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[1959-06-15-JWA: 1st Annual World League] Final Matches

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Full card: https://www.wrestlingdata.com/index.php?befehl=shows&show=155790

The matches featured, in order are:

World League semi-final: Rikidozan vs Mr Atomic (Clyde Steeves)

2/3 fall tag: Toyonobori & Kokichi Endo vs Lord Blears & Danny Plechas

World league final: Rikidozan vs Jesus Ortega (Mighty Ursus/Bull Ortega) 

Without spoiling anything, the big takeaway from all this is that the Rikidozan era of Japanese wrestling involved very little selling from the Japanese side. The foreign talent was there to make them look good with very little being given back in return. Different time, different expectations. 



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