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  1. Microstatistics

    Sasha Banks

    The best non-joshi woman wrestler? Provided career best matches for Bayley, Ronda, Bianca and maybe Becky and Charlotte as well. Even if her match as a whole doesn't hit the great mark, I appreciate her tendency and ability to add creative and typically vicious touches. Not sure if she's a lock at this point but will definitely be in contention.
  2. Microstatistics

    Jerry "The King" Lawler

    I think if people find it difficult to separate the art from the person, that's perfectly ok but I implore them to be consistent with it. In 2016 people seemed to selectively apply personal criticisms against wrestlers they did not like (e.g., Bruiser Brody or 90s Shawn Michaels) while conveniently disregarding personal faults of workers they enjoyed (e.g., Jerry Lawler himself)
  3. Microstatistics

    Wrestlemania 37

    Agree with this. They failed to read the room with that segment. The crowd wasn't exactly enamored with Hogan and the Bellas received a lukewarm reaction at best. Bayley was actually popular (and rightly so) and Titus was left in an awkward position at the end.
  4. Microstatistics

    Wrestlemania 37

    Great, unique finish despite the interference. Both Bryan and Edge had their shoulders pinned to the mat so there was no ambiguity either.
  5. Microstatistics

    Io Shirai

    Best joshi worker of the modern era? Certainly a contender. She should fare a lot better this time considering the strength of her post-2015 run in Stardom and even WWE.
  6. Microstatistics

    AJ Styles

    TNA Styles > NJPW Styles > WWE Styles. Great career. I should have taken him more seriously in 2016 but he should be easy Top 50 this time around.
  7. Microstatistics

    Tetsuya Naito

    Naito is comfortably the best of the modern NJPW crew for me. Most relative number of great matches, super charismatic, can effortlessly play heel or face, great offense, good selling etc.
  8. Microstatistics

    2026 Nomination Thread

    & Roy Heffernan vs. Dr. Bill Miller & Ed Miller (Buffalo, 1/24/1958)
  9. Microstatistics

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Jim Londos Weird that he wasn't nominated last time though I'm assuming lack of footage was the primary barrier. Arguably the biggest draw of all time and a compact technician to boot. There are a few Londos matches out there, the notable being the famous, world-class Nagurski match. Matches: vs. Dick Shikat (Philadelphia, 6/6/1930) vs. Bronco Nagurski (Philadelphia, 11/18/1938) vs. Primo Carnera (Chicago, 2/3/1950)
  10. Microstatistics

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Al Costello One of the standouts from the 1950s-60s era, even with very limited footage. Great heel, proficient in both technical wrestling and underhanded roughhousing. The Jesse James match is a classic. Matches: vs. Jesse James (Los Angeles, 6/8/1960) & Roy Heffernan vs. Moose Cholak and The Mighty Atlas (1950s?) & Roy Heffernan vs. Dr. Bill Miller & Ed Miller (Buffalo, 1/24/1958)
  11. Microstatistics

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Axel Dieter One of the legends of European wrestling. From what I've seen, a classic fiery babyface with strong technique and great selling. Not a lot of footage is available but his veteran stuff from 1980s Hannover is more than solid and includes the Morowski epic. Matches: vs. Moose Morowski (Hannover, 10/5/1980) vs. Pat Roach (Hannover, 1981) vs. Bull Power (Hannover, 1986)
  12. Microstatistics

    2026 Ideas

    Will there be new discussion threads for individual wrestlers? Or are we continuing from the 2016 ones since I see people posting in those.
  13. Microstatistics

    2026 Ideas

    Wow, a lot of excitement for a project that's nearly five years away. Just to add to previous points made here, I thought 2016 was very informative and definitely more good than bad but the elitist and smug attitudes of some posters did sour the experience slightly. Please, none of that "How can you rank this wrestler in your Top 10, they wouldn't make a Top 200 for me" or "You are objectively wrong if you don't see this wrestler's greatness" I feel if people engage in civil discussions and respectfully consider the viewpoints of others while simultaneously define their own criteria(s) for ranking and trust their gut on who they feel is great, 2026 will be an even bigger success.
  14. Microstatistics

    GWE 2021

    Is there a formal forum for list submission? Also, from what I can gather, the deadline is April 2021 correct?
  15. Both should be Top 20 for me and so are pretty comparable. I'd rank Bryan a few spots higher though. Things might be different now considering it has been 5 years since GWE, but at the time I remember Bret suffered from intense anti-WWF bias. He is considered one of the GOAT outside our circle so I suspect people wanted to knock his reputation down a peg, which is understandable to an extent. But, due to the dreaded pendulum effect, they ended up overdoing it and you had people claiming he didn't have the volume to make a Top 100. The hate he got for making the Top 20 was ridiculous. Bryan's biggest flaw is (was?) lack of focus. Had he tightened up many of his ROH "epics" by 10-15 minutes, he'd be a solid #1 contender for me. There is a lot of neat stuff in those matches but the lack of structure and coherence limits the ceiling.