that he should be the first man to get a shot at Scott Casey and the title. So two weeks from tonight, on the Thirtieth of October, that will be our main event. Scott Casey versus The Spoiler for the Texas All Star Heavyweight Title. Dusek sticks out his hand to Akbar, who eyes him warily for a moment, then quickly shakes it. Akbar and Spoiler make their exit as the show fades to commercial and the last thing we hear is Akbar saying "that belt is ours." -Commercial Break- Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling. Still joining me here at ringside, is Frank Dusek with a special announcement. Frank? Frank Dusek: Thanks Marc. I just wanted to come out here and tell the people about what we have coming up on October Thirtieth. As you know last week, we were short a half hour of our usual running time. Well, to make up for it, KTVT is giving us an extra half hour on the Thirtieth, so we will be running a two hour special that night. The Halloween Spooktacular as they are calling it will be headlined by "Cowboy" Scott Casey defending the All Star Heavyweight Title against The Spoiler as we heard before the commercial break. More matches will be announced soon, but we plan on having several main event quality matches that night. Marc Lowrance: I understand that our main event tonight could have an impact on that show as well? Frank Dusek: Yes indeed. Tonight's main event is going to see Steve Simpson of the S&S Express take on Phil Hickerson of The Highwaymen. If Steve Simpson can pick up the win here tonight, then we are going to grant the S&S Express a shot at The Highwaymen and the All Star Tag Team Titles at The Halloween Spooktacular. Marc Lowrance: All right! Big news about our main event tonight, and in two weeks we can all look forward to the Halloween Spooktacular! Let's head to the ring for singles action! 1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit -"The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord vs Mark Fleming- The opening moments of this one saw Gaylord use his strength advantage to throw Fleming around the ring, and Fleming isn't a little guy. Gaylord continued to dominate with power moves in the opening minutes until Fleming raked the eyes and then slowed things way down trying to break the big guy down with his technical expertise. For several minutes it looked like Gaylord had no answer for Fleming's holds, until finally The Missouri Tiger exploded off of the canvas with Fleming on his back and whipped him over his head, hard onto the mat. After that Gaylord battered him with several big strikes, took him down with a massive clothesline, and put him away with a Powerslam. Winner: Jeff Gaylord in 7:54 -Commercial Break- Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT. Just before the break we saw a big win from "The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord. I'm told he will be back out here a bit later to speak with us, but right now we have a man who has been the source of a lot of controversy here in Texas All Star set for action. 1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit -"Killer" Tim Brooks w/Doug Vines & Jeff Sword vs Shane Tylor- Brooks was busy giving the referee hell about something after the bell rang so the young Tylor took it upon himself to jump up and slap a headlock on Brooks. A hard elbow to the stomach ended the kids offensive dreams, and a hard right hand that reverberated off the walls had the crowd groaning. Brooks peeled the kid off the mat and gave him a headbutt for the fun of it, and then stuffed him with a piledriver near the corner. The referee attempted to call the match, but Brooks threatened to throw a punch his way. Brooks then scaled the ropes and came off with his patented Diving Knee Drop. The referee called for the bell before he could even make the cover. Winner: "Killer" Tim Brooks in 2:11 Marc Lowrance: I am here with your winner "Killer" Tim Brooks and The Devil's Duo of Doug Vines and Jeff Sword. The three of you have caused... Tim Brooks: Did you know that in Detroit, Michigan the night before Halloween is called Devil's Night? Marc Lowrance: I'm sorry, What? Tim Brooks: Devil's Night. The night before Halloween is called Devil's Night. All the crazies and all the criminals crawl out of whatever hole they live in and they set the whole town ablaze and they just sit back and watch it burn Marc Lowrance. Marc Lowrance: I don't understand what that... Tim Brooks: and I hear that Texas All Star is going to have them a show on Devil's Night. So I figure what better time to set fire to the people who have been causing my boys and I problems, and burn them to the ground. Marc Lowrance: You are speaking of Black Bart? Tim Brooks: Course I'm speaking of Black Bart! Ain't you been listening! So what I am proposing is that on Devil's Night, we put a cage around that ring. On one side will be Killer Brooks and The Devil's Duo. On the other side will be Black Bart, Mike Miller, and any damn fool stupid enough to stand beside them. Then we start fighting, and we keep fighting. To win you gotta throw the other team clear out of the cage. Not just one guy, all of them. Not out the door either, over the top, so they fall way down to the concrete. Marc Lowrance: This sounds extremely dangerous. Killer Brooks turns to Marc Lowrance and flashes him a huge, evil grin. Sword and Vines begin to laugh behind him. Tim Brooks: Bart, Miller, we'll see you boys on Devil's Night....if you got the guts. -Commercial Break- Marc Lowrance: High strangeness from Killer Brooks and his crew just before the break, but I don't expect Black Bart and Mike Miller to shy away from a challenge. Up next we have the man from Pago Pago, Cocoa Samoa in singles action. 