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[2019-10-20-Impact Wrestling-Bound for Glory] Brian Cage vs Sami Callihan

Superstar Sleeze

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Impact World Heavyweight Champion Brian Cage vs Sami Callihan - Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory 2019 Street Fight

I have always liked the look of Brian Cage, got to see him at a Beyond Wrestling event and he looked great. I was further impressed by how great he was in that match with Moxley. I think thats the best Moxley match I have seen in AEW. Callihan I have only seen in a couple MLW shows I attended live. I find spit to exceptionally gross and the amount of fucking saliva in his matches grossed me the fuck out. He seems like an edgy, too cool for school pro wrestler. For some weird reason, I saw the angle leading up to this where Callihan & goons piledrive Cage's wife in front of him. So this is PERSONAL~!

I really enjoyed this and thought it was great. I think the best of the match is how well they adhered to babyface/heel psychology. Cage as the avenging babyface got the bulk of the match and it gave the match an upbeat, chest-beating feel to it. Caliihan as the heel was nasty, violent cheater. His first major advantage came from a testicular claw, thats pretty low-down. This being the 21st Century there were times when there was still some workrate in a match so personal and some furniture re-arrangement,  but they did keep to a minimum. Cage bitting Callihan and drawing blood was a great start. Using the Wolverine claws swiping at the cut was also tremendous. Anytime Callihan would get a shot in, Cage would pay him back tenfold! Powerbomb into the ringpost, Back Suplex into the table. Cage was kicking ass. He would NOT BE DENIED! Then came the testicular claw which led to the Piledriver on the railing. Perfect way to transition to the heat segment. Cheap (testicular claw) and powerful (piledriver). Callihan FACEWASHES in the corner. Cage fires up on the third one, I like it. Things get a little too workrate-y down the stretch. Lots of complicated combinations. Cage hopping onto Callihan's shoulder for the Death Valley Driver not my favorite spot, but I did like Callihan's piledriver through the ropes. Again they get complicated with a top rope spot and Callihan powerbombs Cage on the railing. Callihan cant believe it! He gets the tacks. Piledriver on the tacks, which is actually a super safe way not to take tacks! ONE COUNT! KICKOUT! AMAZING NO-SELL! THATS HOW YOU FUCKING HULK UP! Cage hits the DrillClaw, Steiner Screwdriver for the win! HELL YEAH!

I love a well-timed NO SELL that was just Supacharged No Sell and emphatic finish to avenge his wife's broken neck at the hands of Callihan and a piledriver. The beginning was better than the finish as that played better into the hatred and brawling. They got a little cute down the stretch but they saved it was with an AWESOME FINISH! ***3/4


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