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[2011-04-17-TNA-Lockdown] Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett

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Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett - TNA Lockdown 2011 Ultra Male Rules

I have always had a soft spot for Jeff Jarrett, must be because I am a sucker for blondes. That being said, Karen Jarrett was a smokeshow and sadly she has been tossed from ringside. I was pretty much done with TNA at this point, one of the last things I remember before I stopped watching was the Double J Double M A Exhibition gimmick that was excellent. The Jarrett Wedding Angle is one of the most criminally underappreciated angles in wrestling history, such good camp, Big Daddy Jeff! :) I need to track that down again. I will say I have found Angle/Jarrett disappointing in the ring even though I find the angles usually pretty entertaining. 

First Fall Submission: Ultra Male Rules is code for Three Stages of Hell and because this is Lockdown it is contested in a Cage. First Fall is Submission. Second pinfall only and third fall if necessary is Escape Cage. I liked the first fall just fine. I liked Jarrett using the ref break to sucker punch Angle, but that doesnt lead to much. Jarrett busts out the Figure-4, in a very WCW move the ref counts Angle's shoulder down repeatedly making Mike Tenay look like a fool. Sleeper by Jarrett and cross armbreaker. Show that Double J is truly an MMA master. Angle counters into a Anklelock for the finish. Super basic like all their matches. Wish there was more Double J heel shenanigans.  

Second Fall Pinfall: Yeah this match is pretty boring again. Damnit. I bit on the quick nearfall from Double J. Throw Angle into the cage and Stroke. It is customary that Second Fall is short so I bit. Then they did a Top Rope Crossbody Reverse spot in an "Ultra Male Rules" match. Isnt this supposed to be the most personal match in TNA history? Pretty basic Angle suplex throwing layout. Jarrett hits a ballshot and that doesnt go anywhere. Heel work needs to be sold to mean something! Ugh. Angle gets an Olympic Slam and a big Fireman's Throw off the top as nearfalls. Jarrett gets the tights on a cradle on Olympic Slam. This match has zero heat. 

Third Fall Escape Cage: Deathwish Angle was in full effect. He attempts a Misawa-Rana From the Top of the Cage and either Jarrett didnt know or was like I aint fucking taking that and chumped out, regardless Angle came inches from breaking his freakin' neck again. That was insane. Then he did a moonsault off the top of the cage and totally belly flopped but he was supposed to hit. I thought the heat was ratcheted up. More cage shots and Jarrett blading, Angle raking his bloodied face in the cage. Then Karen came out for some great heeling. Hairspray in eyes, Guitar shot, then Cage Door in face to give Jarrett to win. Big upgrade from the first two falls, but still I am waiting for these two to really bring it. ***


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