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[2003-09-03-NWA TNA] Juventud Guerrera vs Chris Sabin

Superstar Sleeze

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Juventud Guerrera vs Chris Sabin - NWA-TNA 9/3/03 Super X Cup

Juvy still had plenty of Juvy Juice left in 2003. I know he is a headcase, BUT of all the 90s workers I think I wished Juvytud had a much better run in the 21st Century. Besides the lame Mexicools run, where did he work?

Lots of 90s workrate throughout that I mean a lot of symmetry dropdowns at the same time, dropkicks at the same time. The length cradle reversal segment is another hallmark of 90s workrate. Very interesting that Sabin was the clear heel at the start and he plays it up at times, but by the end, it is full workrate. They are working USA vs Mexico but with Juvy as the bigger star it is easy for him to be the babyface. 

Juvy has great chops, wicked, and is very crisp. They try to do the powerbomb into into a land on his feet but Sabin is kinda short and Juvy lands on his shoulder hard. They are working a little too fast. No strong control segments or highspots that really stick with you. It is just well-executed, total non-stop action. Juvy hits a dive to the outside. Really nice basement dropkick to the face by Juventud. Sabin has not shown me much outside of a couple standard heel spots, slap at the beginning, eyerake in the middle of the match. 

There is some 21st Century tropes that sneak in that I dont care for. Where they attempt the move but dont hit it. They just tease it and easily let it be reversed. Where's the struggle, bro? Also, lots of move trading down the stretch without missed moves or interesting counters. Just my turn, your turn.

Juvy hits really cool Capture Electric Chair with bridge for two! That needs to be cribbed by someone! Love Juvy Chops! These reversal sequences are overwrought and there's no struggle. 

. All the kicks to the midsection show that the 90s were still very influential. The kick to the gut is one thing from the the 90s that I am glad died a death in the 21 century. GUNSHOT JUVY CHOPS! GANSO TIGER DRIVER~! HOLY SHIT! The Spot of the Match! How the hell did Sabin kick out? Sabin gets a counter DDT bad timing. Should have pressed on with more Juvy offense. Anti-Air Dropkick by Juvy to the mush as Sabin came off the top. So of course Sabin hits the next move which a Superplex. No one is selling shit. JUVY-DRIVER! 450 SPLASH! 1-2-NO! I bit on the finish! I wanted Juvy to win! Methinks his goose is cooked. Mike Tenay tells me I not breathing for not enjoying this. Sorry, bro. FutureShock DDT, it did look different than the Cradleshock DDT for win the for Sabin. 

This is definitely a good match and fun to watch even though I dont expect to remember anything about this besides Juvy is a Top 5 Chopper of all time and the Ganso Tiger Driver. Just a total non-stop action, mindless workrate-fest.  ***

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