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[2014-06-15-TNA-Slammiversary] Samoa Joe vs Bobby Lashley

Superstar Sleeze

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Samoa Joe vs Bobby Lashley - Slammiversary 2014

Samoa Joe was born to be a massive babyface rockstar. The only part of this match worth watching is the shine. What a shine! Not quite as good as the Samoa Joe shine at Bound for Glory 2007, but this one was also fun. The way he interacts with crowd and gets them invested is contagious. The dude is a rockstar. They tussle early and then Joe rocks him with that big head kick in the corner and boy oh boy what a shot and what a reaction! It was off to the races. When Lashley powders on the Facewash, Joe goes into torpedo mode and bowls him over with a Suicide Dive. Crowd was rocking. Lashley ground this match to a halt. Terrible heat segment. Lifeless pummeling and nerve holds. Joe's comeback was his greatest hits: Reverse Atomic Drop, Big Boot, Senton, Urnage out of the corner. Joe attempts the Muscle Buster. Gets crossed up with Earl and Lashley hits a Massive Spear on Joe. When Joe is on offense, this rocks. Skip all things Lashley. ***

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