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[2010-09-30-TNA-Impact] Promo: Ric Flair & Mick Foley

Superstar Sleeze

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"Your balls are big again" "Youre a family man, I love that for you." Punching yourself until you bleed. Ric Flair unleashed in TNA is still one of the greatest things people dont talk about enough. Mick Foley is trying to keep this car on track, but you can tell he knows he is watching pro wrestling gold and is just letting Flair go. I remember watching this at college on my TV where the TV Stand was a cardboard box and I was in shock at just how amazing, organic, intense, psychotic this promo was. This is pro wrestling. Flair and Foley each show the best aspects of pro wrestling. Foley is always brains, weaving this coherent, intricate story together while Flair is all heart, primal & emotional. Both appeal to me and I need both in my life and in my wrestling. Between this and the Jay Lethal stuff, I bet if you watch enough of Flair in TNA, you could make a case for this being the best promo year of the 2010s for anyone. I know I must have watched the Last Man Standing match, but I dont remember it, but I want to now. 



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