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[2011-06-12-TNA-Slammiversary] Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett

Superstar Sleeze

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Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett - TNA Slammiversary 2011

Kurt Angle is the anti-Tito Santana. Tito Santana wrestles every match like it is a blood feud. Kurt Angle wrestles every match like a cold, passionless workrate robot. Jeff is shacking up with you ex-wife, raising your kids and being a total jackass prick about it for six months and you just do your standard finisher trader match. Ugh. Angle works headlocks early like this is their first encounter for a heavyweight title. Oh, the number one contendership and Angle's Gold Medal are on the line. I think this should have been Loser Leaves Town. Jarrett back drops him over the top rope and Angle lands hard on the outside. A great heel transition to heat if this was an 80s Championship match, not a blood feud. Jarrett rams him into a metal object ok thats more like it. Then they do the double crossbody spot. Yep back to 80s Championship Match. Jarrett grabs a desperation sleeper but once Angle breaks on that. Angle goes on a fast break with throws and strikes. Angle catches a nice Powerbomb into an Anklelock. They work their minor finishers. Olympic Slam, missed moonsault -> Stroke. The Stroke is a shitty move. They do a Tombstone Reversal spot! That was pretty cool! Ref bump. Jarrett ballshot and Guitar shot and waves on a ref. This was comically bad and heatless spot. Angle fires up, but Jarrett ends up hitting the Super Stroke. Tries to steal the Olympic Slam but steals the Anklelock. What happened to the Figure-4?!? Angle reverses into his own and wins. 

Everyone and their mother knew Angle would win. So make it enjoyable have him beat Jarrett to a bloody pulp or embarrass Jarrett. This felt like a basic first match in the series. Outside the ring, this feud was one of TNA's best, inside the ring just totally devoid of heat. 

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