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[2003-06-25-NWA-TNA] Triple X (Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper) vs America's Most Wanted (Steel Cage)

Superstar Sleeze

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NWA World Tag Team Champions Triple X (Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper) vs America's Most Wanted - NWA-TNA 6/25/03 Steel Cage

I really should take the time to watch their entire series because these four have great chemistry with each other. Their 2004 Six Sides of Steel is more famous but this is still a banger and in a light year for United States Match of the Year Contenders this is a definite contender, violent with big ass highspots. 

Triple X are the tag team champions but only thanks to Low-Ki and the other members of SEX. Tenay/West do a great job explaining the steel cage is to prevent outside interference. Russo is trying to keep all the SEX to himself and is forbidding Triple X to wear their SEX shirts to the ring. What a selfish prick! There's plenty SEX to go around!

I really liked America's Most Wanted babyface shine, it was short, but that battering ram spot they do is really cool and I wish some babyface team would crib that. Based on what I have seen I think AMW is easily a Top 50 tag team of all time maybe even Top 25. They do a double face in peril starting with Wildcat. They bust him wide open using the cage. Really good cage heat segment. Harris does a good job staying alive but selling. Storm was a great hot tag. Skipper takes a nasty bump. Reverse Suplex into the cage and a nasty fall. He is selling his ribs. Storm climaxes with the Powerslam. Superkick caught and swift kick to the 'nads puts Daniels in control. The idiot announcers are too busy praising Triple X for resiliency that they missed that they cheat to garner the advantage. Morons. Daniels busts Storm open on the cage and crashes his body on top of his sandwiching Storm with the Cage. Skipper hits a Powerplex but he is selling his ribs. This does not last long before the melee ensues when Harris gets the hot tag. The finish stretch is red hot. Daniels busts out Angels Wings on Harris, smashing Storm into the Cage and then falling back into the ring with him, and Last Rites. Skipper, of course, goes all out. Nothing will ever top the Cage Tight Rope into the Frankensteiner which is the greatest highspot of all time, but he does have some doozies in this. He takes a Powerbomb off the top of the cage, a crossbody block from the top of the cage and he takes not one, BUT TWO GNARLY BUMPS from the cage to the floor. The last one he skidded off the floor into the railing. Skipper kept going for these big highspots and AMW did the wise thing by just shoving him off. You can ONLY win by pinfall or submission MEANING that AMW now has a 2-1 advantage! First Death Sentence goes awry. I think someone got their signals crossed BUT the finish was AWESOME! TOP OF THE CAGE DEATH SENTENCE! THAT WAS BITCHIN'!

I know Skipper cant cut a promo to save his life but with so much emphasis on workrate I cant believe Primetime couldnt have found more work throughout the world in 21st Century. Dude  was wicked athletic, could do all the workrate spots PLUS he was fucking crazy so he could all the nutty stunts too! AMW are awesome old school, Southern-fried blood feud workers. Perfect blend of blood-soaked Southern Cage wrestling and 21st Century highspot stunt wrestling. I still think the 2004 is slightly better but this rocked! ****1/2     

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