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[2020-08-30-BJW] Takuya Nomura vs Minoru Suzuki


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The story here is MiSu absolutely knows he's above Big Japan and certainly above Takuya da Young Gawd. So it's on Nomura to make this worth your time, and he quickly does. Kicking MiSu in the face and establishing he's here to fight. And fight they do. Loved MiSu laughing, having a good time and beating the shit out of Takuya. It was basically "oh so you wanna fight, aight then". The difference in elbows was massive, really liked how that played a big part in MiSu never really losing control of the match. At the end of the day, the kid is not ready to go toe to toe with Satan himself...yet. But he sure will try to make the most of it: he actually won the slap exchange  :D

Would LOVE to see Astronauts facing MiSu and someone else so we could see Abe and Suzuki go at it. He did stood up to him during this match...

For someone that doesn't know Nomura, this will be a fun little match. For us that have been following him since day 1, this was a blast

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