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[2001-03-19-WCW-Nitro] Rick Steiner vs Konnan


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The motivation isn’t high to recap Rick Steiner matches by this point in the project.  And when the finish ends up being a lame DQ, I’m very glad that I wasn’t typing while I was watching and was just waiting till the finish to surmise my thoughts.  So yeah, a DQ, Shane Douglas running through the crowd and clobbering Steiner in the back of the head with his cast as he makes a cover.  The match itself was all Steiner, he ate Konnan up in there and gave him nothing.  I had it in my head that he was stiff with him here, although bar one clothesline and maybe a kick to the ribs, certainly no stiffer than usual and nothing out of the ordinary.  ‘The DFG’ attacks Konnan post-match with Hugh Morrus running out for the save. 

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