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[2014-09-16-TNA-Impact] American Wolves vs Team 3-D vs Hardy Boyz (Full Metal Mayhem)

Superstar Sleeze

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TNA World Tag Team Champions American Wolves vs Team 3-D vs The Hardyz - TNA Impact 9/16/14 Full Metal Mayhem

Full Metal Mayhmem is TNA's name for TLC and you do have to pull down the belts using a ladder to win the match. I remember this getting quite a bit of buzz back in 2014 and I thought I'd check it out. 

Having four of the original six TLC combatants helped this match from a framework and escalation perspective. One thing I liked about the original TLC is how they used the big highspots to effectively eliminate people in the match. We see that in this match. D-Von tumbles hard from the top rope through two tables. The "big" highspot is Jeff Hardy being shoved off the ladder in the ring and then splashing Bully Ray through tables ringside. I did not think this was as crazy as the Mania X-7 wipeout where Bubba Ray really demolished those tables with Matt I believe. Matt Hardy was eliminated when Eddie Edwards powerbombed him off the ladder through a table and Richards won. It was interesting to see Richards take two "elimination' spots a powerbomb on a guardrail and a Matt Hardy legdrop from a ladder through a table, but he survived. This put him over. Edwards also took a ladder bump from ring to floor even though I would have been scared shitless didnt look that cool. The coolest highspot in my opinion was Jeff Hardy doing a legdrop through a table flipped upside down!?!? Those legs could have collapsed into his head/neck. That was my big oh shit highspot. Everybody looked a half-step slower and the Wolves didnt pick up the slack. The beginning of the match was kinda pointless, no real interesting connective tissue. Followed the same TLC Elimination formula, but not as good and not as chaotic or insane. Surprised this was highly praised. Just very good because they followed a great formula. ***1/2  

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