1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit -Cocoa Samoa vs Snake Brown- Snake Brown actually manages the Pearl Harbor job on Samoa just as the bell rings and controls the opening moments of this one. But it all goes south for him pretty quickly when he attempts an Irish whip and it gets reversed, and he takes a big dropkick hard in the face. After that Cocoa is in control and seems to be taking his time putting the man who hails "From Outta Town" away. Finally a big Samoan Splash gets the job done. Winner: Cocoa Samoa in 5:53 Marc Lowrance: A very impressive win after something of an auspicious start for Cocoa Samoa. Up next we have the singles debut of the man who claims to be Canada's Greatest Athlete, "Iron" Mike Sharpe as he takes on Ric McCord. Don't go anywhere, we'll be right back. -Commercial Break- 1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit -"Iron" Mike Sharpe vs Ric McCord- Sharpe came into this one cocky, thinking he would easily overpower and defeat the much smaller McCord. He got a lot more than he bargained for, as McCord proved himself to be quite the scrappy competitor stinging Sharpe with dropkicks and catching him unprepared with several hip tosses. Sharpe rolled out to the floor and raised quite the fuss about it much to the delight of the fans in the Will Rogers Coliseum. It was then back and forth for quite a while as "Iron" Mike just couldn't seem to get the control he was looking on McCord. Finally as the match passed the twelve minute mark, McCord's luck ran out when he attempted a cross body block and Sharpe caught him. Sharpe held the struggling McCord in his arms for a moment, then dropped him back first across his knee. After that, Sharpe went to work with huge clubbing shots to the back, bodyslams, a suplex, and even a bearhug. As the ring announcer called out five minutes remain, Sharpe hoisted McCord over his head into the Canadian Backbreaker and that was all she wrote. Winner: "Iron" Mike Sharpe in 15:04 We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing with Jeff Gaylord Marc Lowrance: "Iron" Mike Sharpe picks up a hard fought victory against Ric McCord, and I am standing by with a man who we saw pick up a hard fought victory of his own earlier this evening, "The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord! Jeff, so far here in Texas All Star Wrestling you've made quite the impression on the fans, and your opponents. We know this is your rookie year in professional wrestling, so tell us how you got into the business, and what brought you to Texas All Star. Jeff Gaylord: Well Marc, first of all, Thanks for having me out here. I'd also like to say Thank You to all of the people of Texas who have made me feel so welcome here. To answer your question.... Having left the ring, Mike Sharpe comes over to where the interview is taking place and loudly interrupts. Mike Sharpe: HEY! HEY! HEY! What Is This Now! Marc Lowrance: I am conducting an interview with Mr. Gaylord Mike Sharpe: Forget About Gaylord! I'm The Guy Who Just Won! Jeff Gaylord: Why don't you back off Sharpe. Mike Sharpe: WHY DON'T YOU WATCH YOUR MOUTH PUNK! Marc Lowrance is pushed aside as Gaylord and Sharpe come nose to nose, the smack talk continuing from both men. Marc Lowrance: We're gonna need some help out here. Frank Dusek, security, and several referee's are seen heading toward ringside as the show fades to commercial. -Commercial Break- Marc Lowrance: Welcome back Ladies and Gentleman to Texas All Star Wrestling here on KTVT. Just before the break tempers flared as I was interviewing Jeff Gaylord and Mike Sharpe felt slighted that he wasn't interviewed. The two men came nose to nose and there was some shoving and yelling, but security was able to separate them before a full on brawl occurred. Okay. That is going to bring us to our main event of the evening which is going to see one half of the S&S Express, Steve Simpson do battle with one half of the All Star Tag Team Champions, Phil Hickerson of The Highwaymen. If Simpson wins this match, the Express will be granted a championship match at the upcoming Halloween Spooktacular in two weeks. I have also been informed that the tag team partners have been barred from ringside. 1 Fall, 45 Minute Time Limit -Steve Simpson vs Phil Hickerson- Hickerson started this off by pie facing Simpson instead of locking up. Simpson responded by dropping Phil on his ass with a big right hand, that sent Hickerson scurrying to the floor. Simpson wasted no time following him out and the brawl was on! Both men nearly got counted out, until Simpson tossed him back into the ring and went after him again. While some may look at Simpson as a long haired, skinny guy, the opening minutes of this match showed that he can throw hands with the best of them as he battered Hickerson from one side of the ring to the other with haymaker after haymaker. Finally the referee had enough of the closed fists and warned Simpson, which gave Hickerson enough of an opening to thumb him in the eye! Hickerson then ground the pace of the match to a