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[2001-03-19-WCW-Nitro] Eric Bischoff's announcement


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As member of the Magnificent Seven make their way to the ring, Tony Schiavone says how they’ve just heard that at some point during the night they will be getting a phone call from Eric Bischoff who has a huge announcement to make.  Speculation has been running rampant ever since, wondering if this will have anything to do with the takeover and the new owners.

The group are out celebrating Scott Steiner’s victory over Diamond Dallas Page last night.  ‘Big Poppa Pump’ calls himself the greatest World champion of all time as no-one else has not only beat people, but at the same time put them out of action, and he’s going to be a nice guy tonight and let all the fans mourn the loss of their hero “Diamond Dallas White Trash”.  Ric Flair says how there had been some doubt as to whether he and the ‘Chosen One’ would beat Dusty & Dustin Rhodes, but for those that didn’t see it they beat them from one end of Jacksonville to another.  Schiavone immediately corrects him, letting everyone know that’s an out and out lie.  As Flair talks about how he’s a generous man that didn’t make ‘the Dream’ come up here to Gainesville to kiss his “gator ass”, Dusty and Dustin appear on the Nitrovision.  ‘Dream’ sets Flair straight about his version of events from last night and lets him know that before he leaves this building, just like Jeff Jarrett at the PPV, he will be kissing his ass too.  Steiner doesn’t take too kindly to the way Dusty is speaking to ‘the Boss’,  but ‘the Dream’ quickly puts him in his place, saying how he’s got the utmost respect for him as the World champion however he’s not in this feud.  Dusty introduces Booker, the new U.S. champion, out for one reason, the World title.  He has a message for Steiner from “the man” to be in that ring in an hour and to bring the title belt with him.

Time is up; Scott Steiner, Ric Flair and Midajah make their way out, a table already set up in the ring and WCW official Terry Taylor waiting for them.  I don’t think the Rooster is “the Man” somehow.  As Steiner starts getting in the face of Taylor he’s interrupted by Booker T.  Booker confirms that he spoke to “the Man” and that man is Eric Bischoff.  Bischoff is “on the phone”, although this sounds pre-taped as opposed to being live.  He confirms the reports that for the past few months he’s been in negotiations to purchase WCW, but recently they’ve hit a few road blocks that may end up being brick walls.  So, while it’s still in his power, he wants to do something befitting for what could very well be the last night of wrestling on the Turner Networks.  Therefore, next Monday in Panama City will be a ‘Night of Champions’ where every WCW title will be up for grabs.  The only match he announces is a title vs title match between Steiner and Booker and that’s why Terry Taylor is in the ring, he’s handling the contract signing.  Bischoff goes on to offer an open invitation for any former World Heavyweight champion to join them, telling them not to be afraid to bring their boots with them.  Clearly hinting at appearances from Goldberg, Sting and Nash there.  The contract signing ends up like most wrestling contract signings, Steiner attacking Booker in the knee with his lead (rubber) pipe and then laying waste to a whole host of security and referees.  Booker mounts a comeback and picks up that pipe but Steiner gets out of dodge before he can use it against him.

Had either Steiner or Booker been wrestling tonight I would have placed this in their match thread.  Neither is though and there was nowhere else suitable, so I decided to start a thread of it’s own for Bischoff’s announcement as it’s a pretty big one in the grand scheme of things with how everything ends up.

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