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[2017-11-05-Impact Wrestling-Bound For Glory] Eli Drake vs Johnny Impact

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Impact World Champion Eli Drake vs Johnny Impact (Morrison) - Bound For Glory 2017

People can complain until the cows come home about Eli Drake being an Attitude Era wannabe, but at the end of the day he has the cadence & conviction that is sorely in today's pro wrestling promo scene. Great promo and really his stuff on NWA Power. On the end of the spectrum is one of the all time terrible promos in pro wrestling history, John Morrison. Morrison does well with The Miz where he can bounce his one liners off him, but left to his own devices he is abysmal. The promo before this match had me cringing badly. That being said I think Morrison is a fantastic pro wrestler in between the ropes and I really have not seen Drake outside NWA Power so it will be interesting to see what he can do. 

The finish was the shits. Alberto Del Rio, who you may remember unified the titles at Slammiversary against Lashley, had to vacate the title because of his personal issues so Eli Drake won it. Del Rio pulls the ref out and attacks both Drake & Morrison. Even then both laying then puts Drake on top of Morrison. Way to make both you main eventers look like total chumps. TNA sucks! It is amazing that in 2018 that rebounded so well, really goes to show you what good booking can do. 

The finish pretty much ruined the match, but I will give a quick rundown of what I felt from the body of the match. I thought the crowd was pretty dead for this match, which is a shame because I thought the action and layout was very good. Morrison is great at the full court press early and really suffocating his opponent. Drake is a solid heel. I would have liked to seen more stooging out of him or at least more of a big time bump & run wrestler. I did appreciate his offense it was simple heel offense. The Hotshot is always a great transition to a heat segment. Lots of snapping the neck against the ropes running Morrison into things. Also, Chris Masters was serving as Drake's bodyguard great use of him distracting Morrison and getting cheapshots.  I dig that. Some really great, well-timed Morrison hope spots. So much of the Impact I have bene watching way too noisy and way too many hope spots. This was very tasteful. I thought the transition to Morrison could have been more earned rather than given but once it happened...Morrison went all out. That Samoan Drop into that Spinn-y thing was awesome! Good strikes. The Impact Elbow was sick and he needs to bring that to WWE. Decking Masters with Title was a great highspot. It really made you feel like he was taking the Belt. Starship Pain and thats when the shitty finish happened. It was a nice, solid match that just humming along until that dreadful finish. The lads still deserve a good rating even if Del Rio & the booking screwed them out of a very good match.***

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