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[1984-09-14-EMLL] El Satanico vs Gran Cochise


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Satanico, the challenger for the middleweight title, was younger and fitter and oozed confidence as he coolly outgrappled Cochise to take the first fall. He continued to dominate by attacking Cochise’s arm while Cochise retaliated in identical fashion. Satanico didn’t really sell the arm, which I think was for the sake of the story, as he continued to smirk and casually walk around. But Cochise’s resourcefulness allowed him to seize a second fall pin. Satanico offered an ambiguous handshake but Cochise preemptively kneed him in the back and launched an impressive submission-based assault, primarily targeting the back and neck. The arrogance turned into urgency and desperation as Satanico was forced to weather the storm, in almost underdog fashion. A smart, well timed counter turned the tables and secured him the win. Exemplary mat wrestling, particularly in the third fall, and an interesting, well done narrative shift. ****1/2

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