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[2015-08-05-Lucha Underground-TV] Pentagon Jr vs Vampiro (Street Fight)

Superstar Sleeze

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Pentagon Jr. vs Vampiro - Lucha Underground 8/5/15 Street Fight

Calling all Vampires, watch this match pronto! This was sick, twisted violence at its best. Total gorefest. Deathmatch Wrestling at its best. Matt Striker is the drizzling shits, just try to ignore him and his Ian bullshit, its fucking Vampiro in there, brutha. A Cero Miedo (Zero Fear) match is just Lucha Underground name for a street fight. Pentagon Jr breaks people's arms to appease a mysterious Master. He was going to break Sexy Star's arm but Vampiro stopped him. Now it is on!

Vampiro had been watching some Ghost BC and came out dressed as the Black Pope with his face paint. It was cool as hell. One of the best entrances I have ever seen. Pentagon Jr has such a cool look too. 

The match is insane and they are so efficient. Everything kickass and no downtime. Pentagon beats the shit out of Vamp. Not letting his disrobe and just attacking him with a steel chair. They do some good crowd brawling. Vamp gets a brief comeback to let you know the Old Man still got it, but Pentagon is rocking. He exposes the concrete and Pentagon FUs him on the concrete and then more chairshots. The ref calls the match and they stretcher Vamp out only for Vamp to attack the EMTs and it is on! Vamp hulks up and here come the tacks. The Fluorescent Light Tubes up the ante a thousandfold! I dont know how they work and if they are gimmicked or not, BUT I dont think so. Pentagon breaks it over the back of his neck and head. Vampiro is a BLOODY MESS! FIVE ALARM! Somehow he is bleeding from the eye too, I dont know how. They way they have worked this entire match has been awesome. It feels like a war. I like how the bumps are few and far between but they are earned. They selling like they are fighting through pain. Vamp hiptosses him on the next light tube. Then rips the masks. He CROWNS Pentagon with the Final Light Tube. HOLY SHIT! Pentagon has tapped a gusher! Well his Mask got replaced by a Crimson Mask. Pentagon BALLSHOT! Love it! They tussle on top. Vamp Super Belly to Belly Throws Pentagon from the top to the Tacks & Glass Shards! HOLY SHIT! How do they climax this blood-soaked mayhem! Well how else! A FLAMING FUCKING TABLE! Pentagon Throws Vamp through the Table Ablaze! Vamp is on fucking fire! Like how shit! Dude was on fucking fire! Pentagon pinned him! Great finish! Terrific violent brawl, loved every minute. ****1/4   

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