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[2018-11-07-Lucha Underground-TV] Marty Martinez vs Pentagon Dark (Street Fight)

Superstar Sleeze

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LU Champion Marty Martinez vs Pentagon Dark - Lucha Underground 11/7/18 Street Fight

"Cero Miedo" is super fun to chant live and I got to experience that when I saw like three or four Pentagon matches over Mania Weekend 2019, I even got to see him against La Parka! That was an awesome moment! I fast forwarded to Season 4 and it looks like Lucha Underground has lost its luster. The New Temple looks too sanitary and the promotion does not have the zip it used to. Jack Swagger being the last Lucha Underground Champion is comical and somewhat fitting way to end the strangest promotion of the modern era. Money In The Bank is such a terrible concept but now every promotion has it as a gimmick and LU has the Gift of the Gods which is what Marty used to win the title in the first place. Swagger who is called Jake Strong in LU uses the same gimmick to cash in on Pentagon Jr after Vampiro turned on him and joined with an unknown Master, seems like the Master is played by a wrestler named Australian Suicide who dresses like a Pentagon. 

I watched this match because it got high marks on Cagematch and I wanted to watch another Marty Martinez match. Very happy to see my boy with title and this is a Cero Miedo match which is a Deathmatch-style street fight. So of course Marty bleeds like a stuck pig minutes into the match. I like the more schticky Marty as it is more unique. He was doing more no selling and more typical death match wrestling, which is find but doesnt really stand out. He rips the mask to FORK Pentagon which raised some eyebrows and looked brutal. Pentagon hit a Jumping Candian Destroyer by the time I went to Mania Weekend 2019 every card had like 8 Canadian Destroyers and 12 Ace Crushers on it. Marty tore up a garbage can with a barbed wire bat that seemed pretty brutal and could have sliced up Pentagon pretty good. At one point, he dumped gasoline on Pentagon, but Pentagon kicked the lighter out of him hand. I figured that was going nowhere. I liked the finish run it was short and compact. It was 2 minutes of violence. Marty hit the top rope with barbed wire back and it ricochets back into already bloody face. Pentagon throws Marty through a table! The rout is on! He HURLS Marty through a glass window pane! Great visual! They do some feng shui but the spot is pretty sick when Pentagon Jr Package Piledrives Marty through some chairs! Not much connective tissue or character work, but as far as hardcore spotfests it was fun for 12 minutes. ***

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