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[2001-03-19-WCW-Nitro] Shawn Stasiak vs Bam Bam Bigelow


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A rematch from last night.  Stacy Keibler comes out to a rather subdued reaction.  If the idea was to put her with Shawn Stasiak in an effort to get him over, it’s not working.  It’s almost as if the fans know that even though they’re getting to see her, it means he won’t be too far behind!  She needs a wardrobe update as well, the Miss Hancock outfit that she still wears feels too dated.  Stacy introduces Stasiak as “the man who rocks her world” and sounds completely unconvincing as she says it.  There is no chemistry whatsoever between this pair.  Stasiak is immediately hiding behind Stacy, using her as a shield.  Bigelow tries for a German suplex but ‘the Star’ grabs referee Mickey Jay’s trousers to prevent him from being taken down before mule kicking his way free.  The Bammer shrugs off the attempted bulldog only to miss a falling headbutt.  Stasiak gestures for Stacy, who climbs up onto the apron.  Like last night she goes to throw him her hairspray, however her aim is off and it ends up in the hands of Bam Bam.  Bigelow throws it to Stasiak and as he catches it, jabs him in the bread basket.  Greetings from Asbury Park and this one is over quickly.  Stasiak isn’t happy with the result, claiming Bigelow cheated and will do anything for a rematch.  After a bit of thought Bigelow decides that should he win, he wants to tattoo Stasiak with his signature.  ‘The Star’ wasn’t paying close enough attention, already accepting as he thought Bam Bam was talking about wanting to tattoo Stacy, not him.

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