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[2016-11-09-Lucha Underground] Mil Muertes vs Prince Puma (Casket Match)

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Mil Muertes vs Prince Puma - Lucha Underground 11/9/16 Casket Match

Towards the end of the match, we find out that Mil Muertes had stuffed Konnan, Prince Puma's manager, in a casket, which is probably what prompted this match.

I thought this match was helluva lot better than the title match from the Season Finale of the first Season. Really awesome brawl that never let up and each man just went for broke. Surprisingly there was no blood and no mask ripping, but this was still pretty awesome. Puma started it off red hot attacking Muertes on the steps and they brawl through the crowd. The advantage does not last long, Mil throws him through a door and the rout is on. Most of the match is Mil just beating the ever loving shit out of Puma, which is great, but they also do a great job timing the hope spots. Mil busts Puma into the ring bell, but Puma is able to return the favor. Puma's Achilles Heel was definitely too much furniture re-arrangement. He went to go get the Casket but ends up being powerbombed it! Wicked dent! Great sound! Another moment is Puma has an advantage and goes to set up tables on the outside, but he ends up being the one that goes through him. He should have been pressing his advantage. Mil uses the turnbuckle hook, but unfortunately that does not last long. There is a crazy spear through a table that is so devastating one half of the table falls on Puma's head. I did like Puma's comeback when Mil gets caught doing some furniture rearrangement by being the Casket in the ring. Two swift kicks to the head and then a big time 450 splash on the Casket! That's what I am talking about! Puma tries to put Mil in the Casket and ends up just shutting the Lid on him a bunch of times and hitting him with a chair. This is when he goes to set up the tables. He ends up taking Mil's Spinning Chokeslam into the Casket! Puma fights out of the Casket with a lot of kicks. They do Casket teases a lot better in this match than the typical Undertaker match.

Best spot of the match was Puma breaking his fall on Straight To Hell with his hands springing back up and Kicking Mil in the head. Enziguiri! Goes for the Dive but Mil sledges him with an elbow as he is shooting through the ropes. Puma starts attacking with a Steel Chair and Van Daminator! I love all the head-hunting! As I said earlier, Mil Chokeslams Puma through the tables he set up and the end is nigh. Mil drags out a second casket, the casket he put Konnan in and he stuffs Puma in this. They make it seem like this Puma leaving Lucha Underground. I dont know when he signed with WWE, but this seems like a plausible timeline. If this is his last match, then it was a helluva one to go out on. No downtime, just a kickass brawl! They did great respecting Mil's power advantage and Puma was using kicks to the head to set up dives. When he deviated or took too long thats when Mil made him pay with big slams. A simple story, but always effective. ****

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