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[2001-03-19-WCW-Nitro] Shane Helms vs Billy Kidman


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The new Cruiserweight champion making his first title defense.  Shane gets a bit of mic time and talks about earning the Cruiserweight title shot by winning a match he should never have really been a part of, replacing Billy Kidman in it after he had been attacked by Road Warrior Animal earlier in the night.  He needs to prove something to himself and challenges Kidman, noting also how each holds a victory over the other.  Kidman with a rana that takes Helms to the outside.  Shane avoids the baseball slide and nails Kidman with a right hand before whipping him into the guard rail.  He hops back inside so he can then launch himself over the top at the challenger.  High crossbody.  A bunch of reversals ends when Kidman lands a belly to back.  Sky High powerbomb for a near fall.  An innovative hammerlock inverted suplex, Helms kicking out of the cover at two.  Kidman runs into a big boot and Shane with a running neckbreaker.  More counters and reversals and seemingly out of the blue, the champ gets Kidman up for the Vertebreaker which brings him the win.  Chavo Guerrero Jr jumps Helms post-match and as it looks like the champion has gained the upper hand, Kid Romeo & Elix Skipper join the attack.  Rey Mysterio Jr evens up the fight and they run the heels out of there. 

Too short.  Booking 101 indicates that this should lead to a six-man tag on Thunder and I can’t imagine that being anything other than great.

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