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[2001-03-19-WCW-Nitro] Jason Jett vs Disqo


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Jett has some new music that is a rip-off version of his former ECW theme.  Apparently his recent victories over Alex Wright and Kwee Wee have springboarded him into the “top ranks” of WCW.  Disqo’s new best friend, Mike Sanders, is in his corner, he also has a few words for his former best friend, Alex Wright, who he hopes is watching at home, claiming that he is going to do to Jett, who he calls a “bum”, this week what he couldn’t last.  Tony Schiavone describes Jett as “sensational” and he shows why right from the get go, taking Disqo down with a Tiger Mask style spinning drop toe hold.  Sit-out powerbomb for a two.  Sanders hooks Jett’s ankle as he hits the ropes and the distraction allows Disqo to club him from behind, sending Jett through the ropes to the floor.  More distractions, this time Disqo with the referee, and Sanders gets in a cheap kick.  Disqo on offense is really dull.  Sanders continues to interfere, even entering the ring to drop a knee at one point, which Jett rolls out the way of, as Disqo keeps the official busy.  Jett with the Afterburner (handspring elbow) followed by a kip up which brings the crowd to life.  Standing moonsault.  It looks like Disqo was supposed to backdrop him out onto the apron, presumably for the Money Clip, however inadvertently backdrops him onto the top rope.  Northern Lights suplex by Jett.  Sanders looks to break up the cover but Jett sees him coming and he ends up dropping an elbow on his “best friend” instead.   A dropkick takes care of Sanders and the Crash Landing release suplex sees Jett pick up his third straight win in WCW.

It’s quite something the way the crowd react to Jett and get into him. 

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