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[2012-02-12-TNA-Against All Odds] Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley

Superstar Sleeze

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TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley - TNA Against All Odds 2012

A shockingly basic match between the two former Generation Next. Basic means I liked this match! Nothing is overwrought. They focus on babyface/heel dynamics ok really Aries is just a great heel and Shelley is a long for the ride. I have always liked Shelley since the Paparazzi Productions with Nash but he has never done much for me in the ring and nothing has changed here. Aries seems like the brains behind this operation creating payoff spots and places for Shelley to excel. Shelley's shine is very boring compared to Aries establishing he is a dick early. I like how Aries misses the Pendulum Elbow after too much taunting. Again Shelley's comeback is pretty lackluster except they do a good payback spot. Earlier Aries had outsmarted Shelley by hiding under the ring and popping up the other side this what set up the first heat segment. This time Shelly got wise to his tricks, backdropped him and hit his own suicide dive. Again Shelley does not add much from character or heat perspective. Aries drills him with a Death Valley Driver on the apron this being TNA in 2012 I know he is coming back. Yes Shelley evades the 450 Splash and hits a Sliced Bread No. 2. Ugh. That's Shelley's big nearfall, crowd bit hard as Aries barely gets his hand on the ropes. Aries goes INSANE on Shelley. Total tenacious pitbull with knees to the head, just gobbling him up, nasty Brainbuster for two! Oh cmon that should have been it. Shelley gets some roll ups but Aries eats him alive against Brainbuster into Last Chancery for the win. This was a total carryjob by Aries  who apparently had a stellar 2012. Aries is offensive dynamo, everything has snap and zip behind combine that with great character work and he is a joy to watch. ***1/4

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