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[2019-04-28-Impact-Rebellion] Taya Valkyrie vs Jordynne Grace

Superstar Sleeze

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Impact Women's Champion Taya Valkyrie vs Jordynne Grace - Impact Rebellion 2019

I am working the night shift and something came up between finishing watching this and writing the review. Lets see how my memory is. 

I attended a lot of Beyond Wrestling in person last year and got a good taste of Thick Mama Pump! I love the look, I am a sucker for big set of arms. She hits hard, athletic and I just love power wrestlers and she is a good one. Never seen Taya before I know she is Johnny Mundo's main permanent squeeze. Good presence lots of cockiness. She seems like she would hold the power advantage in most situation except against someone like Jordynne. Impact's women's division slaughters AEW's and I would hear arguments for why it is better than WWE's.

Nice shine for Jordynne, really establishes her power game. That Electric Chair visual really stood out to me because Taya is a big girl and it looked really impressive. Powerbomb on the apron. It was a little overkill to start but the idea was to establish that Jordynne is a force to be reckoned with so mission accomplished. Taya did a good job being coward. She snaps the arm of Jordynne across the top rope. Taya busted out some sweeeeeeeeet, sick Lucha submissions on the arm. Awesome arm psychology that lasted throughout the match! Taya was using it as cutoffs and Jordynne was showing how it affected her offense. I love how Jordynne turned a simple, elementary bodyslam into a highspot by letting it sink in. It felt like a big deal when she did a bodyslam. Love it! Bodyslams are cool and we should bring them back. Jordynne cant get all of the Michinoku Driver because of the arm. Taya is relentless using the arm as a cutoff to work her way back into contention. Jordynne cannot negotiate her finisher which requires arm strength. She tries to bully Taya with lariats but the right lariat causes her clutch in pain. Taya takes advantage and hits the Glam Slam for the win! There were a couple stutter steps here and there, but I loved the power these two women showed. Really enjoyed the submission work from Taya, but above all else I really loved the psychology and how they stuck to the body part injury narrative. It was Jordynne's first loss and she is protected because if Taya does not get that fluke arm snap over the top rope does Jordynne not just run away with this? It is an interesting question. Good power wrestling match! ***3/4


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