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[2013-06-02-TNA-Slammiversary] Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell (Last Woman Standing)

Superstar Sleeze

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Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell - TNA Slammiversary 2013 Last Woman Standing

A while ago, Soup (aka Chad) asked on Twitter the best match you have seen live and the correct answer for me is this match! I had stopped watching TNA for a good year or two and the only reason I went to this show because I really wanted to see AJ Styles wrestle live. This match easily stole the show. I went in with zero expectation and by the end I was going absolutely bonkers! Over seven years later, I still remember every major highspot. That Gail Kim charge into the steel chair was GNARLY! Not to be outdone Taryn just HURLS herself and eats a belly flop on the ramp way. The single leg pick up on the ramp was such a nasty THUD in the ring. OW! Then the fucking ACE CRUSHER OFF THE RAMP TO THE FLOOR! I SHOT UP OUT OF MY CHAIR! Gail Kim was smooth as silk in this match and it is a damn shame that she was so ahead of her time. Kim vs Horsewomen, Asuka, Nia or Shayna would be money! I watched the video package and I didnt realize Kim was injuring women using Bret Hart's Figure-4 around the post so it was a big deal when Taryn turned it around on her and gave her a taste of her own medicine. So that enhanced the match for me! Taryn was definitely unpolished but sometimes that works in your favor. She came off so raw and organic. She was just throwing herself into everything with reckless abandon and I was digging it. This is definitely in the running for best US Women's Match pre-2014! Still holds up 7 years later as an awesome bout! ****1/4

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