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[2012-10-14-TNA-Bound For Glory] Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy

Superstar Sleeze

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TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy - TNA Bound For Glory 2012

The crowd dynamics are all fucked up for the match. It is clear TNA wanted Jeff Hardy to be the big babyface on his road to redemption since that famous incident with Sting. The crowd was 90% behind Aries especially early just overwhelming the Hardy support. There was one time during the shine, Tenay exclaims "Here is the Creatures making their voices heard" and it was just Aries fans chanting Aries. Taz was like what the fuck did you just say?

I thought Jeff was more aggressive than normal which I liked. Aries was the consummate heel. He was feeding and left himself get showed up at every turn early. When he did get an offensive move, he over-celebrated and taunted unfortunately to overwhelming adulation of his fans. Hardy hit Poetry In Motion using the ring steps which was the climax to an ok shine. He missed Whisper In the Wind. Aries took over. Aries chose to pummel Hardy and really grind it out. Aries is a great offensive machine. He is not a great grinder ala Bret. I think you can be a great heel and still keep it uptempo in heat segment but you do that by giving Hardy a lot of hope spots and you just cut off. Anyways, Hardy was just playing ragdoll which did not help matters. Hardy hits a Front Suplex out of nowhere and then caught him in an atomic drop and did legdrop on the balls. Whisper In The Wind connects. I like Hardy's look and vibe a lot but the more I watch him wrestle and really analyze it, he is a lackluster wrestler. I just want so much more out of him. He just hits his highspots and takes his opponents. Where's the struggle? Where are the wrinkles?

The match picks up when Hardy misses a plancha. Aries his trademark Explosive Suicide Dive and hits a second one for good measure. Best Suicide Dive I have ever seen. He goes all out and that first one was like he was fired out of a cannon. He hit the railing so hard he busted himself up. Last Chancery was set up or teased well. Didnt have any heat or oomph. He slams Hardy's head on the ramp that was good. Missile dropkick usually the prelude to that massive corner dropkick which is in turn a prelude to the BrainBuster. Hardy gets his feet up. Crowd is booing every Hardy punch vociferously. Twist of a Fate. Aries meets him up on top on the Swanton Attempt. STANDING TOP ROPE FRANKENSTEINER! Ballsy. 

CORNER DROPKICK! Lets Go Aries! BRAINBUSTER! Put this punk away! 1-2-NO! He's fucked. I didnt know the finish but I know I am certain. They futz around a bit and Twist of A Fate and Swanton finishes it. Crowd does NOT shit on the finish as bad as I expect. 

Hardy was on cruise control this whole match. He hit his highspots and sold that was it. He was not going to go above and beyond. Aries fed well at the beginning and did the heel work. Then he went balls to the wall at the end. I like his effort. I wish when he goes full workrate he doesnt forget his heeling and his character but it is hard to focus on two things at once. Ultimately match falls flat in my eyes due to Hardy's lukewarm performance, BUT Aries brings enough goodness to mean this was still entertaining enough. ***1/4 

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