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[2001-03-24-NWA Wildside-Hardcore Hell 2001] Bad Attitude (Rick Michaels & David Young) vs Total Destruction (Sean Royal & Rusty Riddle) (Cage)


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Bad Attitude hasn’t even made their entrance and Total Destruction are sliding a couple of tables into the ring.  Rusty Riddle chugs a beer through Sean Royal’s beer bong and then enters the cage.  As Royal is about to neck one of his own he’s jumped by Bad Attitude who run him into the ring post, this all unbeknownst to Riddle who had his back turned to things.  David Young pulls out some handcuffs, which he uses to cuff Royal to the side of the cage, and then joins his partner inside who has got his hands full with Riddle.  One of the table legs is already broken so Riddle lays it flat on the mat rather than opening up, however he misses the top rope legdrop and lands on the wood.  Bad Attitude position the table upright in the corner and whip Riddle head first through it.  They all exit the cage, Riddle getting whipped hard into the barricade.  Just like the last time these teams met they’re tearing the building apart again.  Michaels gets backdropped on the concrete and Riddle then blasts Young with a chair.  Mark E. Mark has some sort of affiliation with Bad Attitude and is at ringside taunting Royal with the key to the cuffs.  Riddle joins Michaels and Royal in being busted open.  He delivers more chair shots, even falling over the barrier at one point when he nails Michaels.  The action eventually returns to the ring, Michaels meeting the raised foot of Riddle on the flying elbow.  White Trash is out and he clobbers Mark E. with his Stop sign before stealing the key away and using it to free Royal.  Double crossbody by Royal.  He launches Bad Attitude into the cage as he opens up on the pair.  Total Destruction with the Easy Rider on Michaels and that’s the win.  Although the NWA tag team titles weren’t on the line, Total Destruction celebrate with the belts, other members of the locker room joining them in the celebrations.

Another wild, old fashioned brawl between these teams.

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