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[2012-11-11-TNA-Turning Point] Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries

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TNA World Heavyweight Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries - TNA Turning Point 2012

Total car wreck match. I was really excited for Austin Aries' 2012 campaign, but besides the excellent Samoa Joe sprint, he was really hamstrung by lame opponents. Hardy takes about four really gnarly bumps. The splash into the hinges of the ladder was wicked. The worst one was the way he fell off the ladder. You know the standard tipover spot well Aries didnt gently tip it over, he steamrolled it and Hardy collapsed into a heap. It was wicked. Aries dropkicked him off the ladder. My favorite was when Aries setup the ladder so that he dropkicked it into his throat on that high intensity dropkick into the corner he does. Aries took some bumps too but none like Hardy. Aries hit the Brainbuster, but Hardy made his comeback Twist of Fate off the ladder, SWANTON! Not enough, Aries raises the belts. Dastardly. They do this convoluted setup which ends with Hardy hitting the Twist of Fate on the ladder on the top turnbuckle. I am not even that averse to spotfests, but this was a not good one. Things like the WrestleMania ladder match from this year is way better than this. I cant believe this is generally considered one of TNA's best matches. They have had loads better. 

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