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[2012-06-10-TNA-Slammiversary] Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe

Superstar Sleeze

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TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe - TNA Slammiversary 2012

HOLY SHIT! What a banger! This is like the most athletically perfect David vs Goliath match ever! Joe looked like a beast and Aries was just relentless. Everything was crisp and organic. I cant praise this match enough. High octane and furious. It is a sub-15 minute sprint and they just go balls to the wall! They do such a great job establishing Aries underneath and forcing him to get creative and use his speed to even have a chance against the furious power of Joe.

Joe blasts him with a kick on a Suicide Dive. Aries needs to hurl his whole body at Joe to even have a chance, but that is very risky. Joe just owns him in the corner with those facewashes. Every time Aries gets a hope spot, Joe squashes him like a bug with a powerslam or Island Driver. Joe goes for a dive but Aries uses his quickness to evade and get back into the ring. ARIES SHOOTS OUT LIKE A FUCKING BULLET AND WIPES OUT JOE! Holy shit! Missile dropkick. Aries charges and thats when Joe hits the Island Driver. You get that taste of hope and then it is just extinguished like that. Love it! Joe runs through his awesome combinations. Fuck TNA! Joe should have been the biggest star ever. Dude is a badass! 

I love this sequence in particular because it is so organic. Joe goes for the musclebuster, but Aries fights back so Joe beat him back but goes to middle rope so he switches to a superplex. Aries headbutts back and boxes the ear. Joe bumps off the middle and Aries IMMEDIATELY hits the 450 Splash. I loved the urgency. Great nearfall. Again, Joe is the one back up but he is rocked and catches Aries in the Koquina Clutch but Aries rolls back and almost pins Joe. This is killer. HUGE URNAGE IN THE CORNER BY JOE! Joe is feeling it! SUPACHARGE ME WITH THAT TESTOSTERONE! HELL YEAH! Musclebuster??? Aries elbows out, Crucifix Bomb, dont love that move. Great sell by Joe, ROARING ELBOW, DROPKICK CLOBBERS JOE IN THE HEAD, WICKED BRAINBUSTER 1-2-3!

Everybody needs to watch that dropkick that was fucking wicked! I didnt love how easy it was for Aries to escape the Musclebuster nor did I like the CrucifixBomb as the set up for the finish. The finish itself was raucous, three hellacious moves by Aries all targeting the head. The body of the match was perfect! They told a great version of David vs Goliath with the athleticism turned to 11! Not quite as good as Final Battle 2004 but this is wicked awesome! ****1/4




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