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  1. And Renee Young. And Corey Graves. The entire commentary scene is poor. Nigel McGuinness is the only good commentator in WWE.
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    Your 2019 Midyear Awards

    Match of the Year - Tetsuya Naito vs. Taichi (NJPW, 2/3) Best Major Wrestling Show - NJPW Dominion (6/9) Best Promotion - NJPW Best on Interviews - R-Truth Most Improved - Jon Moxley Wrestler of the Year - Tetsuya Naito
  3. Kazuchika Okada defends the IWGP Heavyweight title. Pretty good stuff from Jericho here in between the aggressive attacks, heel stuff and generally trying to stay one step ahead of Okada story wise. I like Okada in general but this was a nothing performance. Aside from the gloating at the start, he contributed nothing to the match. Good finish with Okada outmaneuvering the "brawler" Jericho with a simple wrestling move. The pacing was pretty lethargic though and large parts fell flat. Not bad but hugely disappointing. ***
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    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I get that, even in shoots, fighters enjoy when their fight is praised as exciting or fun. But something about Will Ospreay essentially thanking Meltzer for a 5.75 star rating feels odd.
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    MOTYs by year

    I don't know, my #1 for 2018 would struggle to make the Top 30 of 1996 or 1997. NJPW fell off a cliff relative to 2017. Maybe I've been watching the wrong stuff. Updated to a new #3 for 2019. My most elitist/hipster pick yet.
  6. I honestly thought this was really good. If it wasn't for those last minute botches, this wouldn't get nearly as much hate. In fact I'm not even sure those spots were actually botches. A drained, bloody Goldberg collapsing while going for a tombstone made sense as did the jackhammer not being perfectly executed (it turned into a Hashimoto style sheerdrop brainbuster which I would actually consider to be a bonus). I'll admit the finish was a little too anticlimactic though. Expecting a fluid, fast paced, flawlessly wrestled match was silly. This was exactly what it should have: a gritty, ugly heavyweight slugfest between two past their prime heavy hitters. The snake eyes to spear transition to get Goldberg back on offense was really good. Both threw some great strikes as well. ***1/2
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    MOTYs by year

    Also I think 2018 might be the worst year in wrestling history, match quality wise. 2011 is not too far behind.
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    MOTYs by year

    Updated mine as well. Some big changes after GME but overall it's not too different.
  9. This is a great point. Same for guys cosplaying 90s Kings Road without picking up on how important struggle, transitions and selling were to the style. I'm a huge Shawn Michaels fan but his "steal the show", "best performer", "give people their moneys worth" stuff was one of the worst things to happen to modern wrestling. He had the skills and smarts to generally pull it off but most modern guys simply don't. Instead of "I'm here to win/defend this title" or "I'm here to kill this guy", it's "I'm here to put on a great match". Yes I personally care about match quality, but the wrestlers acting like they do too instead of treating it like a competitive fight sort of defeats the purpose. I think that's one of the biggest reasons for the decline of wrestling match quality in 2010s. Another knock against Shawn's legacy is that shitty superkick trend the seemingly everyone has adopted.
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    Greatest Match Ever Project

    I agree. 4 Tamura matches made the Top 30, there were 2 Fujiwara shoot-style bouts in the Top 50, lucha did reasonably well, the non usual suspects territory stuff did really well , there was a bunch of pre-80s stuff. There has definitely been a shift and will continue to be.
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    Greatest Match Ever Project

    Fun and super informative project. Great final list as well. Thank you to Cap, Boss Rock and Elliott for administrative work and to others for participating.
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    Greatest Match Ever Project

    20-11 is up.
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    Greatest Match Ever Project

    30-21 is up Different forum, stricter nomination process, different ranking criteria etc. etc.
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    Greatest Match Ever Project

    40-31 is out.
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    Greatest Match Ever Project

    http://gweproject.freeforums.net/thread/1167/100-greatest-matches-2019-results 80-61 and 60-41 are up. 40-1 will be released in increments of 10 from tomorrow.