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[2018-04-22-Impact Wrestling-Redemption] Austin Aries vs Pentagon Jr vs Fenix

Superstar Sleeze

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Impact World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries vs Pentagon Jr vs Fenix - Impact Redemption 2018

CERO MIEDO! Pentagon not as over as in The Temple, but still pretty over with the Impact Zone. The story going into this is would the Brothers work together to take out the Champion. Impact was smart to partner with Lucha Underground. Their 2017 looked pretty pathetic just reviewing the cards so Aries and the Luchadors were a big shot in the arm!

I am not too fond of triple threats. My opinion is you just gotta go balls out, but they didnt quite go high-octane. This is one of those good, not great matches. I thought Aries was tremendous in this. He is a tenacious pitbull, always moving forward everything is high impact and crisp. I love his chops and strikes. That running dropkick in the corner always looks good. He deliver on highspots like going over the top landing on Pentagon's shoulders and delivering a rana all in one fell swoop. He has the submission game but the Last Chancery was neutralized by Fenix always breaking it up. He has the big bombs down the stretch with the 450, Pentagon has big balls taking it the way he did. Aries 450 both brothers and basically whoever was on the inside was going to take a knee to the gut and Pentagon did the honors. The Brainbuster teases were great. Pentagon was pretty absent from the match until the end when he hit the double superkick on Aries even though he was the most over. He double crossed his brother and smoked him with a superkick. The Package Pilederiver/Gory Special combo was the great. He breaks the arm of Aries before hitting the Piledriver for the win. Awesome, efficient, decisive finish. The match I knew was going to live and die by Fenix because he is such a breath-taking, sublime high-flier. He botched his big spot. I had never seen him botch his stuff. He was trying all this rope jumping and that didnt work. Then he went for the tight rope walk and fell. I felt bad. He busted out a wicked Triple Toe Loop from the top rope and that wiped everyone out. I enjoyed the match and thought the finish came off well...hopefully Aries sold the arm in the rematch...I thought this could be a lot more. 

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