halt, snapping Simpson over and slapping on a headlock, leaning all of his weight into it. Hickerson was methodical, working over Simpson with hold after hold, not allowing him to breathe, and not allowing him to get to his feet. When he was grinding on a hold, it was elbows, punches, and kicks to the body that had Simpson gasping for air. As the match rolled past the ten minute mark, Hickerson took Simpson up for a big vertical suplex looking to ramp up the punishment... But Simpson managed to shift the momentum and landed on his feet. A stunned Hickerson turned around and was met with a big dropkick to the face. Both men were on the mat as the referee started his count, and even though he'd just gotten dropkicked, it was Hickerson who got up first. He reached down and grabbed a handful of hair, and was caught by surprise when Simpson rolled him into a cradle for the One, Two, Thr...KICKOUT!! Simpson got back to his feet and dragged Hickerson up the ears and blasted him with a few big punches, then doubled him over with a knee to the guts. Simpson hit the ropes and caught Hickerson with a sunset flip, but was again only able to get a two count. Simpson pulled Hickerson off the mat and sent him right back down with another dropkick, then he headed to the top rope. With Hickerson prone on the mat, Simpson leapt off for his Flying Body Splash, but Hickerson got his knees up!! Simpson rolled away clutching his ribs as Hickerson got slowly to his feet. Phil then stalked over and dropped a huge elbow into the midsection of Simpson. As Simpson rolled to his back to protect his ribs, Hickerson dropped another elbow onto the back. Hickerson then grabbed both legs of Simpson and locked in a Boston Crab! Simpson was in agony, crawling hand over hand to try and make the ropes. Finally after what seemed like an eternity he made it. Hickerson then went back to work on him, this time locking in holds like the surfboard and the abdominal stretch that targeted the injured midsection of Simpson. As the match rolled past the twenty minute mark, it looked like Steve Simpson had nothing left in him. There had been a few glimpses of hope, but Hickerson had managed to shut each and every one of them down. Hickerson fired Simpson into the ropes and caught him with a knee to the midsection that sent him on all fours to the canvas. Hickerson then kicked him hard in the ribs, but Simpson didn't collapse. Hickerson grabbed a handful of hair, and yanked Simpson up, hooking him for the DDT. But from somewhere deep down inside, Simpson summoned a burst of energy and charged forward, ramming Hickerson into the turnbuckle and saving himself from getting driven head first into the mat. Free from the grip of Hickerson, Simpson took a moment to draw a breathe, and then fired a barrage of kicks into the ample midsection of Hickerson. Simpson grabbed the arm of Hickerson and attempted to whip him across the ring into the other turnbuckle, but Hickerson reversed and sent Simpson across the ring. Hickerson followed him in, but Simpson was able to grab the top rope and vault up and over the charging Hickerson! Hickerson crashed into the turnbuckle, and staggered backwards stunned. Simpson wasted no time, grabbing him around the waist, and rolling backwards with him, catching him in a pinning combination. The referee counted One, Two, Three!! Winner: Steve Simpson in 22:01 Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, Steve Simpson has done it! The S&S Express will now challenge The Highwaymen for the All Star Tag Team Titles in two weeks at the Halloween Spooktacular! Joe Savoldi comes rushing to the ring and lifts his exhausted partner up in celebration! Just a few steps behind him comes Bobby Duncum who has a steel chair, which he slams into the back of Savoldi sending both members of the S&S Express crashing hard to the canvas. Marc Lowrance: Come On Now! This is uncalled for!! Duncum is quickly on top of Savoldi, blasting him with right hands. Hickerson, who has gotten back to his feet, grabs Steve Simpson by the hair and hurls him over the top rope to the floor. Hickerson then grabs the steel chair and positions it by the turnbuckle, before going over and kicking Savoldi in the head. Duncum grabs Savoldi off the canvas and they drag him toward the corner, where Duncum picks Savoldi up for a piledriver with the chair positioned underneath his head. Hickerson climbs to the middle rope, grabs both feet of Savoldi and leaps off, as The Highwaymen spike piledrive Joe Savoldi onto the steel chair!! Marc Lowrance: NO! We are going to need medical attention for Joe Savoldi immediately!! Duncum and Hickerson exit the ring, where Duncum clotheslines down Simpson who was getting back to his feet, and then The Highwaymen exit the arena to a chorus of boo's. The medical personnel come rushing from the dressing room to check on Joe Savoldi. Marc Lowrance: A chaotic scene here in the Will Rogers Coliseum. The S&S Express have earned a shot at the All Star Tag Team Titles, but we have to wonder if they will be able to compete. The Highwaymen have done the damage, and you have to think that possible fines or suspensions will be in there future. Ladies and Gentleman, that is all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT. Until then, I'm Marc Lowrance, Good Night Everyone.
  15. Oh No! What will become of Dabba Kato and (noted work rate guy) Riddick Moss!!