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[2001-03-17-CZW-Enter the Zone] Trent Acid & Nick Mondo vs Justice Pain & Reckless Youth


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Fuck, Ric Blade is catching, Mondo hitting his head on the corner of the ring steps on the top rope quebrada to the floor.  It’s all action from the onset as you’ve got Justice and Mondo brawling around the building while Trent and Reckless wrestle in the ring, the camera flitting back and forth and not able to keep up with everything that’s going on.  Justice drags Mondo back to the ring as this settles into a more traditional looking tag team affair.  Reckless lands a middle rope legdrop, however misses the blind tag and is nailed by a missile dropkick.  Springboard corkscrew legdrop by Mondo.  Reckless blocks the superplex, front suplexing Mondo to the mat, but can’t take advantage  He rolls out the way of a somersault senton and splash from opposite corners and makes the hot tag, stepping on top of Mondo to make it.  A bad miscommunication between Justice and Trent as they accidentally butt heads.  Reckless is back and hits a contrived double jump tornado DDT.  Trent kicks out of the cover following a Justice Lionsault.  Reverse DDT by Reckless on Mondo.   He calls for the 2K1, but Mondo flips over to escape.  Justice and Trent have ended up on the outside and as Pain shows the fans a chair you hear one chap shout “Hurt that muthafucker!  Hurt him baby!”  Christ!  He does bring it down across Trent’s back, not hard enough for the loudmouth who wants it done “harder”.  In the ring Mondo connects on a coast to coast whilst Reckless is sat in a chair.  Short powerbomb.  Another miscue between Justice and Trent and you can see them talking with each other to get back on the same page.  Pain cart wheels through the attempted double clothesline and dumps both with a double back suplex.  Springboard plancha to the concrete.  Reckless with a pair of rolling suplexes into a brainbuster.  A table gets set up at ringside which Justice lays Trent across.  Double military press on Mondo who gets dropped from into the ring onto his own partner and through the table.  With them both out of it Reckless sets about arranging some chairs in the ring.  They get Trent up on Justice’s shoulders in the Electric Chair and Reckless off the top with an Ace Crusher into the chairs.  Z-Barr the Superstar tries to interfere but gets caught and superbombed, the fans chanting “Kill Z-Barr”.  Pain and Mondo set themselves for something in the corner which results in Mondo getting superplexed through another ringside table.  Ridiculously Mondo kicks out of the cover when he’s rolled into the ring.  After that craziness, he’s put away with a fairly simple Pain Thriller.

Justice Pain was bad here, clearly the worst of the four by some way and involved in at least three blatant screw ups.  I would hasten to say this was good, but it was watchable and everyone put the effort in.  One of those matches you only tend to find in CZW where they don’t know what they want it to be and as a result ends up as a bit of everything (brawling, wrestling, flying etc.).

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