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Jimmy Redman

[2014-08-14-WWE-NXT] Sasha Banks vs Bayley

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This was almost a nice little TV match prototype of what they would go on to do later.

The thing about these TV matches, particularly the short ones, is that with 2-3 minutes you only really have time to get your shit in and go home. So they all tend to look the same when you're hitting the same signature moves. The thought that struck me watching this is that Bayley and Sasha make every match of theirs look different. Even the short ones. Thankfully this was a No. 1 Contender's match and got about 6-8 minutes or so and they went to town.

Bayley is a great fired up babyface. Sasha does a tremendous convoluted run around to eventually trip Bayley on the apron and take over. Bayley quickly starts making comebacks and they keep up this nice, frantic pace that befits the moment. Sasha cuts her off with some nice knees in the corner. They go and go and then finally, Bayley is going for her finish but Sasha just casually pulls her hair to counter, and hits the Bank Statement and locks it in, only for Bayley to roll her up tight and snatch the big win. They both look like a million bucks coming out of this. And like I said, a good TV match that was basically a harbinger of things to come.

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